Watch What Happens When Trump, Clinton, And Stein Supporters Smoke Weed Together

The climax of 2016’s season finale was the U.S. Presidential election – only to find out that Donald Trump has won the seat, despite Hilary Clinton slaying the popular vote.

The election was a game they called ‘choosing the lesser of two evils’ starring Clinton as the alleged shady profit dealer and Trump as the forever hateful monster. Because these forms of evil are unacceptable to most, about half of America decided not to vote instead.

In another story, as per mainstream media, Bernie Sanders would have won over Trump by at least 15 points. If this would have been the case, then the joke’s on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) because they intended to block Sanders as the primary candidate of the Democratic Party.

The aftermath of the presidential election has caused some strain in the society. Supporters from different political candidates even took to the streets and their day-to-day living the frustration welling up inside them, especially riots that shout, ‘Trump is not my president’.

Nonetheless, America and the whole world can’t do anything about the outcome of the election. If it’s a reality people can’t digest, then they would rather smoke weed to calm themselves down and reflect upon the next four years of their lives under Trump’s brand of leadership.

So much for the background information, but this was what three people from various affiliations have started to do already. Cut made a video on supporters of Stein and two primary candidates smoking weed together to find if there’s still a common ground among them despite their political differences.

There was Nat, a small business owner/artist who voted for Stein; Loren, a full-time activist who voted for Clinton; and Ryan, a person working in the night life industry who voted for Trump. Each of them explained why they voted for whom, and took a hit from the bong. Five minutes later, you’ll see how they differ in their political opinions.

The good part comes when they start to answer questions unrelated to politics. After all, their common ground is found in being a Game of Thrones fan and being fond of oral sex. And that’s just not all – three of them also approve of Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson. They believe that getting consent for having sex is important, and that electoral college and white supremacy are something to be disapproved of.

But what’s most interesting is that all them would have voted for Bernie Sanders had he been a primary candidate in the election. As Nat was saying in the video, “It’s hard to find common ground when the place we ask questions is telling us different answers.” But maybe smoking weed could make the difference, right? Watch the video below to see how different supporters get high together:

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