12 Easy ways to spot a genuine person (that can't be faked)


1. They listen intently

Genuine people actively listen, understand, ask questions, show empathy, and pay attention to body language and tone of voice. 

2. They're consistent

Genuine people are consistent, comfortable in their own skin, and do not change themselves to fit in with others; therefore, stay true to oneself and avoid judging others. 

3. They don't judge

To be more genuine, one should avoid being judgmental, think rationally, remain open-minded, accept others, know all the facts before making assumptions or judgments, and stay honest to oneself. 

4. They're honest

To be genuine, prioritize honesty and integrity, speak truthfully, avoid hiding or exaggerating facts to prevent conflict, stay true to oneself, values, and practice humility. 

5. They're humble

To be genuine, be humble, focus on self-improvement, show interest in others, and avoid comparing oneself to others. 

6. They are empathetic

Genuine people are empathetic, kind, compassionate, and caring towards others, as demonstrated by a colleague who listened and showed genuine concern during a difficult time at work. 

7. They are self-aware

Self-awareness is key to authenticity and personal growth, and genuine people are self-aware, embrace their flaws, admit mistakes, and focus on self-improvement. 

8. They are authentic

To be authentic, one should be true to oneself and not pretend to be someone else to impress others, as genuine people value realness over money or status, and are always respectful. 

9. They are respectful

Genuine people treat everyone with kindness and dignity, regardless of their social status or beliefs, listen to others, and value their opinions. 

10. They are optimistic

Genuine people are optimistic, focusing on solutions and opportunities, and one can become more optimistic by choosing to think positively and focusing on solutions. 

11. They are generous

Genuine people are generous, giving freely without expecting anything in return, and by becoming more generous, you are creating a positive impact; also, they embody gratitude. 

12. They are grateful 

Genuine people express gratitude often, appreciate the people and experiences in their lives, regardless of their social status. 

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