8 ways old souls show their love differently to others

Characterized by their unique perspectives on life, introspection, and a deep sense of wisdom, it’s no wonder old souls express their love differently to the people around them.

And if you have been on the receiving end, you know that it can be something quite special.

Today we’ll explore the 8 different ways old souls show love.

1) They have deep conversations.

Because of their introspective nature, old souls enjoy having meaningful conversations with the people around them. They’re deep thinkers and often have insightful takeaways about various topics. 

Oftentimes, they’d also like to hear what others have to say about issues that are close to their heart.

They want to connect on a deeper level, as compared to others, who would prefer getting to know the other person on a surface level.

Connecting with someone emotionally requires a certain amount of vulnerability and most people prefer not to put themselves in that position.

Therefore, when an old soul finds someone they can trust and connect with, they are willing to share their innermost thoughts. 

2) They spend quality time together.

And this doesn’t mean having an entire day full of activities from morning to night. 

Some people feel that every waking hour needs to be spent doing something. But old souls prioritize quality over quantity.

A couple of hours over coffee and a good meal is spent a lot more productively than a full day of events. Because it entails good conversation, undivided attention, and the willingness to learn more about the other person.

Even time spent in silence is enjoyable as well – they’re able to work on their projects independently but with the comfort of the other person’s presence.

Rather than be caught up in the hustle and bustle of dating, they prefer connecting in simple yet significant ways.

3) They prefer connecting with the other person before getting intimate.  

This can be quite controversial, as different people have varying perceptions of what intimacy reflects and signifies in a relationship. 

Old souls regard intimacy as the deepest form of connection and thus, would prefer getting to know their partner a lot better beforehand.

They want to have an emotional connection with this person and forge a close bond by opening up their hearts fully.

Rather than getting physical with anyone they have the slightest bit of feelings for (and vice versa), they prefer having a strong connection with that person first. 

4) They are willing to put in the work to fix a relationship.

There will inevitably be conflict in a relationship – people disagree, make mistakes, and fight.

The easiest way out is to give up and leave. In some situations, walking away is the right thing to do. 

However, in other situations, people would still rather leave, because this is the path of least resistance. They’re unwilling to put in effort to salvage something that has the potential to still work out.

But for old souls, they’ll fight for a relationship. They’re willing to put in the time and effort to fix the issue – even if it means that things may get a bit uncomfortable for a period of time.

They’re willing to work through this discomfort because they know that the end goal is worth it. 

And part of the reason is because…

5) They are very patient.

In our fast-paced world, people’s tempers inevitably become shorter and shorter. This influences the way they do things – most of the time, they respond in not so positive ways.

But for old souls, they prioritize their peace by being patient, because they know that loving the other person will always be the most important thing. 

You’ll find that they are patient during conflicts, they wait for the other person to explain their side of the story and will spend time listening. They won’t interrupt and immediately accuse the other person, or start attacking their character.

They’re slow to anger as well, which is why they feel so safe to be around. 

6) They’re willing to give each other space.

As much as they love being together with the people they care about, old souls are willing to be alone

They’re independent creatures and don’t need to be with their partners all the time. If the other person needs some space to think, they’ll gladly let them be.

Not many people are able to do that, because they’re so attached to their partners that when they find themselves alone, they’re unsure what to do. Or when their partner wants to be alone, they start being suspicious and take it really negatively.

But old souls are different – they respect their partners’ choices. And it’s not tough for them to hang out alone as well, in fact, some of them actually enjoy it.

It gives them the space to think as well, and do things that they like. 

7) They encourage personal growth.

One thing that old souls do is encourage their partners to grow in every aspect of their lives. They believe that personal growth is important as it builds character. 

In addition to thinking about themselves and the relationship, old souls also find it important for their partner to grow as an individual too.

And this takes a higher level of maturity because most people cannot think beyond themselves. 

You’ll find them pushing their partners to come out of their comfort zones and taking on challenges, all while they’re supporting them fully.

8) They appreciate the simple things

For old souls, there’s no need for lavish parties or expensive gifts when it comes to expressing their love for each other.

While others enjoy receiving gifts and updating their socials for their followers to see, old souls are content with simple yet significant acts of love.

This could be a homecooked meal, a small thoughtful gift or just spending quality time with their partner watching the sunset.

Because of their deep connection with the other person, they know how much they mean to their partner.

They’re also appreciative of the simple things in life and find great meaning in ordinary experiences. But when shared with someone they love, these simple things are magnified, and become precious memories.

Concluding thoughts

While there’s no right or wrong way of expressing love, old souls tend to love deeply in simple, yet very meaningful ways.

However, as each person is unique, it’s up to the individual’s preference on how they want to receive and give love.

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