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25 incredible signs your twin flame reunion is near

Being so lucky to meet your twin flame usually comes packed with sorrows inside. If you have managed to go through all the phases and now you’re stuck in the separation phase, stay strong.

Here are 25 incredible signs that show that you are about to reunite with the person you love so much!

1) You feel motivated to make a change

When you suddenly start feeling extremely motivated to do something about your life, it means that the universe is supporting you and pushing you in the right direction. If you have thought about reuniting with your twin flame for very long time, feeling so good and motivated is a sure sign that it will happen soon.

You are probably very impatient by now to get back together, but trust the process because it takes time. Twin flames simply need to stay away from each other from time to time in order to heal the past traumas and continue further, much lighter and happier.

Keep in mind that you are mirroring the emotions you feel, which can create confusing dynamics between you two.

2) Unexpected feelings start coming up

During the period when you are not together, you may start feeling very excited and then start feeling very sad. Switching energies and feelings can leave you exhausted, but it’s normal during this time.

The reason why this happens is that twin flames are connected telepathically. When you start feeling something that you cannot understand fully, it can mean that your twin is trying to communicate with you through thoughts and feelings.

It also means that your twin flame is going through the same struggles as you are now and wants to get back together as soon as possible.

3) You look at the world with different eyes

When you miss someone, it is very difficult to focus on regular obligations. These feelings can stir up insecurity and get you thinking about all your past mistakes and your life in general.

After reflecting on your past and thinking about everything you have been through so far, you may start looking at life differently. It is a sign that you are getting more mature and that you will be able now to reunite with your twin flame and connect more than ever before.

You will probably understand better why things happen the way they do and why we need to experience sadness before we can welcome happiness into our lives.

4) You feel lonely

Loving someone and not being with them is very difficult and sometimes can be even unbearable. Twin flames are connected on a very deep level, and this connection cannot be compared with anything else in the world.

During the separation phase, you may start feeling very lonely. Embrace this feeling because ignoring it will only make it come back stronger.

Keep in mind that this phase will be over soon and that you will be able to be with your twin flame again. Feeling lonely may even push you to do something about it and help you connect with your twin flame sooner than you thought.

5) Curiosity pushes you to try something new

If you were unwilling to try new things so far and you suddenly notice that you are getting more and more curious and brave to test some new things, it is a great sign. It means that you are getting this energy from the universe, and that will help you feel better about yourself so you can reunite with your twin and share the love for one another.

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This shift of energy will surely help you see yourself differently, and as a consequence, you will be able to finish everything that you didn’t have the courage to do before. It is a sure sign that this is a preparation phase for the better things the universe has prepared for you.

6) The past comes back to your mind

We cannot build a strong and happy future without dealing with the past and thinking about everything that made us come to this point. If the events from the past keep coming to your mind, it means that you should do everything you can to get closure and move on with your life.

The moment you start clearing all the things that hurt you, you will notice that you feel a lot better. This is necessary from time to time and even more when you are waiting for your twin flame to come back to you.

All of this happens because the universe is trying to prepare you to get a clean slate and enjoy your life to the fullest.

7) You want to leave your comfort zone

Staying in the comfort zone is what most people do. This happens because it feels good.

We do all the things that we know are good for us, and we don’t try anything new that can be risky. However, at some point, we notice that we are ready to leave our comfort zone and to create a new one.

Sometimes we simply get over some things that we used to consider important. It is like shedding the old skin and getting a new, better one.

This is a perfect way to prepare yourself before you actually reunite with your twin flame.

8) You catch yourself daydreaming

If you have noticed that you daydream very often about your twin flame, it is a way of the universe to help you imagine it and feel it with your heart before it actually happens. It is a message from the universe that you are about to reunite, and it is a wonderful time to get a break from longing for your twin and feeling lonely.

By visualizing that you are back together, you will feel calmer and better about yourself and your relationship. Sometimes just imagining that you can feel your twin’s skin can soothe you and help you overcome the separation phase.

9) You are more self-aware

During the biggest part of our lives, we are completely unaware of the negative patterns we repeat in our relationships. However, if you managed to pierce this bubble and actually become more aware of the things you were doing wrong before, it is an excellent sign that you are finally on your path towards enjoying a relationship in the best way possible.

It is a way that the universe tries to prepare you for the reunion with your twin flame by showing you what you could do better to make it work. Use this opportunity as much as you can to improve your life and be able to reunite soon.

10) Your habits change

It is not easy to be in a separation phase, especially if it lasts long. It can lead you to change your habits completely and appreciate your life from a whole different perspective.

Sometimes even a small change can help you to improve your life and feel ready to embrace everything that life gives us. If you have noticed that you have changed everything about your days, it is actually a good indicator that your twin flame is coming back to you because you are becoming more flexible.

11) You help others more

When we are self-centered, our whole lives revolve around our needs and wants. However, when we start suffering greatly because we cannot get someone we want, our understanding of others gets stronger.

If you started helping others more than ever before, it is a sign that you are now ready to be connected with other people on a more profound level. It means that when your twin flame comes back to you, you will be able to care more and express your feelings in a clear manner.

Understanding the suffering of other people will surely help you get in touch with your emotions, so you can understand yourself better.

12) You feel your twin’s presence

Twin flames can communicate on a level that is unknown to most people. Telepathic communication is something that can be expected and can occur easily.

This is why you may start feeling your twin’s presence at some point and it can occur at any time of day and night. It may be weird at first, but it can actually be very comforting later on when you get too impatient to be together again.

13) The excitement comes suddenly

The consequence of being able to communicate telepathically is feeling completely excited without any apparent reason. If you start noticing that you feel this way very often, it is a sign that your twin flame is about to come back into your life again.

The reason why twin flames meet is to see their flaws and mistakes clearly. On the other hand, the separation phase occurs when twin flames need to work through some issues they were not able to do before.

Feeling happy means that you are getting closer to resolving your issues, but it can also mean that your twin flame is managing to do the same. The moment both of you resolve the issues that were bothering you, you will be able to reunite, and the reunion is very close now.

14) You are more objective towards your flaws

When we are not ready to face our flaws, it means that our ego is not strong enough, and it can cause problems in our everyday communication. However, when you manage to see yourself objectively and clearly see all the flaws you have, it is an excellent sign.

It means that you have finally overcome all the false ideas you’ve had about yourself and you are ready now to see the things as they are. That can help you to communicate more effectively, which means that when your twin flame finally comes, you will be able to avoid fighting all the time and give love instead.

15) Your purpose becomes obvious to you

If you had issues with finding your purpose in life, but you certainly have a clear idea of what that could be, you are on the right path towards living a more fulfilled life with your twin flame. It means that you got the revelation from the universe that gently pushes you towards your twin.

It is a hint and a message from the universe that you are ready now to reunite and enjoy your cosmic connection that is stronger than anything else in the world. Don’t forget to work on your spiritual side more and listen to what your soul has to say even when you reconnect.

16) Your intuition has been very strong lately

One very important sign that tells you that you are ready now to reunite with your twin flame is that you are able to feel everything that is about to happen simply by trusting your intuition. People who are in touch with their gut feeling are more in tune with the world, and this can be your ally in finding your way back to your twin flame.

Nurture this feeling and listen to what your gut has to say because it will surely make your life easier and help you get back into your twin’s arms.

17) You feel you are connected telepathically

As mentioned before, telepathic communication is something that occurs naturally between twin flames. If you can feel this connection, it can make the separation phase much easier and help you get through this difficult period.

Try to send telepathic thoughts to your twin every time you feel longing and missing. It can help you feel like you’re sitting next to each other.

Some twin flame couples report that they could even feel like their twin was touching them even when they were obviously not physically present. It can give you some sort of relief until you are able to reunite again.

18) You have faith more

Going through a separation phase is certainly challenging in every way, which can leave you pretty frustrated. It is completely understandable, and people who have experienced this, know exactly what I’m talking about.

However, after a while, we need to accept things as they are and make peace with the current situation. If you have noticed that you have faith that everything will turn out fine, it means that you are very close to reuniting with your twin flame and enjoying this connection again.

19) Your self-care improved

When self-care is mentioned, people mostly think about taking care of their appearance. However, this also includes taking care of what we eat, how long do we exercise, and if we exercise at all, drinking water, sleeping regularly, and being careful about the people we let in our lives.

If you have noticed lately that all of these things come easier to you and that you simply appreciate your health, both physical and mental, more, it is a great sign that you are now ready to do everything in your power to feel satisfied.

This means that once the time comes to reunite with your twin, you will radiate positive energy and satisfaction, which will come back to you multiplied.

20) There are reminders of your twin everywhere you look

It is not easy to forget about someone we love, even for a moment, especially when the universe wants us to be together again. If you see the things that remind you of your twin everywhere you look, it means that the universe pushes you to do what you can to be together very soon.

Even if you were thinking about leaving this relationship as it is and struggling to make peace with everything that has happened, looking at all the things that remind you of the time you spent together will make it impossible.

21) Angel Numbers surround you

There are ways that the universe uses to communicate with us, and one of those ways is seeing Angel Numbers. These are sequences of numbers that appear everywhere you look and can tell you more about the things you can expect in the next period of your life.

Pay close attention to the numbers you keep seeing because they carry a deeper meaning that will help you understand the situation you are in now. Each number you see will have a different message for you, and it can be guidance during the time when you are confused and don’t know what to do.

Knowing that the angels are protecting you and sending you messages through different numbers will help you to stay grounded and work on the issues that are preventing you from enjoying with your twin.

22) You can see them in your dreams

When we think about someone all the time, we can easily start dreaming about them because it is simply the way our attention goes. Once your twin flame starts wandering through your dreams, it means that you are receiving the message from the universe that you will soon be together again.

Considering the twin flames are closely connected in numerous ways, it can mean that your twin flame is dreaming about you at the same time. Make sure you remember all the details from your dream because it can help you find its meaning easier.

23) You can’t stop thinking about your twin flame

This is completely understandable, and it can be expected when you are away from the person you like so much. However, it is not the only reason why this happens.

It is a way for you to work through all the issues that you’ve had in the relationship with your twin, and finally, accept all the things that were obstacles among you.

It is important to keep in mind that despite seeing all these signs that you will reunite soon, you should strive to spend this time productively and do things you enjoy so you can feel better, at least for a moment.

24) The universe connects you

Has it ever occurred to you that the moment you start thinking about your twin flame, you suddenly meet? Or, the moment you fall asleep, you start dreaming about them?

If you want to go to someplace and suddenly realize that your twin is very close to you or simply when you start talking, other people mention your twin flame? This could be pretty confusing, especially if you’re still processing your feelings and you’re not sure what you should do.

However, it is a clear sign that the universe wants you to be together, so it connects you in all kinds of ways.

25) You feel like you have already reunited

When you are so close to someone, and you start imagining that you can touch their skin and listen to their voice, it can feel that you have already reunited. You can use the law of attraction here and imagine every single detail of your reunion so you can feel better knowing that you have released your wish into the universe.

You will surely get all kinds of messages from it saying that now is the perfect time to be together again. You just need to be patient and wait for the timing to be completely right so you can finally say that you have come home.

Final thoughts

Patience is the only word that should describe this time when you are away from each other, but it is mostly painted with confusion and longing. Even though this is not easy to go through, with all these signs that you may start noticing, you can be sure that you will be together again soon.

Listen to what your heart has to say and heal all the wounds you have left. Stay true to yourself and you can be sure that the things will turn to your favor soon.

Before that happens, make sure you use your time wisely and process all the heavy emotions that you may have bottled up, so when the time finally comes, you are fully ready to embrace the love you have!

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