If someone displays these 21 traits, they’re a really lovely person

Do you know what it means to be a “lovely” person? It could be that people have described you as such, or you know someone who makes you smile because of their “loveliness”!

But perhaps you aren’t exactly sure what makes them (or you!) lovely, in which case, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 21 traits that show someone’s a really lovely person, so you’ll know for sure next time…

Let’s jump straight in!

1) They greet you first

First up on the list: a lovely person will be the first to greet you when they see you.

Maybe you’re thinking, “What’s the big deal?” Well, it indicates that this person is warm and friendly, all of which make for a lovely person!

In fact, this is someone who loves to make others feel comfortable – by greeting first, they’re effectively breaking the ice.

For a lovely person, putting others at ease also shows in the other traits they possess.

So here’s the next one…

2) They enjoy helping others

…a lovely person is someone who enjoys helping others! Let’s talk about how they go about doing that.

For example, you may have a friend who’s an expert at what they do – say, a marketer – and you’re trying to start a business in a field you’ve always been passionate about!

Know that they won’t wait for you to ask for help, or just watch when you’re struggling.

Being a person who wants to improve the lives of others, they’ll jump in as soon as you express interest in finding success!

3) They’re generous with their time 

Next up on the list? A lovely person is someone who’s generous with their time – even if they’re busy!

I know what you’re thinking. Does someone this lovely exist? Well, I have a friend who always makes time to hang out – even with a never-ending list of priorities in her life!

A lovely person is someone who values all the relationships in their life: family, friendships, and romantic relationships. No one gets left behind!

At the end of the day, they know nothing’s more important than the connections you make with others.

4) They care for everyone

And that’s why a lovely person cares for everyone they meet…this is a trait that lends a “loveliness” to their disposition!

It’s almost as if their soul shines through their actions. For a lovely person, it brings them joy to do a good deed and to know that it benefitted someone.

This care even extends to strangers, believe it or not…

A lovely person wouldn’t hesitate to share an umbrella with a stranger at the bus stop when it’s raining cats and dogs!

5) They exhibit good manners

Now let’s talk about another trait displayed by a lovely person: they exhibit good manners!

Whether it’s being polite to the waitress at the restaurant or giving way at the mall, a lovely person knows it’s important to show consideration towards others.

After all, you get what you give! And you may think a lovely person is too optimistic to even think that way…

However, the point isn’t to do good things to get something in return; like I mentioned, it makes a lovely person feel good just to help others out.

6) They’re a good conversationalist

In addition to being someone people like having around, a lovely person is a good conversationalist who knows how to keep things interesting.

No matter what you’re talking about, a lovely person always does the following:

  • Listen closely 
  • Respond well
  • Give their opinion

That way, you’ll never feel like you’re boring them. After all, a lovely person always sees an opportunity to make a new friend! 

7) They remember things you’ve said

Of course, being a good conversationalist also means remembering the things people have said to you! 

Far too often, we check out of conversations mentally when we find we don’t have anything else to say. And this can hurt the other person…

But a lovely person knows just the trick: by remembering the things you say, they’re always ready with a follow-up question to get things going again.

8) They make sure to check in on you

As we’ve discussed so far, a lovely person is someone who cares deeply about others

That’s why they’ll always make sure to check in on you – this is especially the case if you’re close friends!

Perhaps you’ve expressed some difficulties in your life, and it’s been a while since you met. Well, don’t be surprised if they call you up a week later to find out how you’re doing!

9) They cheer you up when you’re down

Speaking of checking in on others brings me to my next point…

A lovely person is good at cheering you up when you’re down!

For example, they know the right things to say to make a bad day feel better. And since they’re good conversationalists, they know what topics to avoid that could possibly worsen the mood.

After all, a lovely person is highly attuned to your emotions!

That means they also…

10) They try to be positive

…try their best to be positive, even when times are hard.

As I mentioned, a lovely person can sense how you’re feeling. They also understand that they’ve got to show you that things aren’t so bad after all…

This is why they always try to be positive; they might crack a joke or two, to make you laugh. 

That said, they never hide how they truly feel. It’s all about perspective: a lovely person is someone who sees the bright side of life!

11) They’re kind to everyone

Another trait of a lovely person is that they’re kind to everyone! But how do they show it?

It could be anything from helping a stranger take the stairs to encouraging a colleague who is under pressure by presenting them with a gift!

In a society where people are often too busy to show kindness, a lovely person knows everyone is worth the effort: even the mailman who visits every day!

Like I mentioned, lovely people want to help others just for the sake of it. That’s part of what makes them “lovely” – remember what I said about letting their soul shine through their actions?

12) They enjoy sharing knowledge with others

Let’s talk more about how a lovely person tries to help others: they freely share their knowledge, especially when they know it will benefit someone!

Earlier on, I said that a lovely person will take the initiative to help even before you ask them! And it’s the same idea when it comes to sharing their experiences.

If you’re working on an assignment of any kind, make sure to shoot them a message and get their opinion.

Most of the time, you’ll get what you’re looking for – that’s because a lovely person is not only helpful, but also honest!

13) They can admit to their mistakes

By now, we’ve discussed many of the incredible traits possessed by a lovely person. But what about this one: being able to admit to their mistakes?

This is something many people struggle with, but for a lovely person, it comes naturally.

Like I mentioned in my previous point, this type of person is honest – that’s what helps them share their knowledge without holding back.

Their honesty also lets them admit their mistakes without shame! That’s because they’re aware of their shortcomings, and are always willing to do better.

This brings me to my next point, which is that…

14) They see the good in people

…someone who’s lovely tries to see the good in people. And I don’t mean that they deliberately look away from their weaknesses.

It takes a lot of care for others to realize that everyone’s just human, and that people are just fighting their own battles.

This is how you know someone’s a lovely person; they’re able to see from different perspectives to understand what makes each person special!

15) They only speak highly of others

Here’s another trait possessed by a lovely person: they only speak highly of others. That means no gossiping and backstabbing!

As I mentioned in my previous point, a lovely person knows that everyone’s just human. Why embarrass someone for a mistake that they made when you could just encourage them to do better?

That’s why a lovely person only speaks highly of others – they know that positivity is the key to helping someone overcome their struggles!

Here’s how a lovely person goes about doing that:

  • They let you know about your strengths
  • They remind you about your successes
  • They emphasize that your struggles don’t define you

16) They are their authentic self

All of these traits thus far lead me to my next point: a lovely person is their authentic self!

And how do you know that? Well, there’s a feeling of purity in a lovely person that is genuine and inimitable. 

You’ll know what I mean if you’ve met someone like that – or maybe someone has said this about you!

In fact, a lovely person not only radiates authenticity but they also encourage others to live their truth. And that’s because…

17) They’re passionate about what they do

…a lovely person is passionate about what they do! I mean, have you seen how they go out of their way to help others?

I’m sure you’ve felt touched by the actions of a lovely person.

I’ve also covered this in my previous points, but it’s hard not to be inspired by someone who just wants the best for you!

That said, a lovely person is not only passionate about giving back to others, but they also make sure to never stop becoming a better person.

You could say these are their two passions: being the best version of themselves, and helping others do the same!

18) They try to encourage others 

In addition, a lovely person never stops encouraging you to reach your potential. And that’s important, because sometimes we all need that extra push to get going on our path…

If you know someone who’s a lovely person, they’re probably that friend who tells you to never give up. 

Even when you’re at your lowest!

That’s what makes them lovely: they never, ever judge!

19) They enjoy complimenting others

Of course, being someone who sees the good in people, a lovely person enjoys complimenting others.

But know that it’s all genuine, and you’ll be able to see a difference from the people who compliment you just to get something in return.

Here’s how a lovely person compliments you, and really means it:

  • They look you in the eye
  • They talk about your intrinsic qualities 
  • They focus on how much you’ve grown, not the results 
  • They tell you how much they appreciate you

20) They are honest about their feelings

I also mentioned earlier that a lovely person is honest, which is what allows them to give others the help that they need!

But that’s not all.

They’re also honest about their feelings, which means you can trust that they’ll never ignore you or get mad for no reason!

A lovely person is aware that good communication solves everything – even the most complex of problems!

This ability to rely on them is what contributes to their “loveliness”, if you were wondering…

21) They respect your opinion

Last but not least, a lovely person is someone who respects your opinion! Let’s go into detail quickly.

Throughout this article, I’ve spoken about how a lovely person is always willing to help – opinions about how you can improve included…

But let me tell you something important: a lovely person will never, ever tell you how exactly to lead your life!

What they want is to inspire you – like I said, a lovely person never expects anything in return.

But knowing how much of an impact someone like that can make on your life, it wouldn’t be surprising to me that so many people appreciate them!

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