People who achieve their goals in life usually share these 10 traits

Every day we see people online achieving their dreams and hitting targets that seem wildly out of reach. Have you ever wondered what kind of person can do this?

I know I have!

It’s not like there is a secret formula to it, and of course, it takes a pinch of luck and the right timing.

But I’ve noticed that people who achieve their goals in life usually share these 10 traits.

Let’s dive in, and find out what makes them tick!

1) They understand how to organize

I’ll start with being organized – the first thing that helps keep the path to your goals clear and straightforward. Or at least, as straightforward as it can be, since there will inevitably be some roadblocks ahead. 

Being organized has helped me stay calm and clear-headed even when there are so many issues and problems cropping up. 

My planner, to-do list, those little Post-it notes for extra-important stuff, a time-tracking tool…all of these serve to keep me focused, on track, and as stress-free as possible. 

It’s not just about organizing every minute. It’s about knowing how much you can get done and interweaving some great moments throughout the day. 

Excellent organization works like well-placed dominoes – if you finish your tasks on time, you’ll likely reach your goals exactly when you planned to!

2) They prioritize

Part of being organized is knowing which goals and tasks to prioritize. 

A successful person will be able to drop one task if another, more urgent one comes up at the last minute. 

This happens all the time in high-energy workplaces. But have no worries!

If you have the wherewithal to raise your hand and accept new work when your CEO is stressing about a deadline, it will put you in great stead in the company.

This is not easy – I know! 

If I’m working hard on something and suddenly a time bomb falls into my lap, I take a moment to breathe…Then I go for a coffee and reset myself. 

Here are some other ways to reset yourself and learn how to prioritize

  • Write that new task at the top of your list.
  • Take a break – stretch or even jog/dance on the spot for a few minutes.
  • Delegate tasks that can be delegated to others so you can focus on the new one.

Then get to work – you’ve got this!

3) They have a clear vision and can see the big picture

Dealing with inconvenient yet urgent tasks like I mentioned above becomes much easier when you can keep your eye on the prize. 

Business leader Jonathan Becher has a lovely way of putting it: 

Imagine yourself standing by a pond full of green lily pads. You must get to the other side, but the problem is, there’s no clear path – the lily pads are randomly scattered all over the surface of the water.  

But you start anyway and hop on one. And every time you do, it changes color (pick one that makes you feel good). You can go forward, side to side or backward, the direction is up to you

Sometimes those lily pads will sink, and you have to make a giant leap to reach the next one and stay upright. It won’t be easy, but hey, you’re on your journey, and you keep going at it until you reach the other side! 

Figured it out yet? These lily pads are milestones on your journey to cross the pond of your dreams. 

It might be things you learn, new skills, new clients… Whatever works with your internal reward system. You know what your end goal is. You can see it on the other side of the pond! 

My point is – that end goal is what will keep you upright and forging forward, no matter what challenges face you. 

4) They have unwavering determination

traits of a master of time management People who achieve their goals in life usually share these 10 traits

If there’s anything achievers know, it’s that nothing is linear in life. It’s messy – full of pitfalls, wonderful experiences and learning curves, just like that pond. 

So they’re mentally prepared for the long haul ahead. 

This is not just about being stubborn or obstinate, but rather having an unshakeable belief in one’s ability to achieve. They are resilient and push forward, even in the face of challenges and setbacks. 

I’ve observed that this determination often stems from a deep-rooted passion for their goal. Interestingly, I’ve also noticed that it can sometimes be mistaken for stubbornness. 

But there’s a difference. Stubbornness is refusing to change one’s mind or course of action despite evidence suggesting a need for change. 

Determination, on the other hand, is an internal drive that propels one forward, even when the path is rough.

5) They are flexible and know when to change tack

As I mentioned above, no matter how determined achievers are, they know when something’s just not working. 

So, being adaptable and relaxed is a key element of success. 

I know that’s easier said than done. After all, when you want something badly, and problems keep popping up, it’s pretty frustrating.  

Well, go ahead and have a little cry (maybe even a meltdown if you really need it)…but also come to terms with the fact that you need to change tactics. 

Because sometimes, letting it go and trying something new might save you in the long run.

6) They are proactive

Just as important as it is to bend with the winds as they come is being prepared for the storm in the first place. 

That’s why a proactive mindset is another common trait among goal achievers. These individuals don’t wait for opportunities to come knocking; they create them. They take charge of their lives and make things happen, rather than waiting for things to happen to them.

When they have a goal, they anticipate everything and plan ahead (which ties into the point about being organized).

You see, a proactive mindset stems from a sense of responsibility for one’s own success. There’s no depending on or seeking other people’s approval or decisions. 

No, achievers understand that they are the architects of their destiny. They don’t wait for the perfect moment; they seize the moment and make it perfect.

And because they are proactive, it also naturally follows that…

7) They are optimistic

This is another trait that goal achievers share. They maintain a positive mindset and a can-do attitude. 

That doesn’t mean they’ve got rose-colored glasses, though. Their optimism is grounded in reality. Meaning, they don’t sugarcoat the realities, but instead, embrace them and use them as stepping stones towards their goals. 

They won’t wallow in self-pity, choosing to persevere because they believe that obstacles are only temporary.  

8) They have a growth mindset

daily practices to be whole lot happier People who achieve their goals in life usually share these 10 traits

Aside from having a positive mindset, achievers also have a growth mindset. That’s why failures and challenges don’t really get them down for long.

They can see the lesson in each one and use that to get stronger and better. Each new piece of knowledge or skill acquired becomes another tool in their arsenal, helping them inch closer to their goals.

What I’ve noticed with the successful people in my life is that they are lifelong learners – all the way to old age. They never consider themselves “done” with learning. 

In fact, even when they’ve retired and are in their senior years, I find them still seeing each day as an opportunity to learn something new. 

9) They are disciplined

So, we’ve talked about the traits and attitudes that have to deal with motivation and keeping a positive attitude. But what about those days when they aren’t feeling motivated at all?

Yep, even high achievers aren’t all gung-ho all the time. They’re human, after all. They also have those days when morale runs low. 

That’s where discipline comes in. Discipline is a cornerstone trait of those who achieve their goals. They have self-imposed rules and routines that they follow diligently. They understand the importance of consistency and are committed to their daily practices.

That way, they can still manage to be productive even when they aren’t “feeling it.” Successful people are masters of their routines, not slaves to their whims

And the beauty of it is, discipline is like a muscle that strengthens over time. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. This discipline helps them stay on course and make steady progress toward their goals.

10) They are grateful

What does gratitude have to do with success, you ask? 

Apparently, a lot! I guess when you’re a hard worker, you know better than to take things for granted. 

Plus, gratitude creates perspective, as authors Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine highlight in their book “The Power of  Thanks.” It uplifts the spirit and keeps us mentally and emotionally healthy. 

Aside from that, research shows that practicing gratitude boosts focus and resilience. 

So, as you can see, the relationship between gratitude and success isn’t so far-fetched, after all!  


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