8 things you don’t realize you’re doing because you’re naturally confident

Believe it or not, confident people in this world are still relatively rare. And when I say ‘confident’, I mean the real thing, not the fake kind. 

After all, anyone can stick out their chest and pretend to be confident. 

But true confidence comes from the deep within. 

And when you have it, you tend to make it far in life. 

You communicate strength and respect, making a powerful impression on people wherever you go. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through a few things that naturally confident people do, without even realizing it. 

If you find yourself doing these things on occasion, you’re probably in good shape. 

Let’s dive in!

1) Taking the initiative

People who lack confidence are often so consumed by their thoughts and feelings that they end up stagnant.

Being assertive or ambitious isn’t in their nature, so when faced with a problem, they’ll revert to their default setting of taking a backseat, meekly wanting to find the easy way out.  

When you’re confident and truly believe in yourself, however, you don’t just passively wait for good things to come your way. 

You actively make them happen. 

This means you will step forward to take the lead with minimal hesitation. 

Rather than dwell and risk being overwhelmed by ‘what if’ scenarios, you take the plunge. 

The ability to navigate the relatively new and unknown is a hallmark of many confident people–and a quality that inspires those who are there to witness it. 

2) Making eye contact

In case you haven’t gotten the memo, body language is a pretty big deal. 

Many experts agree that body language and non-verbal gestures account for the majority of our in-person communication with one another. 

Unlike their more bashful counterparts, confident people are so self-assured that they have no issues maintaining eye contact during conversations. 

They know that maintaining a person’s gaze during interactions is key to communicating sincerity and focus, making them feel seen and heard, and building rapport. 

3) Asking questions 

One parallel I’ve noticed among the majority of “know-it-alls” I’ve come across in my life is that they rarely ask questions. 

Why? Because, in their minds, being curious and asking questions means that they don’t actually know all the answers to the universe. 

Their lack of inquisitiveness is ultimately a reflection of the thinly veiled facade they work tirelessly to project. 

Confident people are fully aware that they can’t possibly know it all, and therefore have no issues expressing curiosity. 

Their confidence is deep-seated enough that asking for help is never a problem. 

By asking thoughtful questions, they don’t just show interest and intellectual humility, they also indicate comfort in acknowledging that they don’t know everything–something that speaks to their inherent self-belief.  

4) Admitting mistakes

Similarly, confident people know that occasionally being wrong is a part of life.

I know people who are so insecure that making a “mistake” is a cardinal sin; they interpret being wrong or hearing criticism as a personal attack, as a reflection of their worth as people. 

The naturally confident person is well aware that “to err is human,” and hence they’ll always view mistakes in stride; often considering them opportunities to learn rather than failures. 

This unique outlook motivates them to bounce back stronger, while also inspiring trust and respect from others. 

5) Setting boundaries

I believe that most people are generally good. 

But I also believe that many people are opportunists. 

This means that once they notice that certain individuals don’t have firm boundaries, they’ll take advantage of the situation for their benefit, like a predator sensing weakness. 

Whether it’s in their romantic relationships or work correspondences, confident people will always establish and communicate their limits clearly to others, making sure people respect those boundaries.

Remember, confidence and people-pleasing are like water and oil; they simply don’t go together. 

6) Speak clearly and concisely

This one’s a no-brainer. 

Naturally confident people tend to have a clear and straightforward way of speaking, enunciating their words consistently.

As you may have gathered, people who communicate effectively tend to get what they want in life at a far higher rate than those who don’t. 

When you’re naturally confident, you don’t mumble your words and dilly-dally without getting to the point, communicating mixed messages. 

Your speech patterns are always to the point, consistently showing your clarity of thought and assertiveness.

7) Show authenticity

By definition, trends come and go. 

Today, people are wearing shorts and sandals and have sparkly grills in their teeth. 

And tomorrow? Who knows. 

Generally speaking, confident people don’t just blindly follow whatever is in vogue if it doesn’t align with their interests. 

They won’t just pursue something just because everyone else is doing it, or to feel accepted and secure. 

Instead, since they’re exceedingly comfortable in their skin, they have a far more genuine way to approach life.  

They will always walk to the beat of their own drum, rather than constantly and obediently doing what they’re told. 

The former makes them authentic, which might put off some people initially, before eventually drawing them in and creating deeper, more meaningful connections. 

8) Celebrate others

Sometimes, when you’re insecure, you will feel threatened and resentful of other people’s success in life, particularly those in your circle or demographic. 

Maybe you feel like you’re being left behind, or you don’t quite measure up, so witnessing others thrive can make you uneasy. 

This is pretty typical. 

Meanwhile though, naturally confident people rarely get upset when people in their vicinity do well in life. 

Other people’s success will never detract from their self-worth. 

They know that growth is linear; they know that we are all on our respective journeys through life. 

Hence, they’ll even celebrate people’s achievements, feeling genuinely happy for them. 

When someone close to them achieves something, they’ll resoundingly and convincingly make their appreciation known, rather than offering an unenthused, plastic “congrats.”

Final words 

You don’t necessarily have to be wealthy or have chiseled features, because when you’re naturally confident, you already have a headstart in life. 

So if the items in this article resonate with you, I say more power to you. Keep on going. 

The world is your oyster. 

And if you feel you still lack confidence, there’s no shame in that. 

Work on yourself. Take it a step at a time. 

Remember, Rome (or any city for that matter) wasn’t built in a day. Or a week. 

With enough consistency and commitment, you’ll get to where you want to be. 

And when you get there, you’ll be unstoppable.

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