10 traits of wise people (that can’t be faked)


1. You’re in tune with their own emotions, thoughts, and behavior

Wise people have a deep understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses and are in tune with their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, allowing them to recognize when they're feeling off-balance and realign themselves with what truly matters to them. 

2. They can feel what others feel

Wise people possess empathy, an integral element of emotional intelligence, which enables them to navigate interpersonal relationships and handle difficult situations with understanding due to their high degree of emotional intelligence. 

3. You’re open to new ideas and perspective

Wise people have an openness to new ideas and perspectives, and they're not afraid to challenge their own beliefs, admit when they're wrong, or consider new ideas without automatically dismissing them. 

4. You can zoom out and see the bigger picture

Wise people have a natural ability to reflect and think beyond their immediate concerns, examining their own thoughts and emotions to see things in a bigger context. 

5. You consistently act in accordance with your value

Wise people have a strong sense of ethics and integrity, consistently acting according to their values, even when making mistakes, taking responsibility, and admitting they were wrong. 

6. You can adapt to changing circumstances and navigate uncertainty

Wise people recognize the need to adapt to changing circumstances and navigate uncertainty, as being too rigid in one's thinking can be counterproductive and harmful in unpredictable situations. 

7. Your decisions are guided by your purpose in life

Wise people's decisions are guided by their sense of direction and higher purpose in life, which can be as simple as being a good parent, contributing to society, or pursuing a passion. 

8. You can recognize your own flaws and shortcoming

Wise people don't view their flaws as a weakness but as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement.  

9. They have a strong sense of self

To become wise, one needs to have a strong sense of self, which includes being confident in one's own skin and pursuing one's own path in life, rather than conforming to societal norms or trends just to fit in or be accepted. 

10. They are lifelong learner

Wise people are lifelong learners who never stop seeking knowledge and understand that the world is constantly changing, and it's also about the attitude of humility and curiosity that comes with it. 

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