If someone uses these 17 phrases, they’re probably really smart

When you chat with someone who’s really smart, it’s hard not to notice.

Not everyone can easily chat about hard topics or big ideas, but for some brainy folks, it’s as simple as pie.

One thing that always gets me about these clever people is their ability to light up a conversation with their brainpower.

They chat with ease about difficult subjects, see links that might slip past others, and bring a depth to the conversation that makes it really engaging.

What’s the secret sauce behind their brainy charm?

It’s all about the words and phrases they use, showing off their quick thinking, deep understanding, and wide-ranging point of view.

In this article, I’m going to share 17 phrases that smart folks often use in their chats.

For me, these phrases are a big hint that you’re talking with someone who isn’t just knowledgeable, but also knows how to share their smart thoughts in ways that get people thinking and understanding more.

Ready to jump into the world of smart talk? Let’s get going!

1. “That’s an interesting perspective.”

This phrase is a great one because it means they’re open to hearing different ideas and having a good conversation.

By saying that someone’s perspective is valuable, it makes the conversation respectful and interesting.

It shows that they’re curious and want to talk more, exploring different ideas and viewpoints.

Using this phrase not only shows they’re smart, but also encourages others to share their own thoughts, making the conversation even better.

2. “I hadn’t considered it from that angle before.”

This phrase is effective because it shows openness to new perspectives and a willingness to learn.

By admitting that they haven’t looked at something from that angle, they show that they’re humble and want to explore more.

It also encourages others to share their own thoughts and creates a friendly conversation where different viewpoints are welcomed.

Using this phrase shows that they’re curious and willing to change their perspective when new information comes up.

3. “I’m always eager to learn new things.”

I’m always eager to learn new things. This statement reflects a mindset of continuous growth and a genuine curiosity.

It means that I have a strong willingness to expand my knowledge and embrace new experiences. 

It also encourages others to share their knowledge and perspectives, fostering a collaborative and enriching environment.

4. “It’s okay to disagree; it helps us grow.”

This statement acknowledges that disagreements are a natural part of discussions and relationships.

It recognizes that differing opinions can offer valuable learning opportunities. By saying this, it means that I understand and appreciate the value of diverse perspectives.

It encourages an open and respectful exchange of ideas.

This statement reflects a mature and wise mindset that recognizes the potential for personal growth through embracing and learning from disagreements.

5. “Wait, can you prove that with facts or data?”

When someone asks, “Wait, can you prove that with facts or data?” it shows they’re thinking critically and analyzing things.

This short question is effective because it says, “Hey, back up what you’re saying with real evidence!” It shows that the person cares about facts and logical thinking when talking.

In the end, using this question shows that they’re smart and want to have a discussion based on solid evidence.

6. “I find your wisdom and insights truly inspiring.”

This statement expresses your personal admiration for the depth of someone else’s knowledge and the valuable perspectives they bring.

It will make them feel smart, and also make you look smart because it shows that wisdom and insightful are what you truly value.

It encourages them to continue sharing their wisdom and offering their unique insights, as they have a profound effect on you and others.

7. “So, what does this finding mean in the big picture?”

When someone casually asks, “So, what does this finding mean in the big picture?” it shows that they’re curious about the larger significance of the information.

This simple phrase is effective because it encourages thinking beyond the immediate details and considering the overall impact.

It also demonstrates a desire to understand the broader implications and importance of the subject. 

People will consider the wider perspective, leading to a more comprehensive and insightful discussion. 

8. “Your thoughts and ideas are always important.”

By saying this, it shows that you value what others have to say. It encourages them to speak up with confidence, knowing that their thoughts are valued by those around them. 

This statement also highlights the significance of having diverse ideas and viewpoints in creating meaningful and inclusive discussions.

Ultimately, it reflects an appreciation for other people’s intelligence and a genuine recognition of the value they bring to the conversation.

This will in turn make you look smarter because you’re brining other ideas into the conversation. 

9. “I’m really curious to hear what you think about this.”

When someone says, “I’m really curious to hear what you think about this,” it shows that they genuinely want to know your opinion and have an interesting chat.

This simple phrase is effective because it encourages open discussion and makes you feel valued.

It also demonstrates a genuine interest in learning from others and appreciating different perspectives. 

10. “Can you break it down for me?”

This is a straightforward phrase that shows they want to understand better.

By asking for a breakdown, it shows they’re humble and genuinely want to grasp the topic.

It also shows they’re willing to learn and believe that knowledge should be shared in a way that everyone can understand.

Using this phrase shows they’re smart, practical, and committed to helping others understand things better.

11. “Thanks for telling me that.”

This statement shows that I appreciate you sharing that information with me. It means that I value what you’ve said and the insights you’ve provided.

By saying this, it means that I’m grateful for your contribution to the conversation.

It encourages you to continue sharing your thoughts and ideas. This statement reflects a genuine appreciation for your input and creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for further discussion.

12. “What do you think could happen because of this?”

When someone asks, “What do you think could happen because of this?” it means they want to know what you think the possible results or effects might be.

This simple question is effective because it encourages you to think and share your ideas. By seeking your thoughts on potential outcomes, it shows they value different perspectives and want to have a meaningful discussion.

This question gives you a chance to explore and understand what might happen in the future.

It also shows that they’re curious and understand that actions or events can have wider impacts. 

13. “I always learn something cool when we chat.”

This statement expresses the enjoyment and value of your conversations. It shows that you appreciate the interesting things you discover.

By saying this, it means that your discussions are enlightening and bring new insights.

It reflects the excitement of learning from unique perspectives and experiences.

This statement also creates a positive and relaxed atmosphere for future conversations.

Ultimately, it reflects the belief that chatting with you is enjoyable and intellectually stimulating, leading to personal growth and new discoveries.

14. “I’m curious, what made you think that way?”

This simple phrase is effective because it shows they’re interested in understanding your thought process. 

It encourages you to explain why you think the way you do, which helps foster a better understanding between both parties.

It also shows respect for different perspectives and a willingness to have a thoughtful conversation. 

15. “What do you think about all this?”

When someone asks, “What do you think about all this?” they want to know your opinion and what you make of the situation or topic.

It shows that they value your perspective and want to hear your take on things.

It also shows genuine interest in hearing different viewpoints and understanding diverse perspectives.

Ultimately, using this phrase reflects both intelligence and a desire to learn from others by actively seeking their thoughts and opinions.

16. “I think you’re really good at thinking things through and figuring stuff out.”

This statement shows that you admire people’s ability to analyze and solve problems.

When you show that’s what you value, it will make you seem more intelligent.

By saying this, it means you value a thoughtful approach to situations and the ability to come up with answers. 

This statement reflects a genuine appreciation for intelligence and a recognition of your talent for figuring things out.

17. “I can see where you’re coming from.”

If you use this phrase, it will make you sound smart because it shows that you can understand where someone else is coming from.

It means that you can see and appreciate their perspective or point of view.

By saying this, it indicates that you are open-minded and willing to consider different viewpoints. It encourages further discussion and understanding between people.

Using this phrase reflects your intelligence and ability to empathize with others, making you sound knowledgeable and respectful in conversations.






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