10 ways to go from super lazy to insanely determined


1. Sleep well

Motivation begins with quality sleep, which ensures optimal energy levels and mental focus to tackle challenges and seize the day effectively. 

2. Get up early

To increase determination, rise early as if lives depend on it, using an effective alarm to ensure prompt awakening and starting the day with simple tasks like making the bed. 

3. Eat healthily

Transitioning from laziness to determination involves consuming healthy, balanced meals, respecting food, and combining good nutrition with quality sleep and early rising for optimal performance. 

4. Exercise every day

Laying the foundation for success involves three essential steps: obtaining quality sleep, rising early, and consuming a nutrient-rich diet before progressing further. 

5. Find your mission

To effectively apply energy and well-being, it is crucial to find intrinsic motivation through discovering one's mission, aligning it with personal skills and desires, and creating solutions to fulfill unmet needs. 

6. Execute it daily

Achieving one's mission requires breaking it into manageable daily steps, building on a foundation of healthy habits, and adapting to new experiences and skills, rather than solely focusing on a distant goal. 

7. Use failure as rocket fuel

Failure can be a valuable source of learning and motivation, as successful individuals use the frustration and disappointment of failure to power their next move, harnessing pain to become stronger and more determined. 

8. Love your haters

David Goggins motivates people to reach their full potential by pushing themselves beyond their limits and using negative comments from others as fuel, as detailed in his book "Never Finished." 

9. Keep score

Keep track of your progress and compare yourself to your past self to continually improve. Don't just "go with the flow" and take it easy. 

10. Adapt and overcome

To become determined, take charge of your life as no one else will do it for you, turning the blank canvas of your life into a work of art, with the power to adapt and overcome. 

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