17 traits of an inconsiderate person (and how to deal with them)

If you have been unlucky enough to encounter one, it’s likely that an inconsiderate person will have a negative impact on your day.

Some may be more bothersome than others, but a few behaviors are often associated with those who come across as inconsiderate.

These include being late, interrupting what you’re doing without asking permission, talking over the people around them, and not putting much effort into their relationships.

The good news is there are ways of dealing with such people (or at the least their behavior).

Here are 17 traits of an inconsiderate person and ways to deal with them!

1) They are often distracted

Most of us have encountered the person in a store that is all too eager to snatch up a product and, as they are getting ready to pay for it, they check their email, get on the phone or do something else entirely.

As this person runs their errands, many people will be wondering what’s going on and what’s taking so long.

This is because the inconsiderate one is probably distracted by something else and simply disrespects everyone else’s obligations and priorities.

What you can do in this situation is clearly show that you don’t appreciate this kind of behavior.

Depending on the relationship you have with this person, you can simply put firm boundaries and give clear instructions about the things you want to be done and the time you expect something to be finished.

If this person is your friend, you can guide them gently or simply adjust your expectations.

There is only so much we can do for others, but having clearly defined boundaries will help reduce the stress you may be feeling as a result of inconsiderate behavior.

2) They don’t listen

This can be particularly annoying when you are talking to someone who isn’t listening and is just waiting for their turn to talk.

They are not only paying attention to what you’re saying but also thinking about what they will say next, which is likely already pre-written in their head.

When an inconsiderate one does talk, they often interrupt you before you’ve finished speaking.

The first thing to do is think just how important this conversation is for you.

If it is just a chat, you can let it slide and preserve your energy for something else.

On the other hand, if it is something important, you can calmly say, “please, let me finish,” that should do the trick at least for a while.

The harsh truth is that you cannot make anyone listen to you.

If you insist too hard, you will become the same as the person that is getting on your nerves.

Be a better person, show your maturity in these kinds of situations and let people do what they please.

If this person is someone you have to work with, try to communicate via email.

At least you will be able to preserve your energy this way.

3) They don’t let you finish speaking or thinking

This is a mixture of the first two.

They want to put in their two cents even if it’s completely unrelated to what you are talking about.

Once they’ve talked, they move on and forget what you were going to say.

This can be very annoying if they don’t care that they have interrupted you and they continue talking as if nothing has happened.

The reason is that they probably have something on their mind, or they simply think everything they have to say is more important.

If this is the case, you can limit the contact with this person as much as possible, so you can keep your sanity.

It’s very likely that they view themselves as the star of their own movie, the person whose needs and desires are the most important.

This can be any kind of person, but it’s particularly true for those who put only a minimal amount of effort into their relationships or friendships.

When it comes to being considerate, these people have a great deal to learn and usually expect everyone around them to meet their needs without having to compromise at all.

This is not realistic at all because we are not here to serve the selfish needs of other people, but to try to live normally and cooperate with others around us!

4) They are insensitive to the staff

You may have started your day as a well-mannered person, but once you’ve had an encounter with an inconsiderate one, it can be difficult to hide your annoyance.

Don’t let these persons make you into something that you’re not!

If you are having lunch with your friend and the staff is inconsiderate, try to ignore this kind of behavior.

On the other hand, some people can be very rude to the staff.

If the person you are having lunch with is very insensitive to waiters or taxi drivers, you will probably feel very uncomfortable, not the mention the way they will feel.

Make sure you make an effort to calm the situation down this time but avoid going anywhere with this person again.

5) They are rude

Even if a person isn’t intentionally mean, inconsiderate ones can often be rude and offensive.

This can also include being overly aggressive as they try to interrupt and take over the conversation.

Some will just be naturally rude and won’t think about how their words affect others.

As a result, you might even take it personally when they say things that aren’t true or have no grounds in reality.

There’s little point in continuing to talk with someone who is being so inconsiderate!

Unfortunately, we cannot always avoid them. However, there are some ways you can deal with being around them and preventing them from being so rude.

One of the best ways is to ensure that you go as soon as possible if they start behaving this way.

Alternatively, you could consider setting some boundaries beforehand to reduce the possibility of being in these situations.

6) They are insensitive and inconsiderate in dealing with people

pexels william fortunato 6140366 17 traits of an inconsiderate person (and how to deal with them)

Inconsiderate people will often make no efforts in making the younger, less experienced, or those that work for them feel included.

They might not explain what they’re doing or how to do it, which can get frustrating if you’re unsure of how to do your job.

If you need help, you can ask for it in a clear manner, or if they are still not willing to help you, inform the supervisor about it so you can still get the help you need without too much stress.

It is the only way to get ahead in your career.

Being inconsiderate isn’t a trait that people are born with, it is learned over time.

Therefore, if you want to deal with this type of person, you must first find out why they are so rude and inconsiderate.

You can learn a great deal about them by observing their behavior in different situations and consequently learn what to do to avoid getting upset all the time.

7) They don’t think things through

There are many types of inconsiderate people, and some of them will simply not think things through.

They might make a rash decision without thinking about how it will affect others.

For example, they might spring something on you or even make a commitment on your behalf without asking you first.

This can make your head boil, but try to keep your cool because you don’t have to be their savior.

These kinds of people need to understand that the world does not revolve around them and that other people have needs and plans too.

Sometimes, they are so wrapped up in their own personal world that they can’t see the bigger picture.

If you’re dealing with one of these kinds of people, you will probably have to take over the leadership because it’s impossible to reason with them.

8) They are inattentive

The worst part about being around someone who is distracted is that it can make you feel neglected and take away from experience.

It can be difficult to pay attention to what is going on with them when they are either staring off into space, looking at their phone, or getting distracted by other things.

If you’re in a store with an inconsiderate person and they’re ignoring you, it will make it hard to take in what is going on and what you should do next.

Lately, people simply take out their phones in the middle of the conversation and start typing like you are not even there.

It can be nerve-wracking, but simply choose to spend less time with this kind of person every chance you get.

9) They are inconsiderate when dealing with others

Those who are inconsiderate with their personal time will often be insensitive to others as well.

This can include being inappropriate with the way they interact with people.

They may not acknowledge that others are trying to tell them something or get them to do something.

Their failure to notice can be particularly annoying when you’re trying to talk to someone or when they cannot read the social cues that we naturally pick up from others.

10) They don’t understand what’s happening in a situation

This happens because they don’t pay too much attention to what is going on around them.

As mentioned before, this type of person can be pretty hard to handle because they are simply too immersed in their own world to even notice what is going on.

If you’re dealing with someone like this, try to explain the situation to them once they’re calm and not in the middle of a heated argument.

11) They are difficult to talk to because they are too direct

Social rules are there for a reason.

It is not polite to say whatever comes to our minds.

When it comes to inconsiderate people, they hurt others quite often when they speak without thinking.

They don’t care to sugarcoat anything and will just say whatever they want, whether it’s an insult or a criticism.

This is the part where you will need to be very careful, especially when you have more people around.

If you’re in a situation that you can’t handle for a certain amount of time and in a proper way, always leave.

The friendliness and caring that we usually see in people can be missing in inconsiderate people.

They might even push away those who they don’t trust, or they find socially acceptable to be friends with.

Some people are in a rush to win arguments, beat you to the punch or finish their projects before others do.

They get irritated when things don’t go their way and try to take control of the situation by being domineering or aggressive so they can get what they want.

12) They are insensitive to the feelings of others

This is another one that can be difficult to deal with.

In some instances, the inconsiderate one will be aware of what they’re doing, but they don’t care.

There is a big difference between someone who says something that offends you and someone who continues saying it even after you’ve asked them to stop or told them it hurts your feelings.

Even if they’re not intentionally being rude or offensive, some people just don’t realize how what they say makes others feel.

If those things hurt you very much, it would be good to think about why that is the case.

Look into your own traits of personality.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to grow a thicker skin.

This is easier said than done, I am perfectly aware of that, but the effort you put into it will surely pay off, and it will be much easier for you in the future to deal with this kind of person.

13) They put their needs first

pexels cottonbro 6894167 17 traits of an inconsiderate person (and how to deal with them)

It can be really hard to deal with an inconsiderate person in social situations.

They might be the kind of person who only talks about themselves and doesn’t care about what you have going on.

Others will not say anything unless it’s related to what they’re doing that day or in their life.

As a result, you might feel like you have to entertain them and make sure that they are up to date on everything that is going on at your own expense.

This happened to me numerous times.

You cannot do anything else but wonder what is your function there?

If this person calls you just to have someone listen and nod, pick up your things, and run to the hills (as politely as possible, of course).

Besides, these people are often very impatient.

It’s a good thing that we all have something in common and that we’re all on the same planet, but it’s important to understand that this is not some kind of race.

They are not the only people in your life, so it’s not necessary to do everything they ask of you.

As a result, their inability to be patient can hurt both you and them when they try to force you into following their plans without your input.

14) They are self-absorbed

There are many types of inconsiderate people out there, but some will be completely focused on themselves and their own needs.

They may not care about others and may sometimes even use their attention as a way to manipulate you into doing whatever they want.

As a result, it can be difficult to have the type of conversation that you want with them when it’s all about them.

If you want to make it clear that you are not interested in what is on their mind and you need your own time, it’s best to be straightforward about it.

If they can’t accept that simple concept, then there’s probably no point in having a conversation with them.

In some instances, the inconsiderate person will be unaware of this and will simply ignore you when you try to make space for yourself.

15) They are disrespectful

This is an important one, and it actually relates to what you already know about inconsiderate people.

They can often be disrespectful of those that work for them, their employers, or those around them.

In some instances, they may fail to show up to work or even stop showing up altogether.

This can truly be annoying, not to mention that it is not fair to the rest of the team.

You might also find that the inconsiderate person is not dependable and will be too busy to help you with important projects or be there for you when you need them, but this is also very disrespectful.

Part of growing up and maturing is getting to understand how things work.

This is why we should be able to put ourselves in others’ positions.

When it comes to inconsiderate people, you need to realize that they are always putting their own needs first.

In most cases, these types of people will continue showing up late or leave early without even giving a reason.

16) They don’t accept that they made a mistake

An inconsiderate one will often be quick to blame other people and can be very difficult to convince that they are wrong.

It can also take a lot of time and energy before you’re able to get them to admit that there was something wrong with their behavior.

As a result, they might keep saying the same things that have been proven wrong or continue to say the same things that have been proven hurtful.

The first thing to do is to accept that not everyone will be able to be a bigger person and admit when they do something wrong.

Try not to let it bother you too much.

The harsh truth is that some people will never learn to take other people’s needs into account, and it’s best to just decide whether it’s worth your time to deal with them anymore or not.

17) They don’t think through their actions

In some situations, they will be completely oblivious to the consequences of their actions or will focus entirely on themselves.

They might make a rash decision without thinking about how it will affect others.

Depending on the kind of relationship you have with this person, you can either rise above the hurt or let it get to you and cause your own unhappiness.

In either case, it’s important to try to understand what drives the inconsiderate one’s actions.

You can either try to understand them or ignore them and let them go.

Keep in mind that they don’t apologize.

Some people will be too proud to admit that they made a mistake or that they are sorry for something, even if it’s really obvious in retrospect.

In some situations, they refuse to take the blame for something that is their fault, and they still refuse to apologize.

To be honest, these people will not ever change their ways because they don’t realize their mistakes.

This is the reason why you will need to assess just how important this person is to you.

Final thoughts

There are some really annoying ways that an inconsiderate person can behave.

If you’re trying to work with someone who makes it difficult, it’s important to stay on top of how they treat you and the other employees.

Don’t let any issues go unaddressed and if you feel like you can’t speak up for yourself, try talking to a supervisor or getting advice from others.

If you happen to know someone who has any of these annoying traits or is a person that exhibits one of them, don’t let your own life fall apart because of them.

Keep your focus on what’s important from day to day and make sure that those closest to you are happy too.

Protect yourself from their chaotic energy and put all your efforts into making your dreams come true!

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