11 traits of deep thinkers that are often perceived as mysterious

Deep thinkers often have a reputation for being mysterious—even when they don’t intend to be. 

What is it about the allure that is often associated with deep thinkers? What makes them so difficult to understand? What even constitutes being a deep thinker to begin with? 

We did a deep dive into the ten personal traits of a deep thinker. These could help you decode some of the mystery surrounding them. It might even reveal that the deep thinker is in fact…you.

1) They have a certain “je ne sais quoi” quality

Deep thinkers tend to have a personality that you can’t quite put your finger on. Part of their mysterious charm comes from the fact that they’re usually private people who don’t divulge a lot of personal information about themselves. 

Sometimes deep thinkers are so private that they only share what’s specifically asked and even that is limited. They think long and hard about revealing anything deeper. When—and if— they finally do open up, it’s usually in bits and pieces so you’re always left wanting to know more.  

You may have to gently prod and probe them for more information. Or you might have to play the long game to earn their trust. But even when you’ve known them for years, deep thinkers can remain something of an enigma. 

2) They don’t wear their heart on their sleeve 

It’s no wonder then, that when it comes to their feelings, deep thinkers have an impenetrable emotional armor. In other words, they tend to have a number of walls up. 

Their reactions to even seemingly “big” things can seem neutral. It’s not that they don’t care—quite the contrary—their heart is as deep as their mind. Deep thinkers just prefer to navigate emotional waters alone or in the presence of a partner or trusted friend. 

Their unmoved exterior might appear mysterious, but really it’s about a deep desire to get an emotional handle on the situation in their own way. 

3) They march to the best of their own…mind

Speaking of doing things their own way, deep thinkers do not like to be rushed. They take their time contemplating decisions—big or small. 

Deep thinkers aren’t ones to be easily influenced, either. Rather than go with the flow, deep thinkers are deeply intuitive and prefer to rely on their own instincts. 

What makes this particular trait mysterious is that you just never know what their thought process will be. You might think they’re leaning one way on a particular issue, when they surprise you and head in a completely different direction. 

4) They live more in their imagination than they do in real life 

No doubt the mysteries of the deep thinker’s imagination are more engaging to them than the (dare we say) mundane material world. 

This doesn’t mean that deep thinkers are delusional by any means. But they do like to spend time lost in their own thoughts. It’s practically a pastime for them. Deep thinkers like to prioritize self-reflection and tend to be pretty introspective. It’s not just about how they think, it’s also about how they feel. 

It’s no wonder that philosophers, scientists, and writers are said to be deep thinkers. They’re always trying to figure out the many facets of the complex mind

5) Their allure could come from seeming aloof 

Because the wheels are always turning with deep thinkers, they might be perceived as somewhat aloof. 

While they may not seem friendly or forthcoming, they certainly don’t mean to be cool and distant. They’re just so often deep in thought that they’re not always fully aware of their surroundings. 

Deep thinkers also tend to be avid readers, so rather than shooting the breeze with a group of people (unless of course they’re debating deep subjects), they’d much rather have their nose in a book.

6) They’re not into “things”

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Deep thinkers could care less about material things and social status. 

They don’t need to drive a sports car or sport a luxury watch. They don’t have to be seen in a bespoke suit or live in a big house.

It may be a mystery to most why deep thinkers just aren’t dazzled by the idea of the glamorous life. They just don’t put too much stock in things. 

In general, deep thinkers do love to travel, but not so that they can post about how they’re living a jet-setting lifestyle. They see travel as a way to expand their ever-expansive mind. It’s a way to discover more about themselves and the world. 

7) Deep thinkers like to look beneath the surface

While they may like to look nice, deep thinkers don’t get too caught up in getting on the bandwagon of the latest fashion trend. 

Similarly, deep thinkers are attracted to people for their character, so they often aren’t bothered about superficial traits such as a conventionally beautiful face or body or nice hair. The real attraction lies in something deeper such as character, integrity, and being on the same (brain) wavelength. 

Deep thinkers also don’t like to involve themselves with petty arguments. They’re big picture thinkers and have more of a world-view take on life. This in itself makes them mysterious. 

8) It’s (always) complicated 

By now, you’ve discovered just how complicated deep thinkers are. Maybe you already know this because the deep thinker in your life is, well, you. 

Deep thinkers never see anything as black or white. They tend to live life in the mysterious and foggy “gray” area. For them, nothing really has a definitive answer because it’s all about perspective.

They also rely on their nonlinear sense of intuition, but at the same time they also see things in a logical way and can be quite analytical. Deep thinkers like to look at all angles of a situation or problem and draw the best conclusion for them. 

Thinking “outside the box” is normal for them. Like we said, they’re complicated. 

9) There are more questions than there are answers 

Being a deeper thinker doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re quiet or reserved by nature. As a matter of fact, deep thinkers are often inquisitive and curious creatures! 

They’re always asking lots of questions about a certain matter and analyzing every aspect of it—often out loud! 

It simply isn’t in a deep thinker’s psychological makeup to jump to conclusions about a certain matter so they will probe and prod until they have all the information. 

10) Deep thinkers draw you in

Deep thinkers aren’t erratic people. On the contrary, they tend to have a very methodical approach to life. They also have a well ordered way of speaking and tend to communicate a lot with their eyes and expressions. 

You can’t help but be fascinated by them. You can practically see the wheels turning in their mind. You find yourself hanging on to their every word, wondering what they’re going to say next.

Deep thinkers have a hypnotic quality about them and it’s very easy to fall into a kind of trance when you’re seated across from them, hanging on to their every word. 

11) They’re a little bit (or a lot) mystical

To say that mystics like Buddha, Confucius, Rumi, and Joan of Arc were deep thinkers is an understatement. These spiritual philosophers have been elevated to mystic status. 

We’re not saying that being a deep thinker means you have to be on the level of the philosopher Plato, for example, but it does mean that you enjoy thinking and learning about the mysteries of our universe. 

Who were we before we were born? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? What happens after we die? Is there really such a thing as heaven and hell? What is time anyway?

You love thinking about, having deep conversations, and even debating these timeless questions. 

Some final (deep) thoughts 

Deep thinkers don’t mean to be mysterious. It’s just in their nature to live more in their mind than in the material world. 

They make great colleagues, friends and spouses—especially to people who think on the same level. With a deep thinker it will always be a meeting of the minds.

Why not embrace the mystery?

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