BY paul brian

1. You stop faking it

When feeling empty inside, one of the first things that happen is that you stop faking it, and you no longer feel the need to please others or live up to their expectations, leading to a spiritual reality and phase. 

2. You desire to talk others diminishes

When feeling empty inside, your desire to talk to others decreases, and everything seems humdrum, leading to a lack of meaning and symptoms of depression, with conversations with others not bringing the desired meaning. 

3. You lose touch with old friends who knew the old you

Feeling empty inside can lead to a lack of interest in socializing with friends, which can result in old friends breaking contact and a reduced willingness to initiate or foster new friendships. 

4. You stop chasing love and romance

When feeling empty inside, the desire for love and romance diminishes, which can lead to avoiding opportunities to meet or date others, and trying to force yourself out of it or faking interest doesn't work.  

5. You spend a lot of time alone

The feeling of emptiness leads to spending a lot more time alone, where your desire to be around others, even those close to you, seems to fade a lot, and you just crave time to be alone, out in nature, or reading in a quiet nook. 

6. You try to pinpoint why you feel so empty

When feeling empty, you reflect on possible reasons for it and may look for a quick fix.  

7. You try to fill the void with outer things

When feeling empty, people may fill the void with external things, which can be destructive and provide temporary relief, and eventually turn to more wholesome habits but they may not be enough to address the underlying issue. 

8. You lose many interest in many things which used to bring you joy

When feeling empty, previously enjoyable activities lose their appeal, and even temporary enjoyment doesn't alleviate the feeling of emptiness, causing detachment and a lack of joy. 

9. You wonder if life will ever have meaning

Feeling empty can lead to questioning life's meaning, and turning to religion or spirituality for answers, which presents both opportunities and dangers. 

10. You try to find spiritual answers and fulfilment

Searching for eternal truth stems from feeling empty inside, and finding your own spiritual path requires clarity on your values, which can be achieved through a free exercise developed by life coach Jeanette Brown. 

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