1. You feel much more than most

Spiritual sensitivity means feeling more due to a powerful antenna, managing both positive and negative signals, and taking responsibility for it. 

2. You pick up vibes others don't pick up

Spiritual sensitivity is a heightened ability to sense things that others miss, including identifying danger and illness, particularly during times of transition or crisis, and requires protective measures. 

3. You need to protect yourself

Spiritual sensitivity necessitates guarding one's energy by trusting oneself, practicing meditation and prayer, avoiding harmful situations, and removing oneself from toxic relationships to protect mind, body, and spirit. 

4. Sensitives also have to deal with apathy

Sensitive people in the spiritual world need a balance between alone time and interaction, and should seek out people and places that spark their energy and inspiration. 

5. You're at risk of being misled by certain people

Sensitive people can get caught up in codependent relationships and toxic spirituality, so it's crucial to be cautious about teachings that sound too good to be true. 

6. You can have a struggle finding love that works

Sensitive people in the spiritual world struggle to find love due to their ability to detect lies, sensitivity to negative emotions, and their need for deep feelings, which can result in difficulties and hurt when emotions are not reciprocated or betrayed. 

7. But once you give your heart, you give it for real

Sensitive people in the spiritual world should be cautious about trusting others and maintain a sense of self-worth to share their love and wisdom from a non-codependent and non-needy place. 

8. You have a deep need for a career that aligns with your values

Sensitive individuals need a career aligned with their values and must leave behind pursuits that don't resonate at a deeper level, which can appear spoiled to others. 

9. You seek your purpose in life and help others find it as well

Sensitive individuals in the spiritual world prioritize finding and pursuing their purpose which plays a central role in their life, provides inspiration and energy, and they also excel in helping others find their purpose. 

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