BY Tina Fey

1. Focus on smaller things

Detach yourself from preoccupations with the past or future in order to focus on the present, which will result in increased productivity and improved mental and emotional health.  

2. Take it easy on yourself when you make mistakes

Recognize what you want to detach from as a crucial step in the process of personal development, and avoid self-criticism and instead praise yourself for your progress. 

3. Manage your emotions healthily

In order to detach, it is important to unconditionally accept and process emotions instead of repressing or ignoring them, as they can provide insights into situations and can eventually be let go. 

4. Learn to deal with uncertainty

Accepting uncertainty and focusing on the present rather than being fixated on the future will lead to a stronger, more adaptable mindset and a better ability to overcome future challenges. 

5. Channel the energy into something productive

Negative attachment creates stress and negative energy, but it can be channeled into productive outlets such as exercise, writing, or doing work. 

6. Change your habits

Detaching requires establishing new habits as much as changing negative thinking, starting with inconsequential habits and working up to larger, more important ones. 

7. Don't thought stop

Thought-stopping is counterproductive to mindfulness as it keeps you attached to negative thoughts, distracts you from productive activities, and can be more harmful than the thoughts themselves. 

8. Try "name it to tame it"

'Name it to tame it' involves labeling negative thoughts, recognizing their repetitiveness and unhealthiness, and taking a step back to let go and move on. 

9. Keep  a journal

Journals and diaries function as thought records to identify and correct negative thought patterns and attachment issues. 

10. Talk to yourself

Talking back to negative thoughts and acknowledging them before moving on with the rest of the day can be an effective way to regain control and prevent spiraling down into negativity. 

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