11 things to remember when you think you’re not good enough

We’ve all experienced it, right? That persistent feeling that you’re not intelligent, competent, or courageous enough. This sensation is known as “inadequacy.” It’s a common struggle we all face at times, and it can definitely be exhausting.

I’ve definitely had my share of times when I felt subpar, instances when I was on the edge of giving up because of endless comparisons, fatigue, and fear.

But as time ticked on, I learned to see these instances as stepping stones for growth, crafting a few strategies to better handle these feelings.

Here are a few reminders I give myself whenever self-doubt creeps in, and I hope they can provide you some comfort too!

1) Understand that your self-worth is not dependent on achievements

That’s right. Your accomplishments aren’t the sum total of who you are.

Whether it’s a big project or small task, remember, slipping up is part of the journey—and that’s perfectly okay. 

Remember, we’re all human and stumbling is part of our journey. There’s no need to fear judgement from others when we falter.

Here’s what matters:

Our inherent traits like kindness, empathy, and self-respect are where our true value lies.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, remember, each of us brings unique skills and strengths to the table, used in our own distinctive ways..

2) Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness, often underrated, is a potent tool that’s been my anchor.

It enables us to witness our thoughts without judgment, providing a chance to objectively assess situations. It’s about setting aside guilt or shame and seeing things from a fresh angle.

Embracing mindfulness allows us to pinpoint and confront the core of our discomfort. This aids in crafting solutions tailored to our situation, fostering a sense of control and ownership in our lives

3) Have faith in yourself

Often, our self-doubts spring from doubting our own capabilities.

We must remember the unique value we bring. You have a unique skill set that no one else possesses—that’s your superpower!

Look within, recognize your accomplishments and take pride in them. Celebrate your uniqueness and remember, regardless of the circumstances, you’re equipped to succeed.

4) Spend time with your support system

Being surrounded by people who back us up can be a great source of comfort and strength during tough times.

Having someone to confide in provides respite from our anxieties and insights into our situations and our loved ones often have a different perspective which can be of valuable assistance.

It’s also important to lend our support in return—building strong and healthy relationships is an invaluable source of mutual encouragement. 

In fact, according to a study published by the Amercian Psychological Association, social connectedness is positively linked to self-confidence.

5) Take time to reconnect with your goals

Amid the daily hustle, we can sometimes lose sight of our goals—I’ve certainly veered off track more times than I can count!

Yet, our goals serve as our guiding star, offering direction and purpose. Rekindling our ambitions can spark motivation and reinvigorate our inner drive.

If you’re not exactly sure where to start, here’s my approach:

  • Pinpoint my goals and dreams (I typically jot them down!)
  • Picture what success means to me
  • Outline the steps needed to achieve my goals
  • Spot potential hurdles and devise a plan to overcome them

It may seem like a lot (especially at first) but it’s essential to feeling clearer and more focused – connecting your dreams to reality.

6) Acknowledge your mistakes and move on

It’s all too common to get stuck dwelling on our missteps or fretting about the possible fallout, spiraling into a cycle of self-criticism.

In those moments, I’d always remind myself that making mistakes is just a part of life; they’re opportunities for me to learn and grow.

So, if you ever find yourself in a similar spot, take a breather to clear your mind and come up with a game plan. 

Then, release any hold the past has on you—zero in on the here and now and make positive strides towards the future.

7) Find your balance

Burnout is a real thing! It can throw us off course and distance us from our goals.

A couple of years back, I worked with a welder who kept reminding me that I was still on a journey of self-discovery. He encouraged me to take a break from the constant bouncing between jobs and really dig into my passions.

Taking a step back was tough, but I’m thankful I did—it opened up the chance for me to chase what truly motivates me, which is writing and personal growth.

That’s why it’s crucial to find your equilibrium—engage in what revitalizes you, make space for enjoyable activities, and discover ways to unwind.

Fuel yourself with positivity—it’ll empower you to keep going when times get rough!

8) Believe in yourself

This one might seem obvious, but it is crucial in casting aside self-doubt.

It might surprise you, but your potential goes beyond your wildest dreams, and we often underestimate just how much we can achieve—the real magic is inside us! 

So, why wait? Go out there and turn your dreams into reality.

Never be afraid to take a step into the unknown—you have all it takes to make a difference.

9) Show yourself compassion

Our inner critic can be quite harsh. 

But, like I shared earlier, we all make mistakes—we’re all human.

So instead of berating yourself for setbacks or missed opportunities, try practicing self-compassion. This means both recognizing and accepting your shortcomings in a kind and understanding way. 

We could start by viewing ourselves the same way we’d treat a trusted friend—with kindness and respect.

Recognize that you’re doing your best, have faith in yourself, and remember to celebrate small wins! 

10) Find joy in the journey

Life can be unpredictable at times; things don’t always go our way. That’s why it’s essential for us to be mindful of the present and find joy in the journey.

Knowing that every experience is a lesson, savor your successes and learn from your failures. It’s all part of growing as an individual and creating your own unique story. 

Focus on what you have now—be it a small victory, family gathering or unexpected blessing—and let that spark your motivation to keep climbing.

11) Be open to possibility

Fears and anxieties have a knack for pulling us down. Trust me, I’ve been there, hiding my dreams, convinced they were too far out of reach.

But don’t surrender just yet! The world is full of opportunities if we just have the courage to look a little deeper. So, don’t let fear or doubts stop you from chasing your dreams—you’ve got the power to craft your own reality.

So, seize every chance and show courage; who knows where it might lead?

Staying focused can be tough at times, but remember, with patience and continuous effort, we can all build confidence and take control of our lives.

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Franklin Carpenter

I am a former Mass Communications Specialist for the US Navy and I now use my skills to create content that educates and entertains. I enjoy writing catchy riffs on my guitar and spending time with my pomeranian! I hope my writing can provide readers with meaningful insights that help them make more informed decisions in life.

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