BY Kiran Athar 

1. Start with a genuine smile

A Duchenne smile, involving both the mouth and eyes, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that can make others feel at ease and trust you more. 

2. Mirror their body language

Mirroring is a psychological trick that involves subtly matching someone's body language, gestures, and speech patterns to positively connect with them and gain their trust. 

3. Use their name often

Using someone's name in conversation can personalize the interaction and make them feel seen and appreciated, leading to increased trust, but excessive name-dropping may be insincere. 

4. Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact during conversations conveys confidence, sincerity, interest, and engagement, showing attentiveness and making people feel valued and more likely to trust you. 

5. Be a good listener

Active listening involves giving undivided attention, asking thoughtful questions, providing empathetic responses, helps to understand others better, and increases the likelihood of gaining their trust. 

6. Show vulnerability

Demonstrating authenticity and relatability by showing vulnerability, even about difficult topics, can create a mutual openness that fosters trust in your relationships. 

7. Use the power of touch

A gentle, appropriate touch such as a pat on the back, a brief hand touch, or a light touch on the arm can create an emotional connection and boost trust, but be mindful of personal boundaries and cultural differences. 

8. Find common ground

Discovering shared values, interests, or experiences can help you bond with others and create a sense of familiarity.

9. Be consistent

Demonstrate reliability and trustworthiness by maintaining consistency in your words, actions, and decisions to make it easier for people to trust you. . 

10. Pay genuine compliment

Sincere and specific compliments about actions, skills, or achievements can make people feel good and more likely to trust you, but avoid being manipulative or insincere by ensuring relevance and sincerity. 

11. Show gratitude

Expressing gratitude towards others can foster positive emotions, strengthen connections, and increase trust. 

12. Be honest, even when it’s hard

Demonstrate integrity and respect by being truthful and transparent, owning up to mistakes, and openly expressing your thoughts and feelings, which can help establish a foundation of trust in your relationships. 

13. Have a good sense of humor

Use a good sense of humor to make yourself approachable and foster a relaxed atmosphere, but use appropriate humor to avoid having the opposite effect. 

14. Be open to feedback

Openness to feedback and valuing others' opinions demonstrates humility and respect, fostering trust in the workplace or relationships. 

15. Show genuine interest in other

Show care and value for your relationships by genuinely engaging with people, asking questions, listening attentively, and offering support when needed, which can increase their trust in you. 

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