Mornings are the worst, aren’t they? Monday morning is the worst, actually.

The thought of crawling out of your warm bed to go work for some guy who is half your age can be enough to cause you to crawl right back into bed.

But if you want to get a spring in your step and conquer the morning routine, here are 4 things you can do to take back your mornings and become a fabled “morning person”. Yes, they do exist.

1) Get Your Act Together Before Bed

One of the best ways to improve your mornings is to get yourself organized before bed the night before. Pack lunches, clean your kitchen, put away the laundry, decide what you’ll have for dinner the next day, and even make some time to read a book.

All of these things can let you rest easier knowing that you aren’t waking up to a housefull of work to do, and errands that need to be completed.

Reading is a good way to relax your brain before bed and it can help you sleep better too.

2) Wake Up Slowly Over Time

If you decide you are going to work toward being a morning person, start slow. Don’t set your alarm for an hour earlier than you normally get up. Set your alarm clock in intervals, over time.

For example, tomorrow wake up 10 minutes earlier. Then wake up 15 minutes earlier the next day. Continue to change your clock until you find the time that works best for you.

3) Keep Your Phone Away From You Bedside Table

One of the easiest ways to ruin your day before it even gets started is to check your phone as soon as you wake up. The internet is full of crap, and it can be depressing to look at how much work is waiting for you when you arrive at the office.

So don’t reach for your phone until you have been up for a while. Trust us, you won’t miss it after a few days of ignoring it until after breakfast.

4) Get the Blood Pumping

Want to get going on the right foot everyday? Start your day with some cardio workouts. Getting the blood pumping helps to stimulate your metabolism and can control hunger later in the day.

What’s more, you’ll have loads of energy throughout your day and you’ll feel great too.

Whatever your reason for wanting to wake up earlier and take on the mornings, start with a plan and add activity and changes over time.

The more consistent you are with your morning routine, the more effective it will be in preparing you for the day ahead.

Stick with it and over time you’ll find it easier to get organized at night, get your stuff done in the morning, and most of all, get out of bed without complaining about the day ahead!