5 surprising ways your zodiac sign shapes your personality

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ways your zodiac sign shapes your personality 5 surprising ways your zodiac sign shapes your personality

There are two types of people in the world: those who don’t believe in zodiac signs and those who believe that the first type of people I mentioned are Virgos.

Did that make you laugh? It did for me and I really wish I can say that this is an original thought, but I just saw it in a Facebook comment ages ago. The sentiment remains though, there will be people who will believe in astrology and those who will not.

For those of you who clicked on this article, 95% of you who have reached this part of the intro probably belong in the 2nd type and know your zodiac signs (the other 5% still here are maybe just bored, but I’ll take it!).

Those who are deeper into astrology probably know your entire birth charts—at the very least, sun signs, moon signs, and ascendants.

Some of us—me included—have made our zodiac signs our entire personalities. But I wondered, how else do our zodiac signs help shape us?

Let’s consult the stars:

1) Building up preferences

So many things influence our preferences, like our upbringing, our geography, our heritage, and our personalities just to name a few.

Our zodiac sign is also just one of those influences. And this example might seem silly but there’s an entire category of Buzzfeed quizzes geared towards guessing your zodiac signs based on your preferences. I just find it amusing that Aquarians share just enough similarities in soup choices for someone to be able to guess their zodiac signs.

Also, this example won’t resonate with everyone but immediately, the beauty industry and the many astrology-inspired beauty products on the market came to mind. (A quick Google search of “astrology beauty products” yields 25,700,000 results!)

I used to fawn over these products, Gemini—my star sign—always had green eyeshadows for some reason, Scorpio would be sultry colors, Water signs would have blue. Aries had a lot of reds. Some would have a broader astrological theme which would include the moon and the planets.

To summarize this point, we form preferences due to our star sign, whether consciously or subconsciously; and these preferences influence our purchasing behavior (which is #2 on this list.)

2) Purchasing behavior/Consumer behavior

Be honest, did you think this was going to be part of the list? 

However, based on this article from Clootrack defining the factors that influence Consumer Behavior, we can categorize astrology—specifically zodiac signs—under Psychological Factors (Attitude and Beliefs) and Social Factors (Reference Groups). And this is more evident the more active one is in the community.

And let me ask you this, what’s your favorite color? The color you hate the most? When working out, what do you listen to? What’s your most-watched TV show? What’s the movie you’ll watch when you’re sad? What gift will you give to your partner on their next birthday? 

What’s the best restaurant you’ve ever been to? What color should you paint your bedroom? What’s your go-to outfit? What brand of yogurt do you buy? Where’s your next holiday?

There’s a likelihood that you saw these questions and wanted to scream at me for asking so much for no reason. Imagine being hit with questions non-stop asking you to decide in a snap!

Decision paralysis, that’s what’s likely to happen. 

Here’s a very informative podcast episode from Mintel Little Conversation, Ep91: Why brands are using astrology in their marketing strategy, where they explored astrology in the marketing sphere. At around the 5-minute mark, Associate Director Diana Kelter mentioned the ability of astrology to cut through the fatigue of decision-making.

By categorizing product or service offerings by zodiac signs, brands can add a layer of personalization to their market. 

3) The community and belongingness

Look, we’re all just trying to find our place in the universe. Life is difficult enough as it is and it’s understandable for us to be looking for where we can belong. (And don’t even get me started on the feelings of isolation that the past couple of years have given us due to the pandemic.)

Point is, we’re all just aimlessly hoping for the next best thing to make the world make more sense. Or make our world make sense to us. Astrology offers that to an extent.

Around the time I’m writing this, Mercury in Taurus just finished its retrograde. Certain zodiac signs would be more affected than others, sure, but as a whole, the astrology community can look at this transit and quiver. 

Travel delays, miscommunications, gadgets breaking down, or an emotional rollercoaster out of nowhere, all of those could happen during this transit and people would just go, “Oh, right, Mercury retrograde.”

There’s a collective understanding within the astrology community. We can liken it to a common language, how we speak, how we interact, how we see things. Sometimes we can even identify patterns. 

With that said, it does change and affect the way we look at other people. 

4) The way you understand people

Don’t get me wrong, there are stereotypes within each zodiac sign that I think miss their marks. However, some stereotypes resonate so loudly within the people I know who are of those signs that the accuracy is almost funny. And the further you go into someone’s birth chart, the more amusingly specific it becomes. 

You start seeing people’s pain points, too. The kinks in their armor, what makes them tick. But you see what makes them laugh, too. What their driving force is. Is it always this deep? Not really, but there sure are moments. 

And depending on where you get your astrological content, it could be the funniest, most real, most comforting bits on the internet that you can get. I personally religiously follow Not All Geminis on Instagram, her astrological pop culture posts are top tier as well as the truly unhinged Gemini humor in each post. (Sorry folks, not all Gemini jokes will land, haha!)

And I cannot begin to tell you the number of astrology memes I have shared just this past week alone and with friends doing the same. Astrology is a language and it is comforting to find people who speak it, some more fluently than others but it is welcoming just the same. 

5) The way you understand yourself

When I first read this article from Screen Rant assigning zodiac signs to the characters of Fleabag and saw that they assigned Fleabag as a Gemini, my first thought was, “Oof, the accuracy.”

Having one of my most favorite characters from my favorite show share my star sign gave this character an added layer of relatability. I look at Fleabag and laugh at how I’m also prone to making the same mistakes

Is it unscientific? Probably. But does it help me? Sure does, mostly because I know so many others relate to Fleabag’s shenanigans. In my brain, this counts.

Circling back to my earlier point that we’re all just trying to find our place in the universe, I find slivers of understanding between the stars. Relatability cuts through the feelings of loneliness

It shows me that we may all lead different lives but if the stars have any say in it, we have so many similarities and so many similar experiences. There’s comfort in knowing my pain points are normal and that other people experience it, too. That we love the same from time to time. 

That we listen to the same music, watch the same shows, love the same foods, ask the same questions. That people before us have been here before and we’re just extending the story.

And that we, as a people, are finding meaning where we can. 

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