11 things successful people never do on their phones in the morning

I’m sure most of us start our day in a rush.

From ignoring the alarm to quickly getting ready and grabbing that first cup of coffee, we all like to keep things going to make sure we’re on time.

But in all this hurry, there’s one thing we always seem to find time for – our phones.

As soon as we wake up, most of us grab our phones to check emails, social media, or work messages.

But did you know that many successful people have different morning habits when it comes to their phones?

In fact, there are certain things they make a point not to do on their phones first thing in the morning.

Curious? Great! We’re going to look at these habits and see what we can learn from them. Maybe by changing how we use our phones in the morning, we can become more successful too.

Let’s dive in!

1) They don’t start the day with social media

Here’s a shocker: successful people don’t start their day scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

While it can be tempting to catch up on the latest memes, celebrity gossip, or check what your friends were up to while you were sleeping, this isn’t the best way to kick off your day.


Well, diving straight into social media can flood your brain with a ton of information, and not all of it is positive or productive. It can also be a major time suck, eating into precious morning hours that could be better spent on more constructive activities.

So if you want to be successful, perhaps it’s time to resist the urge to reach for your phone and open up a social media app. Your morning self will thank you for it!

2) They don’t check their emails immediately

Waking up to an inbox full of emails might seem like the norm for many of us.

But guess what?

Successful people don’t dive into their emails first thing in the morning.

It might feel productive to start clearing out your inbox as soon as you wake up, but it can also set a reactive tone for the rest of your day.

You end up responding to other people’s needs and priorities, instead of focusing on your own tasks and goals.

Instead, high-achievers take control of their mornings. They use this time to prioritize their day, set goals, and focus on tasks that require their undivided attention.

3) They don’t start the day with news apps

Here’s a personal revelation: I used to kickstart my day by catching up on the latest news. World events, stock market updates, local headlines – you name it, I was reading it.

But over time, I realized that this habit was doing more harm than good.

Just like successful individuals, I learnt that starting my day with news wasn’t always the best idea. It often left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, even before my day had properly begun.

News, while important, can be heavy and sometimes negative. Diving straight into it first thing in the morning can set a pessimistic tone for the rest of the day.

This is because successful people choose to start their day on a positive note. They might catch up on news later in the day, but mornings are reserved for more uplifting activities that set a positive and productive tone for the day.

4) They don’t play games on their phones

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning: successful people don’t start their day by playing games on their phones.

Sure, it might seem like a harmless way to wake up your brain. But here’s an interesting fact: according to this study from Nanyang Technological University, mobile games can be highly addictive and, in worst case scenarios, can lead to destructive behavior in real life.

This is why successful people stray away from mobile games.

They understand that their time is precious, especially in the morning. So rather than spending it on activities that offer little to no value, they focus on tasks that contribute to their personal and professional growth.

5) They don’t ignore their loved ones

In the hustle and bustle of our morning routines, it’s easy to get so engrossed in our phones that we forget about the people around us.

But successful people know better.

Instead of burying their heads in their screens, successful people make it a point to connect with their loved ones in the morning.

Whether it’s a quick chat over breakfast, a warm hug, or simply a ‘good morning’ with a smile, these little interactions can make a world of difference.

Remember, our phones connect us to the world, but they shouldn’t disconnect us from the people who matter most.

Let’s not forget that success isn’t just about professional achievements; it’s also about maintaining healthy relationships and cherishing those we hold dear.

6) They don’t get lost in the app jungle

behaviors that suggest your friends dont value you 11 things successful people never do on their phones in the morning

I have to confess, I was once a victim of the “app jungle”.

I’d wake up and immediately dive into a sea of apps – checking weather updates, reading eBooks, tinkering with photo editors, you name it.

Before I knew it, an hour had passed and I hadn’t accomplished anything productive.

Successful people don’t let this happen.

They understand that while smartphones are powerful tools, they can also be notorious time-wasters if not used wisely. They limit their app usage in the morning to only those that contribute to their productivity and well-being.

Since adopting this strategy, my mornings have become more focused and efficient. Now, instead of getting lost in the app jungle, I use my phone to aid my morning routine, not derail it.

Consider giving it a shot — limit your morning app usage and see how much more you can achieve. Trust me, it’s a game changer.

7) They don’t let their phones dictate their morning mood

We’ve all had those mornings where a single email, text, or notification has managed to turn our mood upside down. That’s why it’s so easy to let our phones dictate how our day starts.

But successful folks? They don’t play that game.

These high-achievers understand that giving their phones that kind of power is like handing over the keys to their emotions. And they’re not about to let a device decide whether they have a good day or a bad one.

So they set boundaries. They choose when to engage and when to switch off. By doing this, they ensure their mornings are dictated by their own terms and not by the whims of their phones.

Take it from them: don’t let your phone be the puppeteer of your mood. Remember, you’re in control of how you start your day. Own it!

8) They don’t use their phone as an alarm

Now, this might come as a surprise to many of us who rely on our phone alarms to wake up each morning. But using your phone as an alarm can negatively impact your sleep quality.

The reason is simple. When we use our phones as alarms, we’re more likely to use them before sleeping and immediately after waking up. This not only exposes us to blue light which can interfere with our sleep, but it also tempts us into starting our day with screen time.

Successful people on the other hand, often prefer using a traditional alarm clock to avoid this trap. It helps them start their day without the distraction of emails, texts or notifications.

9) They don’t skip breakfast for phone time

I’ll be honest, I used to be one of those people who would trade a proper breakfast for extra phone time. I’d rather scroll through my phone while munching on a quick snack than sit down for a good meal.

But as I learned more about successful people and their habits, I realized how wrong I was.

Successful individuals know the importance of a healthy breakfast. They would never trade it for aimless scrolling on their phones. For them, breakfast time is not just about nourishing their bodies, but also about preparing their minds for the day ahead.

Since making this small change, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in how I feel each morning. Now, I start my day with a balanced meal and a clear mind, ready to tackle the day ahead.

10) They don’t let their phones invade their personal space

Let’s not mince words here. Our phones can be invasive. They beep, they buzz, they demand our attention.

But successful people?

They don’t let their phones invade their personal space, especially not in the morning. For them, mornings are sacred. It’s their me-time, a period for introspection and self-care.

They’d rather spend it meditating, exercising, reading or simply enjoying a peaceful moment than having their thoughts constantly interrupted by phone notifications.

11) They don’t forget to plan their day

Lastly, one thing successful people never do on their phones in the morning? Forget to plan their day.

They don’t just wake up and wing it. They have a plan and they stick to it. They know what they want to achieve by the end of the day and they set their priorities straight right from the morning.

Instead of letting their phones distract them with random tasks and notifications, they use it as a tool to organize and plan their day.

So, don’t forget to plan out your day in the morning. And more importantly, don’t let your phone distract you from sticking to that plan.

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