1. Your relationships are rock solid

Success isn't just about material or financial achievements; having strong relationships with loved ones is already a great achievement. 

2. You lean towards a positive mindset

Positive thinking is crucial for well-being, and resilience is shown by people who maintain a positive attitude during tough times, like Steve Jobs after he was fired from Apple. 

3. You pay the bills on time

Financial stability places you in a privileged class, and if you can pay your bills and save money during today's volatile economy, you are doing better than most people who struggle to make ends meet. 

4. You don't mind getting your hands dirty

Strong work ethic and willingness to work hard are valuable in any career path, more important than skills according to an HR manager, and rare but make you an asset in the long run. 

5. You have a sense of purpose

While some people have a routine lifestyle, those with a sense of purpose and ambition are constantly working towards their long-term goals, even if they have a boring job as a means to an end.  

6. You have the willingness to grow

You stand out because of your rare quality of being curious and always seeking new opportunities to learn and grow, but it's also crucial to prioritize your health. 

7. You're in good physical (and mental) shape

Good physical and mental health are more important than transient opportunities or people, and taking care of yourself through exercise and a healthy diet is crucial to achieving success in life. 

8. You have a supportive circle of friends

Surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting, and supportive people can help maximize your potential, inspire personal growth, and provide important support during difficult times, making having a solid network a valuable asset. 

9. Your attitude is gratitude

Gratitude for big and small things is key to happiness in life and even those who lack material possessions can spread positive energy by having this perspective. 

10. You're a force for good in the world

Improve the situation of those around you through charity, kindness, and generosity, as comparing yourself to others on social media is not important, and if you do these things, you're doing fine and making a difference in the world.  

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