7 ways coffee lovers are different in their approach to life

I’ve got something to admit.

For years, I refused to drink coffee.

I suppose I must have tasted it as a kid and found it unpalatably bitter. The experience made me think I wasn’t going to ever be a coffee drinker, and that was that.

But tastes change as we get older, and one day, when I was feeling particularly groggy and lifeless, I decided to give coffee another try.

I had a sip, then a gulp, and soon enough, the cup was empty, and I wanted another!

Now I know what all the fuss is about!

My life has changed completely.

Waking up in the morning to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is now one of my greatest pleasures in life.

Grabbing a cup of joe helps give me added energy and focus when I need it.

Who knew coffee was so great?!

Coffee lovers.

People who truly adore a good brew seem to live their lives in a completely different way, one which is infused with a very different spirit.

Here are seven ways coffee lovers are different from other people out there in their approach to life.

1) They’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

Everyone knows that caffeine is a psycho-stimulant.

It has proven effects of increasing alertness and even improving physical performance and strength

Drinking coffee helps coffee lovers to get up and get their day started right.

The idea of a warming cup of coffee gets them out of bed in the morning, and then drinking it gets their engines started.

Coffee drinkers have more energy, are more alert, and are generally happier in the morning than people who don’t have a morning jolt.

Sure, you don’t want to come between a coffee drinker and their first cup. That’s like getting between a mama bear and her cub.

But as soon as the coffee starts to take effect, coffee drinkers get their energy going and get bright and bubbly.

I was never a morning person before I started to drink coffee, but now I’m able to get up at the crack of dawn or even earlier and love it!

2) They’re high achievers

Coffee drinkers tend to get further up the ladder than people who avoid this delightful bean juice.


It may be that coffee drinkers get more energized and are, therefore, able to work harder or put in longer hours.

But it also might work the other way. 

Rather than the coffee giving them more energy, coffee lovers might be people who have more drive to begin with. So, they use coffee to help them reach their lofty goals.

In reality, it probably goes both ways.

Coffee drinkers also tend to make more money on average, perhaps because they’re already more driven and working harder.

Coffee culture is common in executive circles, and drinking it is seen as a sign that someone is eager and a go-getter. So drinking coffee may also be one way into these circles, and that’s another good reason to enjoy this steamy beverage.

3) They’re healthier

OK, I’m going to preface this whole section by saying that if you drink coffee like my sister used to, with 11 teaspoons of sugar in it, you’re really not going to be healthier.

Yes, 11 – I don’t know how she arrived at this recipe, but it has been her go-to for years. You can imagine the reactions she got from servers when she made that order!

As long as you keep the sugar level down in your coffee, it can actually be something of a health tonic.

We all know that caffeine makes you feel more chipper, and that can be great for your mental health.

It’s also a mild physical performance enhancer that can help your endurance and let you lift more at the gym.

But long term, there are even more benefits of drinking coffee that most people don’t know about.

Did you know that people who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from depression? This might be the result of the caffeine and the antioxidants found in the beverage.

Studies have also been done to look into the effects of coffee drinking on neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. They’ve found a strong protective element to drinking coffee, which is usually attributed to its caffeine content.

Great news!

Last but not least, drinking coffee has been found to reduce the risk of developing adult-onset or type II diabetes. The more you drink, the better, it seems, with four cups a day reducing the risk of diabetes by almost half!

4) They’re sharper

coffee drinkers see life 1 7 ways coffee lovers are different in their approach to life

There are many different substances out there that people think will make them smarter.

Many, however, just give us the feeling of being brighter or more intelligent but don’t actually produce any real and measurable results in our performance.

Coffee makes us feel sharper, but does it actually help our performance?

It does, but not in all ways.

Recent research has discovered that drinking coffee can increase activity in brain regions that control attention, focus, visual processing, and short-term memory. This means that coffee lovers really are getting increased performance out of their jitter juice.

At the same time, drinking coffee reduces activity in the parts of your brain that control things like introspection, autobiographical memory recall, and imagining the future.

What this means is that coffee can give you better performance on tasks you have at hand, which is what most people use it for.

However, it may reduce your performance in activities that involve a lot of interior contemplation.

5) They’re more social

Compared to people who don’t drink coffee, lovers of the bean are more inclined to be social, at least on average.

Again, I certainly don’t mean before they have their first cup!

You might wonder if drinking coffee makes people more social or if people who are more social tend to prefer coffee.

In fact, no one’s clear on the direction of cause and effect for this one.

On the one hand, many people get into drinking coffee for the culture.

I have friends who say they had to force themselves to like the beverage but did so because they liked that hip coffee shop vibe and wanted to be a part of it.

They chose to drink coffee to make themselves more likable and to fit in.

On the other hand, people who have got to have their coffee are usually found in packs clustered around the coffee pot in the break room. So maybe they’re more social by necessity since they always meet others while getting their fix.

Either way, coffee is now considered such a common social activity that asking someone to go meet for a coffee is a standard invitation to hang out.

That no one even has to have one, and yet we still call it by this name, shows just how powerful the social aspect of coffee drinking has become.

6) They have taste

Oops, read that again – I didn’t say they have a taste.

Unless you’re a drug-sniffing pooch, I don’t think you can tell if someone is a coffee drinker by sniffing their sweat. I definitely wouldn’t recommend licking them!

No, what I mean is that people who truly love coffee, the real aficionados, have a certain taste and style that’s different from other people and has a big impact on their lives.

First off, they spend heaps of time and money scouring the world for the best brew they can buy. Freeze-dried will never do!

They sample and blend and even roast their own beans in search of the taste of perfection.

They also search for the perfect-looking cup of coffee. Whether it’s an ideally foamed cappuccino or a tiny shot of espresso, they like it to look just so.

And if you look around coffee houses, they’re often some of the best-designed places in town.

From chic and modern to homey and comfortable, coffee culture is a big driver of interior design around the world.

7) They’re less stressed

if you do these things in the morning youre unwittingly sabotaging your chances of success in life 7 ways coffee lovers are different in their approach to life

Well, this doesn’t make sense at all.

How could people who are hopped up on caffeine, stimulated to have more energy and better focus, and driven by high goals be less stressed than people who aren’t?

Doesn’t it seem like this would be the opposite?

Yes, coffee can get the blood pumping and make you feel jittery. However, there’s something we’re forgetting here.

With coffee under their belts, these people are movers and shakers who are getting things done. Don’t we normally get stressed out when we don’t get things done?

There’s also the importance of drinking coffee as a ritual.

Sitting down to a nice relaxing mug of coffee and taking some personal time is a great way to relieve stress!

This is why coffee drinkers can actually be less stressed than non-drinkers.

Final thoughts

OK, that’s it. I can’t take it anymore!

All this talk about seven ways coffee lovers are different in their approach to life is making me thirsty for a delicious cup right now!

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