These 11 personality traits make a man instantly likeable

What separates a likable man from an annoying and unlikable one?

The following traits are found in many likable men. 

Let’s take a look. 

1) Honesty

Everybody likes an honest guy. 

It makes you stand out and be highly respected when you tell the truth. 

This also demonstrates a solid level of confidence and self-esteem. 

At the most fundamental level, liars are scared or trying to hide something, whereas truth tellers are unafraid and willing to be authentic. 

People like that. 

Exception: nobody likes a man who overshares or goes into lengthy detail about everything he does. 

Be honest, but don’t feel the need to explain everything you do or elaborate all your actions! 

2) Affability 

Being affable and friendly is an incredibly likable trait and it’s not as common as you might think. 

Many people don’t smile much or are socially awkward

Men who smile and show a friendly self to the world are instantly very appealing to those they come across.

They are perceived as confident, masculine and charming due to their friendly and agreeable behavior. 

Exception: nobody likes a pushover, and being overly agreeable or too much of a “nice guy” will get you nowhere. 

The key is to be easygoing and agreeable from a solid place of confidence and wellbeing, rather than being a doormat or agreeing just for the sake of pleasing others. 

3) Being upbeat 

If you’ve ever met a man who’s quite downcast and depressed, then you know what a downer it can be. 

That’s why men who are generally upbeat and enjoying their day are a lot more likable. 

When you have a smile on your face and you are walking with energy and confidence, other folks notice that and respond positively. 

Exception: nobody likes toxic positivity. Being a man with a spring in his step and a smile on his face is a great thing, but if it goes too far to always whistling then this can easily start to backfire.

4) Can-do attitude

No matter how impressive a man sounds, what makes him truly likable on the instinctive level is when he has a can-do attitude. 

This relates to competence as well, which I’ll get to in the next point. 

Men who are confident and upbeat about challenges that are faced do very well in their relationships, work and every other area of their life. 

That’s because their instinct when a problem or obstacle arises is to find a way over it, rather than giving up.  

Exception: nobody likes a braggart. Men who have a positive attitude about getting things done draw others to them and win friends and lovers. 

But men who brag and talk a big game without showing results get a reputation as loudmouths who can’t back up their words with action. 

5) Competence 

Competence is the key ingredient of a likable man and is a skill that many men are taught from a young age. 

Part of that is a can-do attitude as I mentioned earlier, but it’s also about willingness to actually learn and master skills as well. 

Nobody is born knowing how to change a tire or change the oil on a vehicle, but learning how to do so demonstrates a commitment to becoming competent. 

Exception: competence is always a matter of less is more. Rather than trying to do everything at once, focus on one or two smaller things you’re good at. 

Your wife will appreciate it much more if you replace a few lightbulbs than if you try to watch YouTube videos on how to rewire your electrical system and end up destroying your fuse box. 

6) A sense of humor 

things that make someone a truly dependable person These 11 personality traits make a man instantly likeable

There’s a reason that women are attracted to men with a good sense of humor

First of all, being funny shows high intelligence and creativity. 

Secondly, a guy who can make you laugh is a very good person to have by your side when life gets tough and the skies look dark, which inevitably happens!

Funny men are popular because they make life a lot better! 

Exception: class clowns don’t usually get the girl for a reason and the reason is that they joke too much. There’s a time for being serious as well. 

Make people laugh and lighten up their days, but don’t overdo it by joking 24/7! 

7) Dependability 

Men who prove they are dependable end up gaining enormous respect and affection from those around them. 

The reason is that when folks know they can count on you, they end up liking you quite a lot more. 

That’s why trustworthy guys who put their money where their mouth is usually emerge as the most well-liked and well-respected of men. 

Exception: men who are too ready to serve the interests of others can become relegated to the role of a “nice guy” and lose respect. It’s important to always put your own interests first and take care of yourself before caring for others. 

8) Humility 

Humble men are usually much more well liked than vain and arrogant men. 

Humility is a very good trait to have, and it leads to much more respect when a man under-promises and over-delivers. 

Plus, when he accomplishes something great a humble guy thanks those who helped make it happen and doesn’t hog the limelight, which is another much appreciated trait. 

Exception: it is important to know when to take a compliment, and men should be proud of what they accomplish! 

9) Interest in others 

Men who are self-centered quickly put people off. 

But the kind of man who is truly interested in others quickly gains interest and admiration. 

It’s not just that he’s “nice,” it’s that this kind of man genuinely gives people a boost in their wellbeing and often helps them network and link up with other people as well. 

Exception: men who only try to help others and care about others tend to lose respect. It is possible to go too far with this in becoming so altruistic and generous that you lose sight of yourself and becoming invisible. 

10) They value the input of others 

Men who are well-liked are appreciative. 

They value the input of others, including work colleagues, romantic partners, family and friends. 

They have their ears open and practice active listening

When there is some input about the way things can be done or how they can be improved, a well-liked man is truly considering instead of just paying lip service to the ideas of others. 

Exception: men who are too indecisive lose respect. It’s important to consider the input of others, but as a man it’s also important to be willing to make executive decisions at times. 

11) Taking responsibility 

Men who take responsibility are always more popular than men who don’t. 

This is a truly mature and impressive trait from men who are willing to stand behind what they do, admit their mistakes and be a solid person in a world of excuse-making. 

Taking responsibility is especially refreshing among modern men who have become so accustomed to playing the victim, making excuses and blaming others for their problems. 

Exception: there aren’t any exceptions to this one. Men who take responsibility instantly convey maturity, attractiveness and trustworthiness. 

What a great guy… 

The above traits are key factors in making a man more likable. 

If you’re a man, try to cultivate some of these traits in yourself and become conscious of yourself doing them. 

If you’re a woman looking for a man, now you can clarify more about what draws you towards a man or repulses you. 

If you’re a coworker, family or friend, you can see exactly what it is that you’re looking for in your guy friends and colleagues. 

Guys, take note: this is the way. 

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Paul Brian

Paul Brian

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