Marisa Peer Uncompromised Life Review: Is It Worth It? My Verdict

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In this review, I’m going to share everything you need to know about Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life (online course with Mindvalley).

I’ll take you through Marisa Peer’s approach to hypnotherapy, what you learn from taking the classes, and the three most important lessons I learned from taking Uncompromised Life.

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether Uncompromised Life is worth paying for and the potential impact it could have on your own life.

Let’s begin.

Who is Marisa Peer?

Marisa Peer’s main claim to fame is that she’s the hypnotherapist to the stars. I’m talking famous actors, members of the royal family, global executives. Some of the world’s most successful people.

To be honest, I’m not overly impressed with celebrities.

Maybe you’re the same as me, so don’t let that distract you from Marisa. She’s an incredibly down-to-earth teacher.

I know this for a fact because I met her a few years ago.

Here on Ideapod, we sometimes run free masterclasses—video conversations around world-changing ideas. I spoke with Marisa and she shared some hypnotherapy exercises to change your relationship with money.

You can watch my conversation with Marisa Peer here.

Marisa’s style is very easy-going. She speaks clearly and gets to the root cause of a problem.

She’s very accomplished as a hypnotherapist, having been named Best British Therapist by Men’s Health magazine and as well as featured in Tatler’s Guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors.

It gives me comfort knowing how rich her knowledge is. Her warm and personal demeanor makes watching videos of her a joy.

See for yourself by checking out her TEDx talk below (it’s been viewed by over 2.5 million people!).


What is Transformational Hypnotherapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is an approach to hypnotherapy created by Marisa Peer. It is based on the principles of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), psychotherapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Uncompromised Life is based on RTT and you’ll be learning these principles in the program so you can get the benefits of hypnotherapy without needing a hypnotherapist.

According to Natural Therapy Pages, RTT is known to help with the following:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Money Blocks
  • Public Speaking
  • Fear of Visibility
  • Procrastination
  • Self-Sabotage

Hypnotherapy works by creating a state of focused attention and increased suggestibility during which you are more able to deal with a variety of deeper traumas and issues.

In my case, I used Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy to get to the root cause of my commitment issues. I also successfully cleared some money blocks.

You can use this approach to uncover and address the root causes of many issues in your life.

Marisa Peer’s free masterclass

You can do a full 90-minute free masterclass with Marisa Peer. The free masterclass is produced by Mindvalley. At the end of the masterclass, they will promote Uncompromised Life.

When you attend the masterclass, Marisa will take you through a 20-minute hypnotherapy session to access your inner child. It’s really powerful. It takes you back to the times you were rejected as a child so you can clear those traumas.

I appreciated her style of speaking in the masterclass. She wasn’t overly enthusiastic in a distracting way. Rather, the power came from the content of what she was saying. For me, the most charismatic speakers focus attention on the message, rather than the speaker themselves.

It’s important to note that if you attend the masterclass, you can use the hypnotherapy session to focus on any issue you’re facing.

Give the free masterclass a try and let me know what you think of it in the comments to this article.

Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer: Overview

My pet peeve with online courses is when you pay a lot of money, get access, and then find that the quality doesn’t match what’s promised.

To be completely honest, I was worried Uncompromised Life would be one of these instances.

Before enrolling, I read Lachlan Brown’s review on Hack Spirit, where he wrote this:

“Now, what initially turned me off, and I believe might be turning you off, is that the advertising of the course is overhyped with exaggerated claims. It also focuses on wealth and earning more money. But if you’re like me, earning more money and being successful in your career isn’t your main motivation in life. You don’t strive to become the most successful person alive. I certainly don’t. For most of us, we just want to be happy.”

This is true. Mindvalley’s marketing is over-the-top.

But don’t let that distract you from the quality of Uncompromised Life. Marisa Peer is a high-quality teacher and this shows in the materials.

As Lachlan says:

“So while Mindvalley has marketed the course in a way that’s a little over-hyped, and perhaps unbelievable, the actual course material is very down-to-earth and practical.”

When you enroll in Uncompromised Life, you get immediate access to an 8-week program, complete with hypnotherapy audio recordings, cues, workbooks, and a Facebook group.

The materials are of very high quality.

The central piece to the program is 21 audio recordings that Marisa recommends listening to once per day. At the end of each session, Marisa encourages you to use the workbook or to journal on your own. The idea is to use what you learned in the session to change a key part of your mindset.

There’s a lot of information in the workshop materials. The quality is consistent with the videos you can see of Marisa Peer on this page.

You get lifetime access to quality materials, but it’s up to you to take action with what you learn in your life. This would be the same if you did a hypnotherapy session individually with Marisa Peer.

Let’s go through the specifics of the program.


Weeks 1-3: Mind reprogramming

The first three weeks are focused on building the mental foundations that will make the rest of the course work for you.

Marisa Peer will help you get the core of your limiting beliefs about yourself. She’ll help you to become less susceptible to criticism and self-doubt.

I found the first three weeks to be really powerful. Remember at the start of the article when I mentioned the pang I felt in my gut when I was rejected? These first few weeks were really helpful for getting to the core of my self-criticism so I was no longer my own worst enemy.

Weeks 4-6: Building new habits

These weeks are all about taking action.

The first weeks help you to build a new mental foundation. You become much more confident about yourself and your place in the world.

Now you will focus on the habits in your life that hold you back so you can change them.

I’ve got to be honest. These weeks are quite challenging. You’ll be asked to go out of your comfort zone.

But that’s what makes the course so powerful.

I think the key to change is taking action. That’s what these weeks are all about. This is where I made some powerful inroads around my limiting self-beliefs when it comes to love and romance (more on that below).

Weeks 7-8: Going back to the self

These weeks are the culmination of the course. They are about cultivating a positive self-image, creating an unshakeable sense of self-love, and building your confidence.

By the end, Marisa hones your focus around building a life where you attract wealth, a better partner, and a healthier relationship with your body.

She believes this kind of personal transformation sets you up to have healthy relationships and success across all areas of your life.

I believe that self-knowledge is incredibly underrated. For me, working on self-knowledge is the most powerful path to creating change in life.

I found Uncompromised Life to provide a powerful framework for self-knowledge. The hypnotherapy sessions make it different from what else is out there.


Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy sessions

Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy sessions in Uncompromised Life are the most powerful element of the online course.

Many people are worried about being hypnotized. The reality is far different from what you may expect.

You may be different. But for me, at no time was I unconscious during the hypnotherapy sessions. I was always in control.

The audio recordings begin with Marisa talking in a calm yet authoritative manner. She guides you into a relaxed state where you are more easily able to access memories from your past.

You will uncover “scripts”, which are the patterns of how you think about yourself in certain situations.

Many people report that their defense systems are shut down during hypnotherapy sessions. If you decide to enroll in Uncompromised Life, it will probably because you’ve built up some trust with Marisa Peer as a teacher.

This makes you more receptive to the messages she’s sharing.

For me, I was able to uncover many of the deeper patterns that exist when I meet someone I have feelings for. Before taking this course, I was very self-confident about myself and my approach to relationships. But the hypnotherapy sessions helped me to identify some limiting self-beliefs that I’m now able to change.

An alternative to Uncompromised Life: Out of the Box

Many people in the Ideapod community have asked me to compare Uncompromised Life with Out of the Box. This is our flagship online workshop by the shaman Rudá Iandê.

The purpose of Out of the Box is to give you a program to develop your self-knowledge so you can create a new reality. It has modern-day shamanic methods combined with a very practical focus on taking action.

Uncompromised Life and Out of the Box are both run by high-quality teachers. Marisa Peer and Rudá Iandê have incredible depth and expertise, which shows in their teaching. They both offer a powerful framework to develop your self-knowledge.

Uncompromised Life doesn’t go into as much depth as Out of the Box. It’s an 8-week program, whereas Out of the Box goes for 16 weeks.

But it’s not just about the depth. I find that the questionnaires in Out of the Box are just as powerful as Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy sessions but more tangible. I felt like I developed a really powerful perspective on who I am as I went through Out of the Box.

Rudá Iandê also shares some meditation sessions in the program. I particularly love the bodywork program. It helped me get to know my body profoundly.

Ultimately, if you’re choosing between Uncompromised Life and a more in-depth program like Out of the Box, I suggest going with the teacher you better resonate with. I like learning from both of them.

Try out Marisa Peer’s free masterclass to see if you like her teaching style.

You can also check out Rudá Iandê’s free masterclass on developing your personal power to see what you think of him. In this masterclass, Rudá shares his personal story in aligning his spirituality, work, love, and family lives with his true nature.

3 key things I learned from Uncompromised Life

To give you more of an idea of Uncompromised Life and Marisa Peer’s teaching, I’m going to share three key lessons I learned from her.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I’ve known Marisa Peer for a few years now. We collaborated in producing a video where she took me through a hypnotherapy session exploring my mindset with money. We did it in a way where you as the viewer can follow along. Many people have let me know that the session was really powerful. You watch that here.

So my lessons below come from a combination of Uncompromised Life, the free masterclass on Mindvalley, and the video I created with Marisa Peer.

Lesson 1) To find true love, you have to love yourself first

It sounds pretty obvious when I write it. But it’s powerful when you experience it.

Marisa Peer’s hypnotherapy sessions helped me to see that I haven’t been in a truly loving relationship with myself.

I have managed to build up a very confident exterior. I’ve been successful in many parts of my life.

But I’ve been chasing success to make myself more attractive to women in my life.

One of the hypnotherapy sessions resulted in a powerful realization about this kind of behavior. I’ve been unconsciously telling myself that “I’m not enough” when I need to do something before I deserve love.

Instead, I needed to change my habits around how I speak to myself about my love life.

With Marisa’s help, I have created a new language around love in my life. I don’t any longer tell myself that when I achieve more, I will then deserve love. Instead, I’m in the habit of identifying the areas of my life where I’m already successful.

I found this lesson particularly powerful because this is also what Rudá Iandê shares in Out of the Box.

Rudá has a free masterclass on love and intimacy where he breaks down why the most important relationship you have in your life is the one you have with yourself.

Both Rudá Iandê and Marisa Peer share a very similar message about the importance of loving yourself. It seems obvious, but I think it’s one of the most powerful lessons to embrace in life.

Lesson 2) It’s hard to make money with a “scarcity mindset”

Marisa Peer is big on the dangers of having a “scarcity mindset” and speaks about it throughout Uncompromised Life.

I know how passionate she is about the subject. We spoke about it in our video conversation on developing a mindset for wealth.

Marisa is critical of approaches like the “law of attraction” that promises you instant riches if you simply visualize them. Instead, Marisa emphasizes a combination of visualization and planning.

She also takes you through an exercise where you figure out the messages about money you grew up with. For example, in my case, I remember growing up and my parents saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”. It helped to create a scarcity mindset.

Marisa will help you to break through this way of thinking. She did that for me in our video.

Rudá Iandê also has a free masterclass on prosperity that I recommend watching alongside the video above. He helps you to uncover some of the deeper programmings you have about money operating deeply in your subconscious.

In Rudá’s masterclass, you’ll learn a powerful exercise to immediately shift your relationship with money. It will create a shift from focusing on what you don’t have to appreciate the flow of prosperity that already exists in your life.

Both Rudá’s and Marisa’s masterclasses help you to develop a powerful new aura around money in your life.

Lesson 3) You need to have a big mission in life

This was my most powerful learning from Marisa Peer’s online course.

She says that superheroes and villains have one thing in common:

They go on a self-imposed “big mission”.

Marisa believes that the most successful people in life are successful because they are driven by an ultimate mission.

Your mission can’t ever be achieved by external events. It’s much bigger than this.

Your mission is something that defines you for your whole life.

Marisa recommends figuring out what your mission in life is.

I love this message. It makes so much sense to me.

However, this is where I can share one criticism of Marisa Peer’s course.

She asks you to find your big mission in life. She says it’s more than having a goal. But she doesn’t give much guidance on how to identify your mission.

This is where Uncompromised Life differs from Out of the Box.

In module 4 of Out of the Box, Rudá Iandê shares a very powerful framework for understanding your purpose in life.

He doesn’t ask you to look within to find it.

Instead, he asks a set of very powerful questions about the way you’re already living your life. By answering those questions, you start to identify what your purpose has always been.

Before Rudá created Out of the Box, we were walking the streets of São Paulo together. At that time, I told Rudá that I didn’t have a purpose in life. He laughed at me and told me that I did, but I just didn’t know how to articulate it.

He took me through those questions and I instantly knew what my mission in life was.

I recorded a video of this moment, check it out below. By the end of this short video you’ll probably know what your mission in life is:

Rudá Iandê has further developed this approach to identifying your purpose in Out of the Box. This is an example of the kind of self-knowledge you’ll develop if you take the workshop.

Marisa Peer criticisms

From taking Uncompromised Life and learning the techniques of Rapid Transformational Therapy, you can by now see that I have found the course to be very high quality.

However, in a comprehensive review I want to give you the full picture.

I tried researching online for the various criticisms of Marisa Peer’s online workshops. There is a Reddit thread exploring whether Marisa Peer’s RTT is a scam. I read through the thread and no-one who contributed has taken her courses. They are all speculating about whether it’s a scam or not.

I also read a thoughtful article by Amanda Robinson on why she’s scared of Marisa Peer. She suggests that Marisa Peer dangerously offers her customers instant gratification by promising to immediately fix their problems with a single hypnotherapy session. I did note that Amanda Robinson is promoting her own hypnotherapy services while critiquing Marisa Peer.

The criticisms of Marisa Peer seem to be far outweighed by the high volume of people saying that Marisa Peer has changed their lives.

For example, just the other day, my good friend Jennifer Miyakubo posted on Instagram about completing a course with Marisa Peer. I know how genuine and honest Jennifer is, and it’s certainly an authentic testimonial.

Uncompromised Life reviews and testimonials

Here is what students are saying about Uncompromised Life after taking the course.

The video above is produced by Mindvalley. It’s interesting to watch the video. You can see that Marisa Peer very quickly inspires people to know that they can confront their limitations through hypnotherapy sessions.

Is Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life for you?

Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life has changed my life.

I’m in a unique position as I’ve immersed myself in the teachings of Out of the Box for a few years now. I’m also lucky to have pursued self-knowledge for so long and to have found Rudá Iandê as a teacher.

But Uncompromised Life did something extra for me.

The middle part of the program helped me to identify a set of habits based on limiting beliefs about myself that I needed to change.

In my case, I was still pursuing success in my life based on the belief that I wasn’t good enough just the way I am right now.

The practices recommended by Marisa Peer have helped me to ground myself in the understanding that “I am enough” just the way I am.

Marisa Peer is known for consistently telling people that they are enough just the way they are.

I am still single right now, but I can more easily identify some things I need to change in my life to attract the right partner.

I also found that Marisa Peer’s teachings have helped to consolidate what I’ve already learned about myself through Out of the Box.

Specifically, her teachings around pursuing a big mission in life and developing a mindset for wealth resonate deeply.

If you’re a beginner to self-development, I suggest checking out Marisa Peer’s program. She’s a fantastic teacher and will introduce some wonderful concepts for you.

If you’re more advanced, Uncompromised Life may still be good for you. But also check out Out of the Box as it will take you on a deeper journey of getting to know yourself.

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