15 unmistakable signs you’re spiritually awakened, even if you doubt yourself

A spiritual awakening can be brought on by almost anything. It could be your twin flame or soul mate urging you along the path. It could be the Universe giving you a nudge. It could be a revelation you have while you’re putting your shoes on the wrong feet. Anything goes.

Any experience that encourages, or even forces, you to reexamine your life in a more spiritual context can set you, yes you, on the path toward awakening.

You may not think you’re the ‘spiritual awakening’ type, but every human being is capable of enlightenment. It can happen any time, anywhere, to anyone.

Here are a few clues you are undergoing a spiritual awakening even if you’re largely unaware of it or doubt yourself.

1) A feeling of detachment

When you first begin the process of spiritual awakening, it can be disorienting and unsettling. You may feel that everything you were taught and unquestionably held to be true is a bunch of bull … ca-ca. 

This may be the hardest part of enlightenment – discovering that your deepest-held beliefs are no more than flights of fancy and fairy tales. 

While you are processing this new information, you could find yourself feeling detached and spending more time alone. 

2) Alone again, naturally 

Spiritual awakenings are no cakewalk, but hey, nothing worthwhile is. Taking spiritual inventory is a solitary pursuit and the emotional isolation can be very lonely. 

This is particularly true if your loved ones haven’t experienced a spiritual awakening themselves, or, even worse, they think it’s woo-woo nonsense.

You know, like analyzing your dreams. 

3) Vivid dream life 

All aspects of your life become more striking and multidimensional during a spiritual awakening. We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, so obviously your dream life may become more vivid too. 

You may find it easier to decipher the meanings of your dreams while your brain is busy questioning your entire belief system.

4) You’re questioning long-held beliefs

Most times a spiritual awakening results in a complete overhaul of your former spiritual beliefs or the adaptation of new ones. 

This can mean discovering an affinity for a new religious path or leaving your job to throw pottery, write books, or explore your spirituality because your priorities have shifted.

5) Spirituality becomes more important

Your desire for deep spiritual fulfillment may become one of your top priorities. There’s a sense of urgency and optimism you usually don’t experience unless it concerns your favorite band or sports team.

You feel giddy with delight, and everything morphs from drab black and white to glorious technicolor. Everything around you is breathing and pulsating, and you feel gloriously alive. 

6) Life is more alive

A sense of life bursting forth from every corner and crevice of the universe is one of the nicest aspects of spiritual awakening. 

Once you realize the interconnectedness of everything, even inanimate objects have their own energy. 

Natural phenomena like clouds, the wind, stones, and even manmade objects teem with life. Any biologically alive organisms become peers, not subordinates. 

7) Your relationships change

Having a spiritual awakening is transformative, and sometimes your loved ones won’t be down with that. They like the version of you they already know.

You might feel misunderstood and even uncared for, and they could be mightily confused by the changes in your attitude and behaviors. 

All you can do is to ask your friends and family to respect your experience and assure them that they don’t have to agree with you, or even understand what a spiritual awakening is.

Thanks to your ever-sharpening intuition, you’ll most likely know where they stand on the issue no matter what they say.

8) You’re increasingly intuitive

Another sign of a spiritual awakening you could experience is heightened intuition or even the development of intuitive abilities you’ve never had before. 

You’ve always had these abilities lurking deep within you, your awaking just brought them front and center. Your heightened intuition makes you feel incredibly in tune with yourself, and you are always living in the present moment. 

9) Living in the now 

pic1471 1 15 unmistakable signs you’re spiritually awakened, even if you doubt yourself

Having a spiritual awakening can shift in your perception of time. The past, which is gone, and the future, which may never be yours, feel less important, while the present becomes your main focus. 

Most people who are spiritually awakened care little for what’s over and done or what may or may not be coming. 

Instead, they focus on the present, fully immersing themselves in their immediate surroundings, the people with them, and what feelings and impressions they’re having in that moment.

You’ll find you’re more patient with other people’s transformations as you understand we all have our own epic odysseys to embark upon.

10) You recognize everyone has their own path

Once you embark on your own spiritual journey, you find it easy to accept the fact that everyone has their own unique path to follow. 

Winning an argument or convincing others of your viewpoint isn’t on your current “to-do” list. It’s a waste of time.

You’d rather be scampering through the forest finding cool rocks, quite frankly. 

11) You’re more in tune with the natural world

Although you may feel less of a bond with your loved ones when you first begin your spiritual awakening, you will experience a deeper connection with nature. 

You’ll understand your place in the world and feel your interconnectedness with all you see, which is a profoundly moving realization.

12) Increased empathy and compassion

As your connection to the outside world grows, as does your capacity for empathy and compassion. The suffering of others will affect you deeply, compelling you to seek out ways to alleviate other people’s pain. 

You may inexplicably feel drawn to be of service, and you no doubt derive great satisfaction from helping others. 

13) You want to be of service

Once you know in your heart that every living being is inherently worthy and has as much right to be here as you, you’ll feel drawn to perform acts of service for others.

Now, this doesn’t always entail changing your existing career, but rather approaching your current role with a more pronounced emphasis on the service aspect of your position.

Your heightened sense of curiosity will help you find the best way to do that. 

14) Newfound curiosity

After your spiritual awakening, you may enjoy a resurgence of childlike wonder not experienced since your childhood birthday parties.

You want to know how everything works, from weather patterns to human psychology. And you’ll patiently dig until you find the info you want. 

Your curiosity and inner calm are two major benefits of spiritual awakening.

15) A sense of well-being

Your well-being is probably the most outward manifestation of spiritual awakening.

Now, I’m not saying you glide through each day singing a happy tune like some Von Trapp kid as little forest animals help you get dressed in the morning. 

I’m not saying that at all.

But I am saying that, in general, the spiritually enlightened among us are far more calm and collected than people who are not. 

Spiritually in-tune folks are less prone to negative states of mind like dissatisfaction, annoyance, and boredom that, in turn, lead to sadness, anger, and eating an entire cheesecake in one sitting.

The landscape of an enlightened person’s inner world is much more chill than the world outside. That’s why they spend so much time in their heads. It’s quieter there.

Second time around 

A spiritual awakening is a person’s second birth where they discard their vices, insecurities, and prejudices (well, most of them, anyway.) Do any of these signs resonate with you? Do you share any of these experiences? 

Any experience that encourages, or even forces you to reexamine your life in a more spiritual context can set you, yes you, on the path toward awakening.

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Kathy Copeland Padden

Kathy Copeland Padden lives in a New England forest paradise with her cats, kid, and trusty laptop. She has been writing since age 8 and is such a pack rat she can back that up with physical evidence. Music is her solace and words are her drug, so her house is strewn with records and books. Watch your step.

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