10 things self-aware people never do in relationship


1. They never make assumptions

Self-aware people avoid making assumptions in relationships and prioritize open communication and empathy by asking questions to understand their partner's perspective. 

2. They never ignore red flags

Self-aware people recognize and address potential red flags in relationships, making informed decisions based on their well-being, to avoid heartache. 

3. They never make decisions without considering their partner’s feelings

Self-aware people prioritize collaboration and communication, considering their partner's feelings and desires, and avoid making unilateral decisions, as surprises may be perceived as selfish behavior. 

4. They never play mind games

Self-aware people foster relationships based on mutual respect and trust by avoiding manipulative mind games, expressing support and understanding for their partner's decisions, and talking openly and honestly about their feelings. 

5. They never compromise their values

Self-aware individuals prioritize their beliefs and principles, even in a relationship, knowing that compromising their sense of self to please someone else is being dishonest and can lead to relationship failure. 

6. They never stop working on themselves

Self-aware individuals prioritize personal growth and independence by learning new skills, attending therapy, reading self-help books, and reflecting on their thoughts and behaviors as individuals and partners. 

7. They never avoid responsibility

Self-aware people take responsibility for their actions and avoid blaming their partner, as blaming erodes trust and responsibility avoidance leads to a breakdown in trust and respect. 

8. They never dismiss their partner’s interests 

Self-aware individuals recognize the importance of individuality in a relationship, show interest in their partner's interests, and acknowledge that having different interests can actually benefit the relationship. 

9. They never take their partner for granted

Self-aware individuals understand that showing appreciation and gratitude for their partner, even with small gestures like cooking breakfast or saying "I love you," is essential for their relationship and their own well-being. 

10. They never hold grudges for long  

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