10 little phrases that will make you sound more intelligent


1. “Let me explain.”

For a confident presentation and to make a lasting impression, use the phrase "let me explain" when answering questions, projecting your knowledge and preparation to your audience. 

2. “Put simply…”

Improve your communication skills by breaking down complicated concepts into layman's terms using the phrase "put simply" to ensure understanding. 

3. “I have an idea, let’s…”

Sound well-informed and confident on your date by using the phrase "I have an idea" to suggest activities or solutions, striking a balance without overdoing it. 

4. “You know, I’ve been curious about…”

Impress your date by expressing genuine interest and intelligence with the phrase "I've been curious about something," revealing your depth beyond superficial topics. 

5. “I completely understand.”

Sound more understanding and intelligent by using the phrase "I completely understand" to accept people's unavailability at face value, avoiding disappointment until it's appropriate. 

6. “I get your point, but…”

Confidently navigate conversations by understanding the other person's perspective, expressing your point of view, and assuring them you "got their point" before sharing your own thoughts. 

7. “I know just the thing.”

Confidence in your thoughts is key to sounding intelligent, achieved by staying informed, exploring various hobbies, and maintaining a diverse social network. 

8. “…that’s a conversation for another time.”

Stay informed and take up hobbies to sound intelligent and interesting, use "that's a conversation for another time" when you can't discuss a topic in detail, leaving the other person curious to learn more. 

9. “Here’s what I think.”

Improve your conversation style by using the phrase "Here's what I think" before giving your response to a topic you're knowledgeable about, helping to address doubts and questions from the other person. 

10. “Now that you mention it…”

Use the phrase "now that you mention it" when bouncing ideas off someone in a conversation to show that their company is appreciated and to provide recommendations. 

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