10 unexpected ways open-minded people approach everyday life

To be open-minded is to believe in your own evolution.

That’s not always easy because you won’t always be aware of who you’re becoming until you get there. 

And even then, the feeling of uncertainty doesn’t exactly go away because it requires you to completely obliterate expectations or ideas that allude to a hierarchy or bias.

So you’re just left almost floating.

Sounds like I’m describing someone who had their brains scooped out and replaced with nothing – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Rather than an unraveling, it’s a revealing of sorts. 

Ready to see how you might be chiseled in the brain?

Here are 10 unexpected ways open-minded people approach everyday life.

1) They allow themselves to get attached

Starting off with a paradoxical statement, open-minded people allow themselves to get attached.

To people, opinions, beliefs, et cetera!

They take the saying, “takes one to know one” very seriously. And it’s important they meet their open-mindedness with depth of character.

That means exploring all the possibilities with intensity and becoming available to the spectrum of human emotions even though it might all come crashing down one day!

So their attachments aren’t exactly the “traditional” type from the outside looking in, and might appear “flighty” or “indecisive.” Especially when they’re young.

They may even be a social floater who engages with a lot of different kinds of people.

Now you might be asking: so what keeps them from brushing shoulders with people who lack empathy or kindness?

That’s where values and morals come into the picture!

2) They allow themselves to get lost

Values and morals take a long time to solidify, and being found requires you to be lost first.

This is due to open-minded people’s taste for the unknown. 

It’s like home to them. So willingly allowing themselves to be lost – both figuratively and literally – is a must.

Someone who fancies their comfort zone and not much else might respond to these adventures with exhaustion.

And there’s nothing wrong with that if what you seek from life is to validate what you already know.

But if you accept that life is full of mysteries, you know that it’s these moments of uncertainty where hidden gems and larger pictures are revealed.

Where the unknown becomes known, and failures become opportunities.

3) They view failure as opportunities

As lessons or just as checkpoints that tell them it’s time to change!

Moments that make you go, “oh, so that’s why I was bored out of my mind.”

So open-mindedness doesn’t mean you’re always satisfied with whatever because you don’t have any preferences.

When you have your sense of self as a compass, you make yourself a lifelong student on how you can be more confident in your choices.

By using your intuition and heartspace as a guide, it’s only logical to view self-improvement and resilience as areas of focus.

This ability to naturally flip the script is perhaps the most consistent thing about them, along with the values that they hold so dearly to their chests.

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point how they use this solid sense of confidence to not fear opposing mindsets.

4) They aren’t afraid of opposing mindsets

Open-minds leave no room for dead-ends. 

Even those who they fundamentally disagree with offer a perspective that they can use to grow their knowledge of the world.

For example, hate is easily the opposite of open-mindedness because fear is what makes us back ourselves into corners of our mind.

And hate often has history, allegories and motives that can be traced back to certain events or influences.

Most people who hate without questioning it are either victims of circumstance, or ignorant because they lack evidence that proves their fears faulty.

So to be open-minded isn’t always about proving you or someone else wrong – per se. Or it could!

But rather, finding the missing pieces that keep humanity from acting like humanity and help put it back together.

5) They have a taste for silence and solitude

building a foundation for long term success habits 10 unexpected ways open-minded people approach everyday life

Keeping the room free of eggshells can take an emotional toll on anyone.

And open-minded individuals are as human as the rest of us – it’s important they take time to calibrate all the information they take in.

This is a part of prioritizing their values and how they make sure they aren’t sacrificing themselves for the sake of their mind’s insatiable hunger.

These moments of solace are where they allow their thoughts to roam freely as well. There’s nothing like catching up with the board members of your psyche.

And because open-minded people don’t seem to have a mental ceiling, that might seem like a nightmare to those who fear their own thoughts.

But again, beyond the hill of the unknown there is much clarity, creativity and self-discovery. 

It all just comes down to what you believe deserves to be prioritized.

6) They prioritize creativity

As a creative person, I use art as a form of self-therapy in order to reach deep into my mind without judgment.

It’s what I believe helped me become such a well-rounded yet limitless person. And confident too, it seems!

So in terms of how they approach life, open-minded people will do so through the lens of multiple perspectives.

What I mean by that is how before something registers as something to fear (because of past experiences), it’s seen for all the possibilities of what it could be outside of that experience.

Contradictions seem to be a trend here; by seeing things from a multitude of perspectives, you get the most objective view.

Not only is this an unexpected way open-minded people approach life, I think it’s an innovative way to use creativity, too!

7) They don’t show all their cards

I’d say there’s something very mysterious about someone who doesn’t react with fear or biases. 

Or if they do, they do so with their whole chest – even if it’s just for a day. 

It’s also hard to know the cards of someone who doesn’t know what they are, either. 

So open-minded individuals understand the power of strategic and unconscious reserve.

It’s like walking away from a painting because you know you’ll see something new to appreciate or study when you come back with “fresh eyes.”

So there will always be something new as they selectively focus on different aspects of themselves to reveal. 

Triggering the curiosity of those around them, including themselves. And engage in meaningful conversations that never seem to run out or dry.

8) They have a touch of death anxiety

Like I said, they embrace the unknown.

So despite their free-spirited nature, they have a sense of what I call “divine urgency.” 

It’s almost like you are aware of how fragile and temporary life is. 

But also a belief that the precious time you have on earth should be used to be curious and empathetic.

But you’re also aware that logically speaking, there’s nothing more you can do except what you end up doing.

So there’s no need to rush at all, except to do your best with the unknown amount of time you have left.

I don’t know man, free-will is a lot of pressure! So is thinking about the existence of it.

But this sentiment surely allows for a unique perspective on life that has equal amounts of purpose and temperance.

9) They have a wicked sense of humor

image 11.19 28 10 unexpected ways open-minded people approach everyday life

Morbid, yet optimistic – that’s literally the perfect equation for a good sense of humor.

Probably because they have a perspective that transcends conventional boundaries. 

Their laughter is liberating, often poking fun at societal boundaries without making you feel bad about yourself.

Instead, it will help you embrace all the scary parts of life by finding joy in the absurd. You could even say… with more open-mindedness?

Where they find humor, they also manage to find wisdom. 

Proving once again, that humor is the biggest indicator of intelligence.

And sexiness.

10) They find wisdom in the strangest places

Have you ever witnessed God at the gas station?

Your local open-minded person might have. In moments of mundane, they discover the extraordinary! 

Whether it’s from a conversation with the cashier, having a bite of a Twix bar after a long drive, or finding relief in the restroom.

Life never ceases to be humbling yet amazing.

So in many ways, open-mindedness is about being open to positivity. And how that could mean anything.

By continuously noticing these moments, our minds can pick up on little symbols as well. Suddenly, a pink soap dispenser isn’t just a pink soap dispenser.

But a reminder that things always work out in the end if you just calm down and focus on making it to the restroom.

It doesn’t matter what kind of light it paints them in, being open-minded requires radical honesty.

Besides, how else are you supposed to grasp the essence of all the information you take in? Inauthenticity often becomes a cloudy filter between ourselves and our perspectives.

Keep the lanes clear, and you’ll never be short of confidence that doesn’t require certainty.

Like I said, open-mindedness is about embodying things fully, even if it’s for a moment. Therefore to express yourself clearly doesn’t mean that’s where you’ll be forever.

It just means you weren’t afraid to feel real and learn a thing or two before you met another version of you.

On repeat, until you run out of time.

Danielle Jung

Danielle Jung

I’m like if a girl was an exorcist. I do a lot of things and one of those things happens to be writing on the internet about being human. And how much I love and how much I hate it.

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