How to Think Differently (a Proven Approach)

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Here is a proven approach to dealing with uncertainty in all forms, i.e. what you should do when you don’t know what to do.

This is the same approach that the people who are masters at dealing with uncertainty–serial entrepreneurs–use. (There is nothing more uncertain than starting a business, and serial entrepreneurs, people who have started two or more successful companies, are masters at it.)

The best entrepreneurs come up with an idea. They take a small step toward implementation to see if anyone is interested, and if it looks like some people are, they take another step forward.

If they don’t get the reaction they want, they regroup and then take another step in a different direction.

In other words, they:


Learn (from that action) and

Build (off that learning) and

Repeat, i.e. they act again.

Give it a try!

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