10 things quiet achievers always do but never talk about

BY Tina Fey

1. They shut down FOMO

One of the reasons why quiet achievers are, well, achievers is because they can resist this fear and instead try to think a bit more critically before they commit to something.

2. They don’t enjoy “company culture”

They only have so much energy to spare, and they’d rather spend it getting things done instead of wasting it trying to “get along” with their coworkers.

3. They doubt their own capabilities

It’s a matter of fact that the people who are least capable are way too confident of themselves, while those who actually know what they’re doing doubt themselves the most.

4. They have a good work ethic

They take great pains to make sure everything they do is done properly and will even check again and again what they have already finished just to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

5. They’re willing to admit they’re wrong

When they get called out for making an error, they will take that as an opportunity to step back and reassess the situation.

6. They celebrate quietly

Quiet achievers are humans, too! But what sets them apart is that they celebrate their victories quietly and privately.

7. They see themselves as beginners

Quiet achievers understand that learning is a life-long journey and just because they’ve been doing the same thing for 10 years or have hit the ripe age of 40 that they have known it all.

8. They aren’t starving for praise

They simply take what praise they might get and not ask for any more.

9. They don’t like attention

Thankfully it’s not that big of a problem—observant bosses will notice their work ethic and word will spread anyways if they really are that good at what they do.

10. They try to find balance in life

They would take the time to relax and have it easy, but they make sure they limit their time relaxing so that they don’t get lost in the easy street.

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