This Trailer Shows That ‘Planet Earth 2’ Is One Of The Best Documentaries Ever Created

Getting lost in the Internet, your social media feed, TV, Entertainment….it’s quite easy to forget that there’s actually more to life than technology.

We often lose sight of the fact that we’re not the only life form on this planet.

And even though we’re part of it, sometimes we forget that nature is far greater than us. It’s what gave us life.

When we take a look at nature and different life forms, it truly offers a unique perspective with which to see the world.

We take a step back from our human centered worldview and realize that animals really aren’t that different from us.

In fact, from an evolutionary perspective, many animals have survived longer than humans. To think that there’s nothing to be learned from other life forms is rather naive.

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Here is the official trailer of Planet Earth II by BBC Earth. It’s a truly beautiful video of Earth and its inhabitants. Enjoy!


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