If you exhibit these 9 traits, you’re a loyal person

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traits youre a loyal person If you exhibit these 9 traits, you're a loyal person

Loyalty is one of the most important traits to have as a friend or a partner. I’m sure you would agree with that…

And yet loyalty is hard to come by these days. People want to have options, instead of taking care of those in front of them.

If you’re anything like me, you probably value loyalty in the people around you and won’t tolerate anything less.

Here are 9 traits that show you’re a loyal person yourself, which explains your high standards! 

Let’s get started…

1) You treat everyone with respect

First up on the list: you treat everyone with respect! 

Here’s why it shows that you’re loyal – you’re someone who believes in making lasting connections…

When you treat others with respect, they’re more inclined to do the same for you! After all, you know how the quote goes:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Loyalty is something that is earned. That’s the hard truth; you can’t go around dedicating yourself to people who wouldn’t bat an eyelash at you!

Let me guess; you’ve also been hurt by others who took your loyalty for granted. But never lose that respect for yourself, and for others – not everyone is so ungrateful!

2) You stand up for other people

Let’s talk about this next trait of yours: you stand up for other people!

And this is something that comes naturally to you. You’re concerned with fairness, and seeing someone being treated badly makes your blood run cold!

So why does this make you a loyal person? Well, you wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone off – even in public – if you think they aren’t behaving appropriately to your loved one.

Here’s an example.

You’re out with a friend and someone tries to hit on them multiple times…even after they said “no thanks”!

You wouldn’t waste any time telling that person to leave your friend alone.

That’s because you know how uncomfortable they’re feeling…and you don’t want their day to be ruined by a rando being pushy!

3) You never break promises (who does?) 

Next up on the list: you never break promises. That’s a big part of why you’re loyal…

I know what you’re thinking – we aren’t perfect. Sometimes, plans fall through. And other times, we’re just physically incapable of keeping our promises!

Well, I don’t mean that you would set yourself on fire just to keep a promise…what I mean is that you take your promises seriously!

Many people out there think that making a promise is as simple as just saying something…

And that’s where they’re wrong. A promise is a commitment to someone about something, no matter how small a matter it is.

As a loyal person, you understand that deeply – and being someone who never breaks their promises, people are drawn to you because they can trust you.

And believe me, that’s rare nowadays…

4) You put effort into your relationships

newimagesize 2023 05 18T150939.009 If you exhibit these 9 traits, you're a loyal person

You know what else is rare these days? This: people who put effort into their relationships!

As I mentioned earlier, a loyal person believes in making lasting connections – not fleeting ones.

That’s why you’re probably not into the idea of a short-term relationship that’s “just for fun”. You want it all; the good, the bad, the ugly. 

Because that’s what a REAL relationship is like. It’s not a fairytale romance or perfect familial relationship where no one ever disagrees or fights.

Relationships take effort to maintain…and this can take sacrifices. 

For you, making sacrifices for the people you love isn’t a big deal at all. And you’re probably also someone who keeps their circle small.

Why is that? 

Well, here are some reasons – and they have everything to do with loyalty:

  • You want to make sure these people feel special
  • You want to dedicate your time to them
  • You have chosen to trust these people – and for good reason!

5) You help others without expectation

Here’s another one: helping others without expectation is a trait you have that makes you loyal!

You might be wondering: doesn’t that make it easy for people to step all over you? 

Well, not quite; here’s the thing – when you help others without expectation, you’re doing it for a reason. And that reason is that you’re doing it because you WANT to.

Not because you hope to get something in return!

For you, this kind of selflessness isn’t complicated – you understand it well. In fact, it’s a defining trait of a loyal person that’s hard to come by. 

Let me explain…

Selflessness requires that you put your ego aside and act in a way that benefits other people. Now, that can be a difficult mindset to get into!

That’s because we’re often caught up in our own desires – but it doesn’t make us bad people. It simply means many of us have to rethink the way we connect with others.

Being a loyal person, you’ve thought about this many times and have probably concluded this: that nothing matters more than the relationships in your life!

And that’s why…

6) You’re willing to take risks (for the right person)

…you’re willing to take risks for the right person

Here’s why this is such a big deal: you’re willing to get vulnerable – whether this person is your partner or even a friend, you want them to know that you’d do anything for them.

Believe it or not, not many people make it that far. And I know I’ve talked about the ego in my previous point, but this is the root of everything!

When we are held back by our ego – say, we don’t want to be vulnerable – we lose out on meaningful interactions with others.

Being vulnerable is actually a risk in itself, but a loyal person is willing to get past any fears they have to make their feelings known.

And that’s you…

Here’s an example of how you show vulnerability (and this is an example other people can follow):

Say, you’ve gotten into a fight with your partner and your first instinct is to run. To give up everything…

What you would do instead is this:

  • Take time to relax
  • Collect your thoughts
  • Recognize your fears

And at the end of it, you’d actually speak to your partner about your fear of conflict, for example, and how it triggers something deep inside you.

That’s what it means to take a risk: it’s when you are loyal enough to someone that you’re willing to get hurt (though, really, if they’re a kind person, you most likely won’t!) 

7) You show that you care

Here’s another trait of yours that shows you’re a loyal person: you care. 

And not only that; you make it obvious that you do!

When you show others – especially your loved ones – that you care about them, it creates a positive feedback loop that deepens the relationship…making both parties loyal!

Say, you want to help your partner who’s tired after work by taking on their share of the household chores. And maybe you’ve got a lot on your plate as well…

You may not have realized it at the time, but that probably made a lasting impression on your partner, who must’ve known you were busy. 

And they probably understood better how much you love them…because you were willing to make sacrifices (like I mentioned earlier)!

That’s why I always stress the importance of seeking lasting relationships…though you probably don’t need any reminding!

When we commit to someone, we commit to showing that we care for all of the time spent together.

Sounds like a lot of work to be loyal, eh?

8) You value honesty

phrases theyre probably a narcissist If you exhibit these 9 traits, you're a loyal person

That said, you value honesty both in yourself and in others…

As a loyal person, you understand that it’s not easy to do all of the things I mentioned earlier, which include:

  • Putting effort into your relationships to make them work
  • Being willing to let people in by being vulnerable
  • Working hard to show others that you care

That’s why you’re honest with yourself about how you can be consistent, and how you’re going to make sure you’ll never slack off when it comes to loyalty.

Maybe you’ll need some reminders on your phone to help you out when you’re distracted by other things in life…no shame in that. 

And you won’t get offended if your partner confronts you about your relationship at any point in time, by saying:

“You haven’t been showing me love lately. Can we talk more about that, and take time to reconnect?”

9) You’re dedicated to your goals

Last but not least, here’s why you’re a loyal person: you’re dedicated to your goals!

However, no matter how big your dreams are in life, you never forget about your loved ones. And you make sure to show them everyday how loyal you are…

Being loyal isn’t easy, like I mentioned. But you’re willing to go the extra mile, because the rewards are worth it every time!

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