3 personality traits genuinely good people have, according to psychologist


1. They have a growth mindset

In her conversation with Harvard Professor Max Bazerman, award-winning psychologist Dolly Chugh suggests that being a 'good person' should be seen as an ongoing journey of self-improvement rather than an unattainable ideal, advocating for a growth mindset that embraces self-awareness and learning from mistakes.

2. They are empathetic

Empathy is recognized by psychologists as a vital trait of 'good' people, as it fosters a genuine concern for others' well-being, prompts actions of assistance, and acts as a deterrent to harmful behaviors, ultimately serving as a bridge to understanding and compassionate actions.

3. They are capable of being cruel (but choose not to be)

Jordan Peterson controversially suggests that true goodness involves the capacity for harm but choosing not to act harmfully, raising questions about whether having the potential for harm is necessary to foster good, and ultimately leaving it to individual interpretation and reflection.

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