Wow! If you’re looking for a short video clip to open your mind to the wonders of the world we live in, look no further. The video of the 10 times Richard Feynman blew our minds delivers just that.

Feynman was a theoretical physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965 for his work in quantum electrodynamics.

There are some incredible highlights in the video below, including:

  • A passionate description of the wonders of discovering that we live on a great ball moving out outer space with half of us sticking upside down going around a huge fire. This story is so much more exciting than the stories that used to be made up about the world we live in. Pursuing the truth is much more remarkable. The pleasure of physics is that it focuses on revealing the truth.
  • It’s fascinating to think that we live in a time when governments are supporting scientists to continue figuring out more about the world.
  • Usually physicists say we should only talk about things we can measure. We should look for symmetries. That’s all useful, but when those methods don’t work then we’re in a place where history won’t repeat itself and we need to look at things differently. History is fundamentally irrelevant to coming up with new ideas.
  • Physics assumes that our cosmos has been fixed and never changing. But every other discipline looks at the history of evolution of its subject matter. Perhaps physics needs to be open to the notion that the laws around time and space have been evolving.
  • Feynman isn’t frightened by not knowing things and isn’t frightened by uncertainty.
  • You want to live with uncertainty. That’s where progress comes from.

Check out the video below.



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