10 things classy women never apologize for


1. Changing their mind

Classy women won't apologize for changing their minds as they have a sense of authority about themselves and make decisions for their own benefit while still respecting others. 

2. Making their own choices

Classy women make their own choices and never feel like they have to please anyone, always remembering that they have a choice to do what they want, even if it means letting go of someone who tries to make them feel otherwise. 

3. Feeling their feelings

Classy women won't apologize for feeling their feelings, understanding that it's normal to have bad days and not catering to other people's expectations of grinning and bearing it as long as they're not bothering anyone. 

4. Putting themselves first

Classy women know how to walk the fine line between confidence and self-centeredness, never apologizing for putting their interests first while still being friendly in interactions, which also makes them attractive to others. . 

5. Wanting to look good

Classy women never apologize for wanting to look good and carry themselves with grace and confidence, despite facing judgments about their looks from people who may find them too provocative or conservative. 

6. Having a point of view

Classy women never apologize for having a point of view, which comes with an unshakable confidence and allows them to stand their ground and leave an impression by inspiring others to be their authentic selves. 

7. Setting boundaries

Classy women enforce their rules by setting boundaries gracefully, knowing how to do it while making sure both parties feel respected, as seen in the example of turning someone down for hanging out while suggesting another time. 

8. Wanting space (we all do)

Classy women know they're entitled to their own space and feelings, never apologizing for wanting to take time for themselves to process emotions and recharge, which helps them feel all right again and ready to show their stuff. 

9. Asking for extra help…

Classy women recognize that there's no shame in asking for help when needed, whether it's with work-related problems or fixing things around the house, and know it's more logical to reach out for assistance rather than struggle on their own. 

10. …And wanting to succeed

Classy women never apologize for their ambition to succeed, and they know how to achieve their goals without being boastful, so don't be afraid to be your authentic self. 

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