15 things only book lovers will understand


1. The agony of finishing a great book

Ah, the pain of a book hangover. You’ve had it one too many times but it still feels terrible every time.

2. The bookstore is that one place you wish you never had to leave

A bookstore is your heaven on earth — the peace and excitement that this place brings is something only book lovers will understand. 

3. The eternal dilemma: Paperback vs. Kindle

The feel of the paper, the crinkle of a fresh page, the addictive smell of books new and old — these are things that a bookworm wouldn’t trade for anything. 

4. Dealing with all those sleepless nights

No matter how many times you vow to stick to a reading schedule, you just can’t help but get engrossed in a book.

5. Not having enough time (and books) to read

So many books, and so little time. This is one of the biggest struggles every real bookworm has to face. Even if you read all day long, it’s still not enough. 

6. Never having a favorite book

You can’t give a definitive answer about what is your favorite book because there are just too many good books to choose from. 

7. Not knowing what to read next

It’s either you’re still reeling from a book hangover or you couldn’t choose from a pile of books waiting to be read. 

8. The difficulty of figuring out the best reading position

Snuggle in a corner, lie on your couch with your legs hanging in the air, or sit on your exercise ball. Name it, you’ve tried it.

9. Having strong emotions about movie adaptations of favorite books

You take your books seriously, and you expect others to give them the honor they deserve.

10. Having second thoughts about letting other people borrow your book

You’ve had your heart broken way too many times by people who borrow your book and never give it back.

11. Counting down the days (or years) until the release of the next book in a series

Not knowing how things will turn out and where the story is going next can make it too difficult to even start another book. 

12. Getting pissed when someone interrupts you while you’re reading

When people get in between you and your book, that’s when you draw the line. 

13. The pain of plot twists and deaths of beloved book characters

You know the emotional roller coaster that comes with the thrill of reading a book. 

14. The magic of rereading your favorite book

You love the excitement that a fresh perspective on an old favorite brings. 

15. Spending days organizing your bookshelves

To any bookworm, a bookshelf is an essential piece of furniture, whether big or small.

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