1. Self-awareness

Emotionally intelligent men possess self-awareness, which is crucial in understanding their emotions, managing emotional triggers, and maintaining healthy relationships. 

2. Empathy

The emotionally intelligent man demonstrates empathy by actively listening to others, asking questions, and validating their feelings. 

3. Active listening

Active listening is essential for emotionally intelligent men to build strong relationships by attentively listening, reflecting with thoughtful comments or questions, and using nonverbal cues to show engagement. 

4. Open-mindedness

An emotionally intelligent man embraces open-mindedness to broaden his perspective, connect with others, and approach new ideas and perspectives with curiosity and respect. 

5. Adaptability

Adaptability is a crucial skill for an emotionally intelligent man as it enables him to adjust his communication style, behavior, and expectations to better connect with others and achieve his goals. 

6. Self-regulation

An emotionally intelligent man practices self-regulation to control impulses and make thoughtful decisions, using mindfulness or meditation to resist acting impulsively or aggressively in difficult situations. 

7. Positive outlook

To maintain a positive outlook and motivation in the face of adversity, an emotionally intelligent man focuses on the positive aspects of a situation, practices gratitude, and seeks the support of loved ones. 

8. Motivation

Emotional intelligence involves using one's sense of purpose to stay motivated and achieve goals through setting specific, achievable goals and celebrating progress along the way. 

9. Assertiveness

An emotionally intelligent man who is assertive, expresses thoughts and feelings clearly and respectfully without aggression, and uses "I" statements to communicate, is adept at conflict resolution. 

10. Conflict resolution

An emotionally intelligent man is able to communicate rationally and calmly when trying to diffuse tension in a conflict, which leads to constructive results. 

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