10 reasons why the sigma male is a real thing


1. It is a way to describe personality type

The sigma male, along with other human archetypes such as Myers-Brigg and Zodiac signs, is a human-made concept that helps understand personality traits, and despite its origin, it is a valid way to perceive personality. 

2. Not everyone values status or recognition

Alpha males possess traits like strength, social status, and skills, which may or may not be acknowledged by others, and a genuinely confident man values these traits intrinsically. 

3. Some people prefer to stay out of the spotlight

Not all confident and skilled individuals seek attention and prefer to stay out of the spotlight, which makes them sigma males. 

4. They are following their purpose

After discovering his true purpose through a free masterclass by Justin Brown, a man realized that being an alpha male was a distraction from his real goals, and he embraced his identity as a sigma male. 

5. They are lone wolves

The lone wolf archetype, which characterizes a person as confident and independent, can be used to understand the sigma male, and while both are human-made concepts, they offer insights into human behavior. 

6. Our values and personalities shift over time

People's personalities change over time, and a person who identified as an alpha or beta male might shift their values and focus, eventually identifying more as a sigma male. 

7. Men cannot be boxed into just 2 type

The alpha and beta male archetypes oversimplify human nature as there are several other male archetypes like gamma, delta, omega, and sigma. 

8. You don’t necessarily need authority to lead

While alpha males are usually associated with leadership, sigma males also make great leaders by setting an example and connecting with people individually rather than trying to dominate. 

9. You don’t need to rely on others to know who you are

The alpha male sees himself as superior to others, while the sigma male values meaningful friendships with those who align with him without placing importance on superiority and self-worth based on recognition from others. 

10. You can become whoever you want to be

Personality is not fixed, and one can change their trajectory in life, as exemplified by a young man who transformed his life after a personal tragedy using the free Purpose masterclass by Ideapod co-founder Justin Brown. 

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