10 things confident introverts always do


1. They engage in meaningful conversations 

Contrary to popular belief, introverts don't dislike talking but prefer deep and intellectual conversations, making them great conversationalists who listen and observe, and enjoy perceptive discussions over coffee. 

2. They embrace solitude

Confident introverts thrive in solitude and recognize it as a chance to recharge, think, and create, and don't need to be around others to feel complete.  

3. They speak up when necessary 

As introverts speak selectively and listen attentively, confident introverts speak with conviction when necessary, and like the late grandfather of the author, their soft-spoken words hold gravitas and power. 

4. They take calculated risks

As thinkers, confident introverts weigh the pros and cons meticulously before making decisions, taking calculated risks that often pay off, such as carefully considering investment opportunities. 

5. They prioritize relationships that matter 

Confident introverts prioritize deeper connections and quality over quantity in their social circle, and thus tend to have few close friends, making it an exclusive club to be part of. 

6. They embrace their introverted qualities

Confident introverts embrace their introverted qualities as gifts and are comfortable in their own skin, leaving popularity contests to high school kids.  

7. They take breaks when needed 

Self-aware confident introverts recharge regularly, taking timeouts during hectic days or social events to refresh, such as stepping outside to stargaze in a park. 

8. They write well

Confident introverts, known for their introspective nature, tend to excel in writing, as seen in many great writers throughout history, expressing themselves thoroughly, clearly, and articulately in written form even in mundane tasks such as emails or school papers. 

9. They are extroverted, when necessary 

Confident introverts, with their innate emotional intelligence, are capable of transforming into social butterflies with anecdotes and humor, ready to converse with anyone when needed. 

10. They are emotionally intelligent when dealing with others

Confident introverts, with their high emotional intelligence and ability to read the room and empathize, make great friends or companions for meaningful dialogue over small talk, providing more out of one-on-one interactions than other people. 

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