1. You’ve evolved and outgrown them

A spiritual awakening involves personal transformation and a deep connection to life that causes one to evolve and outgrow friends for many reasons, including having nothing in common anymore. 

2. You no longer have anything in common

A spiritual awakening can cause the end of friendships if friends cannot accept criticism of their behavior when common interests, such as engaging in gossip and drama, change. 

3. You start being more true to yourself

A spiritual awakening leads to meeting one's authentic self, which may mean leaving behind traits that no longer fit, causing some people to leave as they preferred who you were pretending to be. 

4. You no longer fit their perception of you

Different friend groups have a limited perception of who you are, but a spiritual awakening can reveal your authentic self, causing some friends to feel you've changed too much to continue the friendship. 

5. You’ve grown past the need to people please

Humans have an inherent need to be liked, but a spiritual awakening can lead to a rejection of people-pleasing, which may cause some friends to leave as you're no longer willing to compromise who you are. 

6. A real shaman confirms it

Shaman Rudá Iandé's free video promotes spiritual empowerment from within to help us find real connections with others after a genuine spiritual awakening and avoid losing friends due to toxic spirituality practices promoted by some gurus. 

7. They weren’t real friends in the first place

During a spiritual awakening, some friends who leave are opportunists threatened by your authentic self, while the end of a friendship with decent people means pursuing different paths in life. 

8. You’re meant for different paths in life

A spiritual awakening may lead to the natural end of a friendship due to pursuing a different path to find our true purpose, but it doesn't always imply a bad friend or unresolved conflict, and it can help us appreciate solitude better. 

9. You appreciate solitude better

Solitude allows for deep self-reflection and mindfulness, which are necessary for spiritual awakening, and also provides rest and relief from stress, leading to a greater appreciation for meaningful connections over superficial friendships. 

10. You desire deeper connection

Having a spiritual awakening means finding your higher self, and though losing friends during the process may be painful at first, it makes way for deeper, more meaningful connections with new people.  

11. You're making way for new friends

Losing friends during a spiritual awakening is a new beginning, allowing for new people to come into our lives, and practicing gratitude for the past helps us focus on the present and the excitement of meeting new people. 

12. Get specific advice for your situation

Toxic habits can prevent a genuine spiritual awakening and lead to the loss of friends, as true spirituality involves forming an authentic connection with oneself instead of suppressing emotions or judging others. 

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