This dating site for “beautiful people only” turned away 8.5 million users for “being ugly”

Just when you thought online dating couldn’t get any stranger, a new controversial dating app is making headlines for a unique reason.

Beautiful People, a dating site for, well, “beautiful people” has managed to turn down more than 8 million users for the sole reason that they’re just not attractive enough.

Specifically, they’ve turned people away because of the “ugly” features they have.

Just exactly how thorough and specific the list is, will shock you.

Users are turned away according to a list of “ugly” features.

Beautiful People has a list of requirements if you want to join their dating pool.

And it seems that the site is really strict in screening people who want to join.


The poll, featured in the New York Post, collected data from over 3,000 Beautiful People members.

Users have revealed the infamous list which includes things like poor grooming, bad skin, and disproportionate facial features.

For men, the list even includes “lack of self-esteem,” which is marked by “effeminate” demeanor and poor posture.

Take a look at the lists per gender:

Top 10 “ugliest” features according to women:

  1. Bad mouth — too small, no lips, poor teeth
  2. Obese/overweight
  3. Too short
  4. Bad skin
  5. Un-groomed facial or body hair — unibrow, nose hairs, wild beard, excessive back hair
  6. Crooked, large or otherwise ugly nose
  7. Balding or unkempt hair (not specifically styled that way)
  8. Bad posture
  9. Dirty or long nails or both
  10. Too skinny/scrawny/effeminate

Top 10 “ugliest” features according to men:

  1. Obese/overweight
  2. Eyes too far apart or close together or wonky
  3. Big/unsightly nose
  4. Bad skin
  5. Poor figure (no shape, curves)
  6. No butt, too much butt
  7. “ThinFat” — skinny but no body tone
  8. Bad mouth/teeth — too small, no lips, poor teeth
  9. Bad makeup (too much makeup, makeup not correctly applied)
  10. Unibrow, no plucking, too much plucking

If it’s any consolation, site’s founder, Greg Hodge, believes these features can be “fixed.”

He explains:

“So many of the ugly traits listed are easily fixable, which means potentially there is a bigger market of beautiful people out there hidden behind excess weight, bad teeth, or lack of grooming.”

The screening process

How does the site decide if someone is “beautiful” or “ugly”?

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Beautiful People has developed its own judging system.

According to Hodge, people who want to join “have to be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex. Then they can attend exclusive parties and events and meet and chat with other beautiful members.”

He believes that the site simply offers a kind of exclusivity single people don’t find elsewhere, adding:

“If the online dating market were a nightclub we would be the VIP room.”

As to how men and women rate members, Hodge says:

“Men will vote women in solely on how they look, whereas women look at the bigger overall picture; does this man look successful, is he displaying an interesting lifestyle, does he have money? Women actually read the profile descriptions when voting whereas men just look at the picture.”

Additional Features

If that isn’t harsh enough for you, wait until you hear this:


Beautiful People offers an additional feature that lets you get feedback from either a beauty expert or a board-certified plastic surgeon. The expert will also be giving you advice on how you can improve your physical appearance.

The site currently has around 750,000 profiles. The application process is so strict that the site accepts less than 15% of its applicants.

But Greg Hodge believes that the site is making matches made in heaven.

He claims that Beautiful People has made a lot of couples happy since its launch back in 2002.

He says:

“This is what is most important to me when loving and lasting relationships and families are created.”

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