7 traits of people who thrive in long-distance relationships

Relationships can be an emotional minefield full of hope, happiness, and turmoil. Now add long distance into the mix and it can easily spiral out of control. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, for some, it can be a wonderful and rewarding experience full of surprises. 

You just need to learn how to adapt and make the most out of the situation. And as long as you’re both willing to put in the work, it doesn’t have to spell the end of something special.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, here are 7 traits of people who thrive in long-distance relationships (LDRs).

1) Outstanding self-assurance and trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. And especially true when entering a long-distance relationship.

For that reason, both parties need to be secure enough in themselves (and their relationship) to avoid difficulties down the line. 

The good news is that around 60% of LDRs make it! A statistic that increases after the 4-month mark.

But according to this study, one of the main reasons they don’t is due to jealousy. And 55% of participants in this survey were worried that their partner would find someone else. 

That’s why people who are self-assured don’t let a little thing like distance stand in the way of love. 

They’re much more likely to trust their partner will stay faithful. 

2) They are excellent communicators

Of course, the best way to nip problems in the bud is communication. 

And thanks to the Internet, smartphones, and a wealth of apps, it’s never been easier. Something that was put to the ultimate test during the pandemic. 

But while it’s reported that couples in LDRs spend on average 8 hours video chatting per week, text messaging has actually been linked to higher relationship satisfaction when living apart.

However, without face-face communication, there’s a chance that text exchanges can be left open to interpretation. As a result, it can lead to misunderstandings, conflict, and unnecessary drama

That’s why those with good communication and conflict-resolution skills often thrive in long-distance relationships. And in some cases, an LDR can actually increase feelings of intimacy and stronger romantic bonds.

Ultimately, they understand that for this to work, it’s important to talk openly, honestly, and frequently with their partner.

3) They are honest to a fault

Honesty is always the best policy! 

At least that’s what they say. And with good reason. 

Without honesty, there’s no trust. So if your long-distance relationship has any hope, you need to be truthful with each other

And by this, I don’t just mean addressing cheating rumors. That goes without saying.

Instead, you need to be open about your expectations, needs, and wants, to ensure you’re both ready to place a state, country, or continent between you.

And most importantly you mustn’t lie. Not only to your partner but also to yourself. Even if it’s over something small, it’s worth bringing up.

Those in successful LDRs know that one tiny white lie here and there can undo all the trust you’ve built up over the months. 

Because if you lied about that one seemingly innocent thing, it’s only a matter of time before your partner starts to wonder what else have you lied about.

Not only that. But for things to work, you need to know what each other’s boundaries are. You know, what’s the deal breaker? 

And, if things aren’t working out or there’s some doubt, you need to be honest by sharing that with your SO – either to move on or to find a solution, together.

4) They have the patience of a saint

While long-distance relationships aren’t as doomed to fail as we’ve been led to believe. It’s not always going to be a walk in the park. 

And that’s where patience comes into play.

Time differences, expensive plane tickets, busy schedules, and lack of intimacy are all common grumbles among couples in LDRs. 

But when unexpected troubles arise, they know that it pays to be flexible, understanding, resilient, and most of all, patient. 

And by accepting that things aren’t always going to be perfect, they can easily adapt and appreciate those special moments that much more by being supportive.

It also shows a deep level of emotional intelligence – something all relationships (near and far) can benefit from.

5) They’re extremely loyal

According to Google, loyalty is “a strong feeling of support or allegiance”.

And what better trait is there to exhibit in a long-distance relationship than that? I can’t think of any!

Loyalty and trust are closely tied. And you can’t really have one without the other. Particularly when you’re not physically in each other’s lives.

But what makes loyalty stand out, is how it helps strengthen the bond between couples. 

It could be as simple as fidelity or demonstrating how committed you are. However, it may also pertain to mutual emotional support and increased security between both parties. 

And it can help prove their reliability as a partner. As a result, laying the foundation for trust and reassurance. 

6) They have no problem functioning independently

For a long-distance relationship to flourish, those involved need to embrace their independence

That doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. In fact, it’s good to have your own friendship circle. 

But to maintain an LDR, couples need to pursue their own hobbies and interests. 

Not only is this a healthy trait, but at the least, you’ll have something to talk about with your partner. 

Those with an independent mindset appreciate that life goes on. And hitting pause because their partner isn’t in town, isn’t fair on them or their SO. 

7) Their positive mindset allows them to take risks

All relationships require a certain leap of faith. And that couldn’t be more true when it comes to LDRs.

Let’s face it. No matter how in love you are, there’s always a chance that it isn’t going to work. 

But without taking a risk, how will you ever find out? After all, if it’s destined to fail anyway, what have you got to lose? 

And that’s where having a positive mindset comes in handy. 

By focusing on the strengths of their relationship, it allows them to imagine a future together. 

They see this challenging time as a good thing – a way to establish how strong their bond is to the world. 

Most of all, they see the benefit of preserving through the ups and downs that go hand-in-hand with a long-distance relationship. 

Ultimately, they believe “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”.

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