10 traits of highly determined people that we can all learn from


1. They are visionaries

Highly determined people have a clear vision, set ambitious goals, and work hard to achieve them, while never letting anyone discourage them. 

2. They keep their eye on the prize

Highly determined people stay focused on their vision, overcome distractions and obstacles, prioritize goals, break them down into smaller tasks, and celebrate milestones achieved. 

3. They embrace change and adapt

Highly determined people welcome change and obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow, and encourage resilience. 

4. They never give up

Determined people persist through challenges and don't give up, and encourage others to do the same by keeping on trying. 

5. They love learning

Highly determined people are eager to learn, see failure as an opportunity to learn, and make learning a habit. 

6. They are creative problem-solver

Highly determined people creatively solve challenges through experimentation, risk-taking, and nurturing their creativity by embracing curiosity and brainstorming multiple solutions. 

7. They’ve mastered the art of time management

Highly determined people maximize their time by setting priorities, creating to-do lists, and eliminating time-wasters, and you can do the same by evaluating your daily routine and making necessary adjustments. 

8. They are self-disciplined

Highly determined people have self-discipline, set boundaries, prioritize tasks, and practice self-control to say no to temptations and unhealthy habits, and developing discipline takes consistency and patience. 

9. They are emotionally intelligent

Highly determined people possess strong emotional intelligence, have self-awareness and empathy, and mindfulness practice can help develop these skills for overall determination and success.  

10. They build strong relationship

Highly determined people value networking, knowing that success requires help from others, and advise attending events and joining communities to level up. 

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