10 things people with class and composure never, ever do

People with class and composure treat people with kindness and know how to keep their emotions in check.

They also have values they hold close to their heart – which means there are certain things you’d never catch them doing.

In this list, we’ll dive head-first into these things.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the list!

1) They’re never disrespectful towards others

People with class and composure are careful with what they do and say. That’s because they understand that every word and action has consequences and can have a profound impact on others.

That’s why classy and composed people make it their goal to spread positivity and uplift others by treating people – no matter their age, social status, culture, religion or ethnicity – with the same kindness and respect.

Some ways they’ll show this respect are by remembering their ‘Pleases’ and ‘Thank yous’, giving sincere compliments and respecting people’s privacy and space.

2) They never gossip or spread rumours

They’d also never engage in harmful activities like gossiping or spreading rumours.

Doing so goes against everything that classy and composed people stand for, which is to be positive, kind and respectful.

Gossiping and spreading rumours can damage a person’s reputation – especially as they’re not there to defend themselves.

It also spurs on negativity and is an invasion of someone’s privacy.

As I mentioned, privacy is one of the things that classy and composed people respect.

So, when faced with this situation, they’d remove themselves from it (or stick up for the person in question in their absence).

3) They never criticize and judge others

Much like gossiping and spreading rumours, they never criticize or judge others.

Again, being critical and judgmental is a negative activity. Therefore, classy and composed people like to stay clear of it.

Another reason they despise these two things is because they like to keep an open mind.

This comes from their respect for people from all walks of life.

Classy and composed people realize everyone has different opinions, concerns, feelings and upbringings.

They not only respect these differences, but they embrace them, too.

So, they’d never criticize or judge someone for making choices or having thoughts that don’t match their own.

As far as classy people are concerned, this is a time-wasting activity!

4) They never complain about anything and everything

Speaking of time-wasting activities…

Another time-waster that classy and composed people would never do is complain about every. Little. Thing.

Classy people’s positivity means they see the glass as half full rather than empty.

So, for them, it’s not worth getting hung up over the small stuff.

They might have missed the bus, had a drink spilt on them and got short-changed by the sales clerk.

But what they won’t do is spend all day mulling over these events to anyone and everyone that will listen.

Instead, they’ll remember the good things that happened each day and practice gratitude to further fuel their positive mindset.

5) They never lose control of their emotions

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People with class and composure have a great handle on their emotions.

So, you won’t catch them flying off the handle and starting arguments in public.

If they feel angry or upset, they’ll remove themselves from the situation.

This gives them the time and space to calm down, get themselves together, and gather their thoughts.

Classy and composed people are all about peace, which is why they choose to resolve conflicts in a calm and clear manner.

6) They never drink excessive amounts of alcohol

Though classy and composed people have great control over their emotions, you can imagine how that might change after one too many shots of vodka!

That’s why people with class and composure make sure never to drink an excessive amount of alcohol.

Drinking too much has consequences – one being a loss of control.

So to avoid this, classy people limit the amount of alcohol they drink, sticking to a couple of beverages.

That way, they remain aware of their surroundings and actions (and keep their composure in the process)

7) They never resort to violence

Classy and composed people aren’t immune to the emotions of anger.

But they’d never resort to violence to solve conflicts.

Violence does nothing but cause more pain and destruction.

It also gets in the way of the peace that classy people live by.

When faced with conflicts, people with class and composure take a more peaceful approach to solving them by:

  • Letting the other person express their view
  • Keeping an open mind
  • Speaking in a clear and calm manner
  • Coming up with solutions to solve the problem

Facing conflicts peacefully allows both parties to come to a satisfying resolution without knocking fists.

8) They never make offensive comments or jokes toward others

In moments of anger, it’s easy to let an offensive comment slip.

But classy and composed people avoid doing this under any circumstances.

You see, words have the power to hurt others.

So, people with class and composure make sure never to utter words that serve this purpose, even if they are angry or upset.

The same goes for making rude and offensive jokes at someone’s expense.

It comes back down to the respect that classy people have for others.

9) They never use excessive foul language

People with class and composure are well-spoken folks with a wide vocabulary. Foul language isn’t a part of that.

They may let out a swear word or two, but classy people know how to express themselves without cursing.

In fact, they don’t have the need to swear in conversation. Let alone do so excessively.

And again, they also want to respect the people they’re around, so they omit foul language from their vocabulary.

10) They never boast or brag about what they have

People with class may be doing well for themselves. They may even have more than the average person.

But they aren’t going to go around boasting about it.

Classy and composed people have no need to prove themselves or their worth to others.

This comes down to their confidence and self-assuredness.

They’re also not attention seekers who feel the need to put themselves on a pedestal.

They are the type to give others more attention than themselves rather than hogging the spotlight.

Put simply, classy people are humble folk.

Final thoughts

People with class and composure treat everyone with the same kindness and respect – no matter where someone comes from or their background.

That’s why they’re careful with their words and actions to avoid hurting or offending anyone.

Classy and composed people also know how to hold their emotions together, handling conflicts with peace and understanding.

To have class and composure, try to be conscious of your words and actions. Also, stay clear of anything that encourages negativity and, above all else, keep things light and positive.

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