BY Tina Fey

1. Albert Einstein's theory of relativity

E=mc2, developed by Einstein, impacted the world through nuclear power, GPS, and may lead to moving away from traditional energy sources. 

2. Gutenberg's printing press

Gutenberg's printing press led to the rise of journalism and the age of enlightenment, causing significant changes in the world. 

3. The first wheel

Wheels, which are essential to transportation and commerce, were a significant invention that sparked the development of agriculture and sedentary settlements, and are as vital now as they were back then. 

4. The number zero

The introduction of the Arabic numerical system and the concept of zero to Europe by the Moors changed the world by setting the foundation for various disciplines and allowing for a better understanding of the universe. 

5. The discovery of penicillin

Alexander Fleming's accidental discovery of penicillin, which saved millions of lives from infections and diseases, changed the world and can be considered a flashing moment of understanding. 

6. Magnifying lens

Magnifying lenses revolutionized science, leading to the development of tools like the microscope, telescope, and electron microscope, which have benefited various fields from medicine to space exploration.  

7. The first compass

The compass, invented in China, revolutionized navigation, allowing sailors and explorers to travel and trade more easily, and contributed to the age of discovery. 

8. Human rights

The UN's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" was a significant milestone that sparked many international initiatives and organizations responsible for watching the respect of human rights worldwide. 

9. The telephone

Alexander Graham Bell's telephone, influenced by his family's connection to the deaf community, revolutionized communication by building on previous messaging systems, such as the telegraph. 

10. The unconscious mind

Freud's research on the subconscious mind and our inability to explain our behavior led to the development of psychoanalysis and greatly contributed to our understanding of relationships and the workings of the mind. 

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