7 things you start doing when you decide to break free from relationship conventions

Remember those times as a kid when you picked up a crayon and couldn’t care less about coloring outside the lines? 

You might have felt a sense of freedom over how you wanted the picture to look. Well, relationships are a lot like that. 

It’s just funny how, as we grow older, we often find ourselves trapped within the lines drawn by societal expectations. We’re often given a mold of how love and relationships should be.

But what if I told you that it’s okay to break free from these conventional norms, just like you did with that crayon as a child?

Breaking free from relationship conventions can be freeing, thrilling, and empowering!

So in this article, we’re going to explore seven incredible things you start doing when you decide it’s time to embrace love on your terms.

Ready to color outside the lines with me? Let’s go!

1) You practice radical honesty

In a conventional relationship, there are often unspoken rules and expectations. 

Because of this, you may not talk about your deepest fears and desires to avoid conflict or to maintain a certain image. 

You may even feel scared to admit it when you find someone else attractive because it’s considered taboo.

But when you start practicing radical honesty in your relationships, you let go of these constraints. You express your emotions without fear of judgment or rejection.

In other words, you allow yourself and your partner to be totally raw and transparent, even if it’s uncomfortable. 

Radical honesty also means taking full responsibility for your feelings and actions. You own up to your emotions and choices, which can be a bit scary but incredibly liberating. 

It also requires vulnerability, which might stir up difficult conversations.

But that’s exactly what radical honesty is all about. It’s embracing the messy, complicated reality of relationships and choosing to love and be loved for who you truly are.

2) You embark on solo travel adventures

When you start to break free from relationship conventions, you become more comfortable letting go of the unspoken expectation that you should always be with your partner or make decisions as a couple. 

And when it comes to traveling, this can be a game-changer. 

Solo travel is a chance to step outside of the ‘we’ and focus on the ‘me’.

You decide where to go, what to see, and what to do, all without having to compromise or consider someone else’s preferences.

It’s not about running away from the relationship; it’s about finding yourself outside the context of it. You get to make spontaneous decisions, change your plans on a whim, and learn to rely on your instincts.

Breaking away from relationship conventions through solo travel is a journey of self-discovery. You learn to love your own company, face challenges alone, and celebrate victories independently.

It’s a chance to redefine your boundaries, explore your passions, and create memories that are yours and yours alone.

3) You maintain financial autonomy

You know how in relationships, it’s often expected that you share everything, including finances? 

Well, breaking free from that conventional idea and maintaining financial autonomy is like taking control of your own financial destiny, regardless of your relationship status.

When you have financial autonomy, you’re free to manage your money, make your own financial decisions, and pursue your goals without relying entirely on someone else’s income or approval. 

To put it simply, you have your own bank account, your own savings, and your own investments, separate from your partner’s.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that partners cannot contribute to shared expenses or make financial decisions together.

The main difference is that you get to have your own financial space, where you can save for your dreams, invest in your passions, and handle your expenses independently.

This can give you a sense of empowerment, security, and control over your life

You can make career changes, invest in education, or start a business without feeling entirely dependent on someone else’s paycheck. 

By having your own financial identity, you’re better prepared for whatever life throws your way.

4) You embrace gender-neutral relationships

pic1384 1 7 things you start doing when you decide to break free from relationship conventions

In a gender-neutral relationship, there’s no place for gender stereotypes and assumptions.

It’s not about who wears the pants or who does the cooking. It’s about recognizing and appreciating each other for who you are as individuals, regardless of gender.

This means both partners share responsibilities equally. It could be anything, from household chores to making financial decisions. 

There’s a mutual understanding that no task or responsibility is inherently tied to being male or female. Everyone contributes based on their abilities, interests, and availability, rather than what society traditionally expects.

Embracing gender-neutral relationships also means supporting each other’s dreams and ambitions without limitations. 

Both partners are free to pursue a career goal, a passion, or a personal project, as long as it makes them happy and fulfilled. 

The beauty of a gender-neutral relationship is that you don’t feel the need to compete with each other or try to fit into predefined molds. 

Instead, you focus on appreciating the unique qualities and strengths that each of you brings to the relationship.

5) You adopt non-traditional sleeping arrangements

Traditional societal norms dictate that couples should always sleep in the same bed, in the same room, every night. 

But this kind of conventional sleeping arrangement might not actually work for you and your partner. 

Maybe one of you snores, or you have different sleep schedules, or perhaps you just sleep better alone. That’s why, if you could afford it, you might decide that sleeping in separate bedrooms is much more ideal. 

Alternatively, you could keep a communal sleeping space but occasionally sleep apart when one of you needs some alone time.

Non-traditional sleeping arrangements allow you and your partner to customize your bedtime habits to fit what makes you both comfortable and happy.

When you decide to break free from relationship conventions, this kind of sleeping setup can help you address your individual needs without feeling guilty or ashamed.

It’s about understanding that your relationship isn’t defined by where you sleep but by how you love and support each other in various aspects of your lives.

6) You may choose to be in a non-monogamous relationship

The conventional idea of a relationship usually involves monogamy, where you’re committed to one person romantically and intimately.

But in a non-monogamous relationship, people openly and honestly engage in romantic or sexual relationships with more than one partner, with everyone involved being aware and consenting. 

Think of it as having the freedom to explore different types of connections, both emotional and physical, with different people, all within the bounds of honesty and trust. 

For some, it means having multiple committed partners; for others, it might involve casual relationships alongside a primary partner.

This kind of relationship isn’t for everyone, though. This is because it requires a high level of communication and trust. 

And because it demands ongoing conversations about boundaries, safe practices, and feelings, it’s not something you do impulsively.  

It’s also still possible to feel jealous or insecure when you’re in this type of relationship, so it’s important to be open and supportive with your partners. 

Non-monogamous relationships are unconventional and oftentimes controversial because they go against the idea that one person should meet all your emotional and physical needs. 

Instead, they recognize that different people can offer unique and valuable experiences and that there’s always enough love to go around. 

7) You start to reject the traditional relationship escalator

zodiac signs with an uncanny ability to sense deception 7 things you start doing when you decide to break free from relationship conventions

You know how society often has this predetermined path for relationships? 

It’s like this escalator where you meet someone, date, get serious, move in together, get married, maybe have kids—all following a set order. 

Well, rejecting the traditional relationship escalator means stepping off that predefined path and deciding for yourself what your relationship journey looks like.

Maybe you don’t want to get married, or perhaps you prefer living apart, even if you’re deeply committed. You might choose to prioritize your career, travel, or personal growth over settling down in a traditional way. 

It’s about questioning societal expectations and creating a relationship that is authentic to you and your partner(s)

Not only that, it’s about defining your own milestones and moments that matter, rather than following a predetermined checklist. 

It’s a brave choice because it goes against what many people consider “normal.”

And no, rejecting the traditional relationship escalator isn’t about avoiding commitment. It’s about redefining what commitment means to you. 

Ultimately, it’s all about finding freedom in your relationship—the freedom to define your own goals, timelines, and expressions of love.

Final thoughts

And how incredible is that? 

Remember this: Your happiness matters. Your heart knows what it wants, and it’s okay, more than okay, to follow its lead.

Be the living proof that authentic, unconventional love stories are not just a possibility but a beautiful reality.

So, hold on to your love and let it grow, for in doing so, you’re not just painting your own love story—you’re creating a masterpiece of love for everyone to see.

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