1. They avoid doubting themselves

Confident people trust themselves, avoid doubt, and remain determined to achieve their goals with hard work and discipline despite feeling uncertain and acknowledging indecision's potential to derail progress. 

2. They don’t use others to make them look great

Arrogant people tend to belittle others to boost their ego due to insecurity, which is unlike confident people who work hard to overcome their frustrations and achieve success without putting others down. 

3. They don't exaggerate achievements

Confident people don't need constant validation and focus on self-improvement rather than exaggerating their success or seeking attention to feel good about themselves. 

4. They don't take criticisms and corrections the wrong way

Confident people appreciate constructive criticism and corrections as opportunities to improve themselves and do not get offended or lash out when given feedback, unlike arrogant and narcissistic people. 

5. They don't stand in the way of their personal growth

Arrogant people miss personal growth, but confident people appreciate criticism, avoid complacency and push their boundaries to avoid stagnation. 

6. They don't quit

Confident people face challenges without giving up, seeing failures as learning opportunities that lead to success, and reflect on what went wrong to improve. 

7. They don't procrastinate

Confident people value their time, finish their tasks immediately, and do not procrastinate, but instead, they break up their work into smaller tasks and stay productive even when facing intimidating challenges. 

8. They don't do things half-heartedly

Confident people put their heart into their work, are admired for their attitude towards productivity, don't settle for mediocre work, and proactively come up with efficient solutions to problems. 

9. They don’t think they're better than everyone

Confident people focus on personal growth instead of comparing themselves to others and trust their capabilities while also being eager to learn from their colleagues and work as a team. 

10. They don't do things they don't agree with

Confident people have a strong sense of self and usually take control of their lives, upholding non-negotiable standards that they believe in and avoiding actions that go against their morals or beliefs. 

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