13 things your dating habits reveal about your personality

Dating is a tough, exciting, and often mildly disappointing game.

We all have dating habits, whether we realize it or not. Many of us also change our dating habits the longer we date. Or based on our current mood.

Either way, your dating habits can be the reason you can’t find “the one”. Or the reason you do!

Check out these 13 dating habits and what they reveal about your personality.

1) Deleting and redownloading dating apps weekly

You’re independent. You like being alone. You’re figuring things out. You’re a little indecisive about what you want sometimes.

But you’re also protective of yourself and your own energy. You look after number one (i.e., yourself). And you’re better for it.

2) Dating for fun (or “short-term fun”, to be precise)

You’re free. Fun. Flexible. You’re not sure exactly what you want, but it’s okay.

Because you’re dating for fun, maybe with no strings attached, or maybe with the potential for strings in the future.

You go with the wind and are easy-breezy throughout most things in life. Or, at least, in your dating life.

3) Unmatching at the slightest blunder

You’re a bit ruthless, that’s for sure. But you know what you want and you won’t accept anything less.

You’re quick to judge and you don’t give people second chances, especially if you unmatch after one or two messages!

You have boundaries and you can immediately recognize if they’ve been crossed. Overall, you have no qualms about cutting someone off if they’re not serving you well.

4) Checking your phone five times an hour to see if they’ve texted back

We’ve all done this one (haven’t we?!). Waiting for that text back.

Re-reading the last message you sent and the last one they sent over and over and over again until you get a reply (which sometimes never comes…).

You’re also a little anxious, especially in relationships (according to Psych Central’s signs, you have an anxious attachment style). And you’re a bit of an overthinker.

But you invest in people and things. And, provided it doesn’t take over your life, your commitment can serve you well in the right relationship.

5) Dating multiple people at once

You’re level-headed. You’re sensible. You’re invested in finding the one.

You know dating is mostly a numbers game until you find the person that clicks. You’re working your way through things (or should we say, people?) until you find your person.

Or you’re someone who doesn’t get attached easily, or someone who does, and dating around helps you obsess less (see point 4).

Or you just can’t make up your mind and like to have options.

Either way, you’re doing the right thing for you. Just maybe not for your bank account…

6) Insisting on splitting the bill

You’re an independent person. You make your own money and you’re proud of it. You can pay your own way and you don’t need someone to look after you.

But you maybe have trouble depending on others, especially if you’ve just met them.

If you’re a guy (focusing on the traditional “the guy pays” mindset), you also don’t like to be taken advantage of financially. Or you’re a bit tight/short on money.

You also don’t see the point in investing in someone you barely know, especially if it’s only date one…

7) Leaving immediately if the other person is the slightest bit late

You’re punctual, always, and punctuality is one of the most important things for you in relationships.

You’re highly organized and always on time. You have high standards and minimal flexibility. You like structure and the easy-breezy lifestyle just isn’t for you.

You’re also maybe a little quick to judge. And lack a little bit of understanding or compassion sometimes.

After all, the other person could be nervous, worrying about their outfit because they want to look nice for you, or have run into an expected issue (should we mention the inconsistencies of the subway?!).

8) Saying no to a second date on the first date (and not over text later)

You’re decisive. You know what you want. You ooze confidence. You’re the being we all want to be.

You’re able to communicate your thoughts and feelings, because you’re so sure about yourself and your decisions.

You don’t dwell on things and once you’ve made your decision, it’s final. With no regrets. Yes, we all envy you!

9) Taking charge of date organization

Obviously, we’re going to say you’re organized. Highly organized, in fact.

Especially if the other person suggests the date or started organizing it, and you take over.

You like to have control over what you’re doing and where you’re going. You also maybe have a hard time letting go of control and trusting others.

Which could also be why you’re still single. Just maybe…

10) Ghosting

This is a tricky one. There are so many reasons why people ghost others on dating apps that it’s hard to define a single personality trait from it.

So we’ll just list off all the potentials instead.

You get overwhelmed easily. You’re not really serious about dating. You’re fed up with the dating game.

You don’t feel like you owe others any explanation at all if you don’t want to answer their questions.

You don’t like confrontation. You’re scared of getting hurt. You find it hard to connect with others over text and you’re more of a “speak-in-person” kind of person.

The list goes on and on and on…

11) Refusing to message first

You want to be wooed. You love romance and you have certain values about who should make the first move.

You like to sit back, relax, and let what comes your way, come your way. You’re easy-going and you love to be chased.

Or, of course, you maybe also just don’t care anymore.

You’ve given up and have decided that if someone isn’t interested in messaging you, you’re not going to bother messaging them. End of story.

12) Pursuing, chasing, and double-texting

On the other end of the scale, instead of not messaging first, you’re a go-getter. You have goals and plans and you go after the things you want in life.

When you find something (or someone) you like, you go for it. You message first. You double-text. You check in immediately after the date.

Hopefully, you still know when a no is a no, and you give up the chase if your efforts aren’t reciprocated.

13) Falling fast (too fast?)

If you tend to fall fast, you’re probably a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart.

You love love, and you get excited easily. You have a confident personality, and you trust others willingly.

You’re not scared of getting your heart broken. Or, if you are, you’re perfectly fine taking the risk.

Maybe you’re a little too romantic, too. And lonely. Falling for the idea of someone rather than the person they really are.

But, hey, maybe you’ve just met the right person. After all, my current relationship is the healthiest I’ve been in, and we made things official after just a couple of dates.

Because sometimes, when you know, you know.

Final thoughts

It’s sometimes said that relationships bring out your true self.

When you share yourself completely and vulnerably with another person, it’s common to learn a lot about yourself – things you never knew existed deep within.

Relationships can bring out the best in us, the worst in us, and the unhealed parts of us that need love, care, and attention (the experts at Psychology Today call this your “inner child”).

And just like how you act in relationships says a lot about who you truly are, your dating habits can tell you a great deal about your personality in general.

Whether or not your dating habits are causing your single-ness is another story. After all, not all of us are looking for love on dating apps.

Plus, there’s someone for everyone, right?

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