280 things to be grateful for in 2022: The ultimate gratitude list

These last two years have brought many things to our attention, and we started appreciating even the simple things more. There is no doubt that being grateful helps maintain a positive attitude in life and spreading positive energy around us more.

By being aware of the things you appreciate about your life will create the energy of abundance because you will be able to bring peace into your life. Take some time every day just to think about the things you have achieved so far.

There are numerous benefits of fitting this small ritual into your daily routine.

Why is it good to be grateful?

Writing a gratitude journal will help you articulate and deeply appreciate the things you have in life. It will bring positivity and breathe fresh energy into your days.

A few reasons why it’s good to write a gratitude journal or simply think about the things you are grateful for daily are:

  • it will reduce your stress levels
  • it will improve your self-esteem
  • your sleep quality will change for the better
  • you will feel happier

When we are focused on all of the good things we have, we feel calmer and more relaxed, which reflects on the way we sleep and even on the way we feel about ourselves. It is not difficult, and it won’t take too much of your time, but the benefits are enormous.

If you’ve never done it before and you need some inspiration, without further ado, here are 280 things we can be grateful for!

1) Our planet

Imagine living on a planet that is unfriendly for human beings and that you need to wear spacesuits whenever you need to go out. We have had a taste of feeling like an alien with all the masks we need to use whenever we go out. The fact that we live on a friendly planet is magnificent, and we should be grateful for it.

2) The air

Even though there are times when it becomes too polluted, we are blessed with clean air that we can breathe freely. Nothing can replace the feeling of breathing in the morning air, especially when we are somewhere on the beach looking at the sea.

3) Clean water

Even though scientists are warning us that we will soon be out of clean water, we still have it and can drink it whenever we are thirsty. When we compare the way that our ancestors were looking for water and how far they needed to walk to bring water to their homes, the fact that we can simply go into our kitchen and take as much as we want is truly something that we should be grateful for.

4) Fair climate

There are people who live in places where the temperature goes below zero or over 50 degrees in the deserts, and their life is not easy, that is for sure. For the rest of us who live in places with fair climates, the least we can do is to simply be grateful that we can enjoy our days without extreme temperatures.

5) The animals

Looking at animals is the cutest thing you can do for yourself because their pure nature will make you melt. Each animal is a pure work of art and can sometimes show more love to us than people can.

6) Health

If you woke up this morning and you didn’t feel pain so now you can function normally, that is the blessing most of us don’t even think about. However, people who have health issues know its value pretty well. Expressing gratitude for being healthy is one of the best things you can do for yourself because you will learn to appreciate your health.

7) Our eyes

Every person has a unique pattern in the iris, just like the fingerprint. Eyes are so magnificent that it is more superior when compared to any camera made by a man. If you are blessed to have two healthy eyes, try expressing gratitude every now and then, and make sure you protect them as much as possible.

8) The sense of smell

The sense of smell is something that we probably never thought about up until two years ago go when it started saying to us more than how strong the perfume is. Imagine waking up in the morning, pouring your first coffee, and not being able to smell this divine aroma. Well, now you see just how poor your life would be without it.

9) Laughter

There is nothing better than having a laugh with people you like and simply enjoying that unique feeling. It is an essential spice that makes our lives better.

10) Being alive

With so many people dying lately, it became clear that it can happen at any time, even without warning. Being alive is a blessing, and we should all enjoy it in every way possible.

11) Family

If you have healthy parents, a partner, a sibling, or your kids, you have more than most people do. Being aware of this fact is enough to help you appreciate the wealth you have that cannot be measured with money.

12) Being in a relationship

Being blessed to find someone you want to share your life with is more than enough to be grateful and enjoy it.

13) Having kids

If you’ve always wanted to have kids and you have them now, that is a reason enough for you to be happy and acknowledge the fact that having them makes your life better.

14) Work

Having a job is a necessity for most people, but it is also a pleasure for the people who have chosen to do the things they love. We spend hours working, so finding something you are passionate about is surely something to be grateful for.

15) Money

Having money means being able to afford the things we want and make our lives easier.

16) Holidays

Even those some people don’t like holidays, there is still something special about them that spreads magic and helps us believe in miracles again.

17) Vacations

Going somewhere new and meeting new people is refreshment that we all need from time to time. If you are able to afford to go on a vacation, it is a reason enough to feel gratitude.

18) Friendships

Having friends is one of the best experiences we can have in this world. Finding another soul in this huge world who is close to you is priceless.

19) Rain

There is nothing better than listening to the rain when you are in your bed just before you fall asleep.

20) Snow

There is probably nothing that can make kids happy more than seeing snow through the window, but the adults do not fall far behind.

21) Rainbow

Even though it’s unique and we can see it rarely, the rainbow is truly special, and every time we see it feels festive.

22) The moonlight

Not only does it create a romance between the lovebirds, but it also inspires us to create wonderful things.

23) The sunshine

Days are better when there is lots of sunshine.

24) The sunrise

If you are an early bird, don’t miss out on this lovely sight.

25) The sunset

It is hard to catch it, but it is worth the trouble.

26) The gravity

It keeps us grounded, literally.

27) Day

We can do so much during the day and simply enjoy the light.

28) Night

The best things happen at night. Spending time with the love of your life or simply sleeping is precious.

29) Stars

Every time you look at the sky, they shine like diamonds. They make every night prettier.

30) Sun

Without it, the world wouldn’t be the same.

31) The oceans

The sound of the ocean is probably the best sound in the world, not to mention all the exotic inhabitants the keep attracting our attention.

32) Garden

If you have it, it is the best therapy for stress relief.

33) Zoo

If you like animals, there is no better place to be.

34) Pets

Pets are an endless source of love. Having a dog wait at the doorstep when we come home is pure love that can relax us in an instant.

35) Pet shops

It is great having one place where you can find everything you need for your furry friend.

36) Plants

Caring about plants is such a fulfilling experience.

37) Cars

They make our lives easier and certainly take away a ton of stress.

38) Planes

Travelling was never easier. We can simply jump into a plane and get to the wanted destination within a few hours.

39) Technology

It is there to help us do anything we want, from organizing our lives to finding the perfect entertainment.

40) Internet

It became like a family member we’ll love to death. Without the internet, our lives would be much different. We can do anything – from finding the meaning of the word to ordering anything we can think of.

41) Having a home

Being privileged to have a home is wonderful. Some people are not so lucky, unfortunately.

42) Personal space

Having a nook where you can enjoy yourself is priceless. Putting everything you like in it is very satisfying.

43) Fruit

The taste, the texture, and the juice make fruit irreplaceable. Not to mention how healthy it is for us.

44) Coffee

Days without coffee would be empty. It is the reason why friends meet, and relationships start.

45) Ice cream

Should I explain? Having so many divine flavors feels like such a privilege. Besides, having so many ways to personalize it according to our preferences is a true pleasure, especially when the day is hot.

46) Cakes

Birthday cakes, small cakes, big cakes, does it even matter? It is heaven on a plate.

47) Chocolate

Eating chocolate is like fireworks of flavors in our mouths. It is pure joy, and I wouldn’t even want to imagine the world without it.

48) Being able to walk

If you are healthy and can walk without problems, you are very lucky.

49) Having arms

Having arms so you can do whatever you like is precious and a huge reason to be grateful.

50) Having legs

Being able to walk where you want to go is the most valuable thing in the world.

51) Sense of hearing

Being able to hear the music, your child talking, or the birds singing is like nothing else in the world.

Things you should be grateful about yourself

We tend to forget the things we have that make us unique. We are like no one else in this world.

Writing a gratitude journal is a chance for you to start appreciating yourself more. Here are the things you should be grateful about yourself:

52) Your creativity

If you are able to figure out the solution to a problem in nonconventional ways, your creativity is a reason to be grateful.

53) Resilience

It is not easy to build resilience, but if you have managed to do it, you should be proud of yourself.

54) Persistence

Not giving up is a very important quality in life.

55) Talents

If you are blessed by having talents, then you should appreciate them and be grateful for having them.

56) Your unique energy

No one else has the energy you have, so keep that in mind every time you get frustrated.

57) The way you handle problems

Each person handles issues differently, so appreciate your way and give yourself some credit.

58) The way you cook

Cooking is a sign of creativity, and it can be a pure pleasure.

59) The difficulties you’ve overcome

Acknowledge the difficulties you’ve already overcome and give yourself a tap on the back.

60) The color of your eyes

No one else in the world has the color of your eyes. Your eyes are absolutely unique.

61) Your hair

We can love it or hate it, but here is an important part of our image.

62) Your sense of humor

We wouldn’t survive without a sense of humor. It makes everything much better.

63) Your ability to deal with anything

All of us have to do deal with something in our lives, so be grateful for your ability to overcome problems.

64) Your unique point of view

There is no one else in the world who thinks the way you do, so appreciate yourself more.

65) Your sense of style

Value your style more because no one else looks like you.

66) Stability

If you are able to carry out the plan you’ve made, you should be grateful for your stability and maturity to do so.

67) Unique look

It can be the way you use makeup, pick clothes, choose a hairstyle or anything else – all of it combined make you stand out.

68) Being able to trust people

This is a very valuable feature because we cannot live by ourselves.

69) Sharing the love

If you are able to share love, you are on the right path.

70) Being supportive

Be grateful if your friends can rely on your support whenever they need it.

71) Being open-minded

It is a very important trait of personality, and if you have it, you should be grateful for it.

We are all unique and make some effort to appreciate all your unique traits of personality that helped you come this far. Embrace your unique style, appearance, and intellect that make you different from everyone else.

Make it a habit to acknowledge your success and appreciate the strength you’ve had to use to overcome all the challenges you’ve had so far. Give yourself some credit for overcoming the difficulties that you’ve faced on your way.

Things to be grateful about your partner

If you are in a relationship, there are a number of things you can be grateful for. Every moment you spend with the person you love shapes you into the person you will become.

Love is a magical way of cleansing our souls and helping us grow as people. Here are a few reasons to be grateful for:

72) The trust you share

Trusting someone with your life is the ultimate symbol of love.

73) The love you exchange

Finding someone to love and be loved in return is wonderful.

74) The help you can rely on

We all need help from time to time. That can be by helping with the dishes, the project, or simply helping in a discussion, but it is necessary and highly appreciated.

75) The other point of view

Our partner can sometimes give us an opposite point of view and help us make better decisions in life.

76) Going out together

Discovering new places or going to a favorite restaurant is much better with the person you love.

77) Watching movies

The feeling is much better when watching movies in such good company.

78) Cuddling

It is a wonderful way for releasing stress and producing the magical hormone called oxytocin.

79) Feeling safe

When we are with someone we love, we feel safe and protected.

80) Exploring the world

Looking for some new places and exploring them with your partner can be an extraordinary journey, and it will be once a wonderful memory.

81) Enjoying intimacy

Being loved by the person that means so much to us and being able to show it physically is priceless.

82) Challenging each other

It is not all about pleasant feelings. Sometimes we need the person we love to challenge and push us to be better. It is definitely something to be grateful for.

83) Pushing each other’s buttons

Doing this means that you are so comfortable with each other so that you know what to do to get a reaction. It can be annoying sometimes, but in most cases, it’s very amusing.

84) Learning from each other

Being able to learn from your partner is valuable because that is someone who wishes you well and who wants you to succeed.

85) Sharing home

Spending time with your partner and sharing a home is precious. It is like making a nest that you will share with your family.

86) Making compromises

Fights are a part of every relationship, and making compromises can be very difficult at first. However, once you learn how to create compromises that both of you will be satisfied with will also do you good on a personal level.

87) Becoming better people

Being in a quality relationship means partners work on making each other better and learning to let go the negative traits that may jeopardize the connection. This results in becoming better in every way possible.

88) Not being able to stay away from each other

Developing a close connection with someone means that you will want to be together all the time. This is very difficult to find, so if you have it, try to be more aware of this and express gratitude.

89) Giving honest apologies

It is not easy to give apologies, and sometimes not even receive them. When you are in a relationship, your capacity for giving and receiving love improves, which means you will be able to overcome difficulties and ask for forgiveness when necessary.

All of these things represent a good relationship, and each one of these things you do together adds to the overall satisfaction. However, you should know that these things are hard to achieve, so if you have, it is a reason to be happy about.

Things to be grateful about your job

In these rocky times when people simply don’t know what to do to stay above water, having a job is great. If you have a job, that is certainly enough for you to express your gratitude and appreciate this blessing more.

Here are a few things you can be grateful for about your job:

90) Good salary

91) Nice colleagues

92) Cooperative boss

93) Interesting project

94) Appealing tasks

95) Inspiring conversations

96) Work-life balance

97) Feeling the appreciation

98) Being valued

99) Being recognized as an equal team member

100) Bonuses

101) Promotions

102) Flexibility

103) Brainstorming

104) Feeling useful

105) Being challenged

106) Working from home

107) Having the freedom to make decisions

108) Developing potential

109) Playing with creativity

110) Paydays

Being able to work, participate in good projects while having the support of your colleagues and the guidance of your boss means you are having more than most people have. If you have a good salary and bonuses on top of that, then working doesn’t even feel like doing a job – it is like you are helping a friend.

Things to be grateful about your home

Home is the place where we can be ourselves and can relax, recharge and spend some quality time with the people we love.

Here are a few thanks you can be grateful for:

111) Bubble bath

112) Long shower

113) Body lotions

114) Creams

115) Cosmetics

116) Makeup

117) Having a bed

118) Staying in bed

119) Clean sheets

120) Softeners

121) Getting enough sleep

122) Enjoying the first cup of coffee

123) Organizing everything

124) Cleaning

125) Watching movies

126) Listening to music

127) Playing games

128) Having a nice meal

129) Dancing

130) Working

131) Silence

132) Washing machine

133) The dryer

134) The iron

135) TV

136) Kitchen appliances

137) Interesting dishes

138) Millions of recipes

139) Food

140) Having friends over

141) Playing cards

142) Having some tea

143) Being free

144) Relaxing

145) Exercising

146) Enjoying scented candles

147) Gifts

Small moments like having a bubble bath or staying in bed longer after a long day at work feel like you are on clouds and are reasons for feeling grateful from the bottom of the heart.

Being able to pick the movie you want while the dishwasher is washing the dishes left from dinner, the washing machine is taking care of the clothes, smelling the scented candles, and eating your favorite food feels like a small celebration that you can start whenever you want.

Things we take for granted

There are some things we simply take for granted, like we are entitled to have them. However, the fact is that everything we have is a blessing from the sky.

Thinking about them from time to time is essential for appreciating them more. Here are a few things we take for granted, but we should be deeply grateful for:

148) The freedom to choose our religion

149) The freedom to choose our partner

150) The freedom to decide if we want to have kids

151) The freedom to choose the way we want to look

152) The possibility to pick the clothes we want to wear

153) The ability to read

154) The possibility to get an education

155) The access to free courses

156) Online education

157) E-books

158) Mobile phones

159) GPS

160) Newspapers

161) Free time

162) Hobbies

163) Endless capacity to learn

164) The ability to change our lives

165) The capacity to get used to new circumstances

166) Exercise

167) Long walks

168) Forests

169) The works of art

170) Paintings

171) Colors

172) Creative supplies

173) Museums

174) Apps

175) Programs that can make our lives easier

176) Laptops

177) Banks

178) Libraries

179) Hospitals

180) Doctors

181) Treatments

182) Air conditioning

183) Heating

184) Heating pads

185) Gyms

186) Swimming pools

187) Restaurants

188) Translators

189) Surprises

190) Sport

191) Netflix

192) TedTalks

193) Getting a massage

194) Manicure

195) Pedicure

196) Coloring books

197) Taxi

198) Nice neighbors

We live in a time when we have endless possibilities to learn; we can choose to be whatever we want, marry who we want, have kids or don’t have kids, listen to motivational speech when we need it, or pamper ourselves. It is an enormous amount of choices we can make without anyone questioning it.

This is a privilege, and we should be grateful for it. Being able to look at wonderful paintings, visit museums, read all the books you want will surely enrich your soul and help you change your perspective for the better.

With numerous programs and apps that can help us organize our days better, everything becomes easier within seconds. When you’re not in the mood for cooking, you can simply pick out the restaurant you like, get takeout or go there with your friends.

It was never easier to get anything you like.

Challenging things we should be grateful for

The difficulties we experience from time to time are there to change us for the better, and even though we cannot see it immediately, they are, in fact, enormous blessings. Here are a few things we should be grateful for:

199) Problems

It is never easy to face problems, but it is the only way we can grow and expand our capacity to learn from them.

200) Misunderstandings

Whenever we misunderstand something, or we are misunderstood, it is a chance for us to find new ways to connect with the people that are important to us.

201) Reconciliations

It is not easy to admit we are wrong or to accept an apology when we are hurt, but these things are necessary for developing deeper connections with the people we love.

202) Breakups

Breakups are never pleasant, but they can be the start of something else that can be better for you.

203) Frustration

It is what pushes us forward because we will use all of our resources to eliminate the feeling.

204) Tears

Crying is not a symbol of weakness but a way to purify the soul. Being able to cry is one of the blessings we have.

205) Conflicts

Through conflict, we can come to many realizations, so they can truly be blessings in disguise.

206) Sadness

Without sadness, we wouldn’t be able to recognize and appreciate the happiness we have.

207) Setbacks

If we would only achieve success in life, we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate it. Setbacks are there to show us what we are made of.

208) Obstacles

Every now and then, we start seeing obstacles on our way, and they test our abilities to overcome them.

Things to be grateful about our parents

Sometimes the relationship we have with our parents can be challenging but knowing that they are there to support us if necessary is comforting. They are a safety net that we can always fall on.

Here are a few things we can be grateful about them:

209) They are alive

210) We can call them

211) Have coffee with them

212) Ask for advice

213) Enjoy Sundays together

214) Eat ice cream with them

215) Enjoying watching them with grandkids

216) Listen to their laughter

217) Enjoying when they prepare meals

218) Being able to see their name on the phone display

219) Hear their voice

220) Look at their hands

221) Let them guide us

222) Feel their love

If you still have your parents make sure you let them know just how valuable they are to you. They are the people who raised us and tried their best to give us the upbringing they believed was good for us.

If you are still able to spend time with them, talk to them and enjoy little things in life, then you are rich and should be grateful for the opportunity.

Things to be grateful about friendships

It is not easy to find someone you recognize as your own among millions of people in this world, so once you do, make sure you express gratitude about it. Here are some things about friendships that we should all cherish and be grateful for:

223) Their support

224) Endless conversations about everything

225) Feeling good together

226) Playing board games

227) Sharing things

228) Honesty

229) Having fun

230) Maturing

231) Sharing secrets

232) Being able to rely on them

233) Loyalty

234) Having each other’s back

235) Looking forward to the future

236) Growing old together

237) Finding joy in little things

238) Eating pizza together

239) Watching TV shows

240) Stealing popcorns from each other

241) Going on road trips

242) Talking on the phone with them

243) Forgiving each other

244) Making dinner

245) Organizing karaoke nights

Finding friends means that you are making a family of your own. It is a family you will have throughout your life.

Being able to do all the fun things with them and have them by your side is such a valuable thing in life. Acknowledging this and showing gratitude and appreciation is crucial for even closer bonding and sharing even more love.

When we are young, spending time with friends means doing things we enjoy, such as watching Friends for the 10th time and still laughing like crazy. Later on, it can be meeting with them for a drink after a long day or just having a phone call when you can vent and get some support.

Sometimes even just hearing their voice can calm us down, and it is definitely one more reason to be grateful for.

Random things to be grateful for

Sometimes life can be funny and unpredictable, so these are the moments we should appreciate because they don’t happen very often.

246) Waking up before the alarm

247) Getting praised

248) Having a free afternoon

249) Days off

250) Sleeping while it’s raining outside

251) Playing with a dog

252) Doing random acts of kindness

253) Participating in social events

254) Donating

255) Looking at videos of baby animals

256) Trying new food

257) Meeting interesting people

258) Listening to the favorite song

259) Long drives

260) Being right

261) Pampering on the weekends

262) Sleeping longer

263) Sweets

264) Learning about new cultures

265) Mastering a new language

266) Visiting a new country

267) Learning about local customs

268) Making someone else’s life easier

269) Spreading joy

270) Meditation

271) Yoga

272) Feeling strong

273) Breathing deeply

274) Jeans

275) Music beanie hats

276) Parks

277) Dandelions

278) Four-leaf clovers

279) Blowing bubbles

280) Having memories

When you are tired and you dream of sleeping longer, but the clock shows there is more time to sleep, it is such a nice feeling! There is so much to be grateful for, so every time you feel blue, you can look for a four-leaf clover, blow a dandelion or make bubbles out of foam.

Don’t be afraid that you will look childish. We are all children inside, and sometimes we just need to come out and play.

Watch a video with baby animals, and you will surely end up with a smile on your face. That moment when you feel happy is truly special and a reason to be content because you are alive and present in this world.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this long list will inspire you to start a gratitude journal today and invite this energy to come into your life. Who would have thought that a few minutes a day could make such a huge change!

Take a look at the list and make your own. Personalize it, and you will start feeling the rush of the new energy coming into your mind.

You will start noticing peace and joy very soon. Start now, and I am sure you won’t regret it!

Azra Jovicic

Azra Jovicic

I am Azra Jovicic and I love writing about psychology and wellness. I am just trying to make the sense of the world and share with others the things I’ve found out.

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