BY Tina Fey

1. Smile genuinely

A genuine smile is an easy way to instantly make oneself more likeable, but it must be sincere, as a fake smile can come across as insincere and make others uncomfortable. 

2. Keep your facial expressions open

Apart from smiling, relaxing the face and avoiding negative expressions like scowling or furrowing the brow can make one look more approachable and elicit positive responses from others. 

3. Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact shows interest and builds trust, and keeping eye contact for around 70% of the conversation strikes a balance between appearing engaged and not making the other person uncomfortable. 

4. Nod your head

Nodding during conversations shows active listening, encourages the speaker to continue, and can significantly improve social interactions. 

5. Lean in

Leaning in slightly during conversations can demonstrate genuine interest and make the speaker feel more comfortable, but it is essential not to invade their personal space. 

6. Use open body language

An open posture, with uncrossed arms and legs, can signal relaxation, approachability, confidence, and comfort in one's surroundings, and it can make people more likely to initiate a conversation. 

7. Punctuate your words with gestures

Using hand gestures while speaking can make communication more engaging and passionate, but it's important to be mindful of not using too many or too big gestures, which can be distracting. 

8. Touch

A light touch on the arm or shoulder can be a powerful way to show that you care and create a sense of trust, comfort, and connection, but one should be mindful not to overdo it or make the other person uncomfortable. 

9. Be mindful of your breathing

Taking slow, deep breaths can help calm nerves and prevent shallow, rapid breathing, which can make others perceive you as nervous and unapproachable. 

10. Mirror body language

Mirroring, or subtly mimicking the other person's body language, is a powerful way to create a sense of rapport, but it's important to do it subtly and not overdo it. 

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